"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
Terminology in this article is based on the Deceptionology Thesis
This one is for all of the kids in the world, of every color...
The chaos of deception is the driving force of renewed interest in the improvement of human morality.

BoxtheFox™ Supports Occupy Wall Street!
With one
clear vision:
Occupy the Morality To Eliminate AGC!

Major Goals...
Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The Electoral Process
(Direct Democracy with hand counted paper ballots!)
2. Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The Media
(Citizen control of all public media channels)
3. Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The FED
(Utility money and EQUAL bail out for all!)
4. Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The Corporate Structure
(Proportional democratic citizen
5. Equal access government with democratically determined Greed Limits!

To seek remedy from the rapist is folly, they care not a twit about the wrongs that they have just so knowingly and willfully committed. The chicken does not beseech the fox for justice. The fly does not ask the spider to release him from the web. What is so difficult to understand here? One might just as well ask the sun to rise in the west, streams to flow up hill or pigs to fly. Do not hold your breath waiting for the results.

When you live a life of service to others you live a life of service to self.
Balance Seekers...

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Black Agenda Report
Antifascist Calling
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Of Two Minds
The Oil Drum
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Global Research
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Information Clearinghouse
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China Financial Markets
Monetary Sovereignty-Mitchell
Organized Rage

If You Want Your Kids To Grow Up To Be Like The President Of The United States Of America — Then Get Them DroneGod!™
A Learning Game For All Ages — And Its Just In Time For Christmas...

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What do you want for your children?
As parents and grand parents we always want the best for our kids and grandkids. We want them to be successful in our unique American culture. We want them to acquire the skills necessary to rise to the top. To participate in governing their own lives. To be a part of guiding and planning the unfolding of their own futures. If you want your kids or grandkids to be successful and gain the leadership positions they will need — in our present depraved American culture — than you need to get  them DroneGod!™

If you want your children to grow up and be like the morally bankrupt serial killer assassin President of the United States of America then get them the game of DroneGod!™

If you want your kids or grandkids to grow up and excel at creating hate, anger, defeatism, and divisiveness in the people of the world, then the game of DroneGod!™ is exactly what will help them along.

If you want your kids or grandkids to be over the top, morally depraved, smooth and silky silver tongued corporate Noble Liars, that profit from death and destruction, then the game of DroneGod!™ is a must have for them!

Buy it for them today! 

DroneGod!™ will teach your children how to conduct; no indictment, no trial, no chance for the accused to answer charges, immoral death pronouncement executioner meetings. They will learn how to simply pronounce other humans guilty in a secretive immoral meeting process where the accused have no chance to defend themselves, and then — murder themand any one else that just happens to be in the way including children — in cold blood! Yes, even American citizens on American soil!

Aspire to the immoral system
or change the immoral system?

But maybe you DON'T want your kids and your grandkids to be like the immoral President Of The United States Of America...
Maybe you don’t want any of the above for your children. Maybe you don’t want your kids or your  grandkids to grow up to be aberrant sociopath serial killer assassins. Maybe you want something better for them. Maybe you are tired of the moral decay in America. Tired of all of the corporate caused hate and divisiveness in the world. Maybe you would rather have your kids or grandkids grow up instead to be happy and healthy moral human beings in a fair and just sustainable world with kind and caring others. Maybe you would rather see us all motivated again by good moral family values of love, fairness, equality of opportunity, and desire, rather than by the corporate values of fear, greed, hate, divisiveness and corporate billionaire adoration.


You are a normal human being!

Forget about getting your kids or grandkids DroneGod!™!

Instead you yes you — need to get involved in reclaiming your hijacked government and rebuilding that fair and just world for them.
You need to start doing what you should have done a long time ago. You have to get off your self centered, gullible, logo and wealth worshiping butt, and make that better world for them. You need to become an adult human being that can handle all of the responsibilities of child rearing — which includes being involved politically every day — not just one day every few years! You owe it to your children and grandchildren — it is an integral part of the responsibility of child rearing!

You need to start right now on making your kids or your grandkids a better world before they end up like the murdered Pakistani children under the American flag on the DroneGod!™ game box pictured above.


Because those drones are already flying here in America, and more and more of them are coming every day!

It is well past time to speak out and acknowledge that we have all been hoodwinked by a very few aberrant Xtrevilist sickos who have gained control of our government and religious institutions. Through the use of the Noble Lie (self serving untrue propaganda) and the selfish, secessionist, and traitorous corporate structure, they have intentionally, and very incrementally, changed our American and global culture and values from one motivated by hope, desire, opportunity, love and trust, to one motivated by fear, hate, selfishness, divisiveness, excessive wealth adoration, and acceptance of torture and murder as normal. It is NOT normal! They have accomplished this by appealing to our own greed, lulling us to sleep politically, and making us complicit with their crimes. Their secret goal is to create a two tier global societal structure of the very few elite rulers (them) in control, and the masses (the rest of us including your children and grandchildren), in a global underclass, that is engaged in a perpetual conflict with each other. They are fast replacing the high resource consuming middle class with a cheap to maintain, technocratic, drone based robotic law enforcement class.

They openly plan, and openly boast about, having an estimated 30,000 domestic drones — you can safely bet that many of them will be armed — flying all over America within eight short years. These aberrant sociopaths plan to live in wealth and comfort while we fight — in an intentionally engineered perpetual conflict
over a few of their slowly doled out 'austerity' crumbs that will not be sufficient to sustain us all, and worse, will serve to make us all increasingly aggressive towards each other. All the while they will be watching us killing each other off from drone surveillance cameras in the skies above. If you think this is a tin foil hat fantasy that will never happen in America you need to wake up and smell the deception! The precedent is already here. Just as insane and dangerous high speed police car chases are presently sanctioned by these aberrant law enforcement wackos — without regard for innocent bystander killing and maiming — they will similarly sanction drone bombing 'the bad guy perps' in traffic. So what if you or your kids happen to be close by and catch a few Hellfire missile fragments. These immoral goons believe that COLLATERAL damage is OK!

If you want another precedent that proves that this is not fantasy look at the security build up and militarization of the 1% goon squad police forces in large cities. Lord Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his less than 1% Wall Street buddy's private army in NY City is particularly appalling and brute testimony to the aberrant Xtrevilist process. When ordinary citizens — who peacefully protest; the Wall Street corporate theft of their homes and their retirement savings, too big to fail bank bail outs, the lopsided control of credit, bogus unregulated derivative financial products, corruption of the 'rule of law', and the destruction of the purchasing power of the US dollar — are severely beaten with clubs, tasered, pepper sprayed, hand cuffed and arrested, and dragged off to jail, then you know who these goons work for.
It is not for you and me!

What this does show clearly is the sociopathic desire for control. That oppressive control in cities — through the deployment of drones — is now being extended from the major urban areas to the entire United States of America. Everywhere! We are going into lock down! If you think that you are somehow special and you will be exempt, and that this is harmless non invasive technology, think again. These  drones, equipped with rapidly improving thermal and micro wave imaging that can already see through walls and roof tops, will be able to see right into your homes — day or night! Consider also, that the computers that process this drone acquired information and combine it with a myriad of other technology based data are also  increasing exponentially.

Emphatically yes! If we want a better world for our children and grandchildren we must take responsibility for our own past actions and our own gullibility, but more importantly we must stop fighting, bickering, and hating each other, and regain control of our government and societal institutions by getting informed, taking positive action, and eliminating the aberrant, self anointed elite sociopaths, at the top.

Always remember, we are many, they are few — very few!

Building your children's future, building the Onotron...

The immorality behind our drone program and targeted assassination is without question. The reason that this is so is that so many of you have shirked your moral and civic responsibility and let your government be hijacked by aberrant corporate sociopaths. Many of you, by design, have become defeatist. You call others stupid, throw up your hands and say, "There is no use, we are licked!" Many more of you have callously looked the other way as millions of others have been tortured and murdered in your name. But now the chickens are coming home to roost. You are reaping what you have sown. All of life is politics and you have been conned into believing that all you have to do is to drop a few bucks in the collection plate every Sunday, vote every two years in a fake election process, and some nice person will represent your interests. Can we all emphatically say gullible  here? Get a grip! It is time to wake up and smell the corruption that your shirking of your responsibility has allowed! It is time to stop looking the other way and get informed as to what is really going on. It is time to see that you, your children, and your grandchildren, are now the target. It is time to take personal responsibility for your own, and your kids, and your grand kids, futures.

It is time to take control of the ever more powerful each day technology.

Yes, it will take some work, hard work, and time — time spent learning — but you must learn, and you must understand, that the the morality of the technology is what you demand first goes into the rationale for its creation (deciding whether or not it should even be created in the first place), and second, how it is to be used. If you want to build a better future for your children and grandchildren then you must be involved in controlling both steps; you must be involved in understanding the creation of and use of DETODs. You have to understand that the DETODs are now far more powerful than the humans that create them and that who ever controls them, controls the world.

You also have to understand that all of those creations in their aggregate are amassing into an independent entity — the Onotron — that will ultimately reflect the aggregate morality of all of them. It is incumbent upon you to demand that we all, democratically, as one, participate in forming that morality of our futures.

You can do it! Do the work! Build a better future! Get started today!

Always remember, we are many, they are few — very few!

Terminology in this article is based on the Deceptionology Thesis

<1% vs 99%


E•vil•ism  a : Evilism is a disease of the mind that affects one's morality and causes aberrant, antisocial, destructive evil behavior b :the predominant form of behavior of duplicitous people in power c : extensive practice of evil

X•trē•vil•ism 1 a : extreme Evilism; an insideous mutation of the disease of Evilism that causes extreme moral depravity resulting in extremely aberrant, antisocial, duplicitous behaviors :  b : Xtrēvilism is a secretive system of extreme Evilism c : rule by self anointed elite mentally unstable sick pigs that practice use of the Noble Lie while posing as good and righteous citizens
2 a :
a system of society in which an extremely evil sick few, through propaganda and the corporate structure, incrementally change the morality of a society in order to create divisive debilitating conflict so as to rule over it in a two tier system of ruler and ruled b : a system that appeals to humans greed, vanity, selfishness, contentiousness, apathy and trust in others to divide them, thereby causing them great harm c : perniciously greedy and controlling
3 a :
a system in which the aberrant evil sick few; control, debilitate, and decimate the many, by pitting them one against the other

 Evilism is a parasitic form of old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction, it is a milder form of cannibalization that sustains its host victim for future exploitation.

Xtrēvilism is a parasitic form of Pernicious Greed for Destruction, it is an extreme form of cannibalization that minimally sustains or destroys its host victim with no concern for future exploitation.

Gullibleism 1 a : Way too trusting :  b : Gullibleism is characterized by an acceptance of the status quo without question c : belief in trusting government without performing any personal oversight other than watching TV and dutifully voting every few years d: ASSumpto logic
2 a :
a system of society in which the many are conned and controlled by the few.
3 :
lacking in perception

Fairism a : a moral ideal, a societal framework, opposed to Xtrēvilism and Evilism b : one for all and all for one rule by direct democracy and fairness with moral sustainability

Profit a : profit is fair value given for fair value received as opposed to Xtrēvilism and Evilism which are instead lopsidedly parasitic and destructive

Process Decoys*
(Concealing the deceptions in goodness.)
Process decoys are intentionally created and co-opted or hi-jacked abstract terms of process, many of which are initially of idealistic and well intentioned origin but no longer exist in that idealistic state. They are used to re-label and give cover to (to mask and conceal) corruption so as to confuse you, make you feel inferior, divert your attention, and misdirect your energies. In their totality, process decoys all work to tilt the playing field against you.
In the world of finance voo doo economics; capitalism, free markets, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, private property, futures contracts, inflation, deflation, stagflation, rehypothecation, etc., are all used as abstract process masking decoys. They are all favorites of the Noble Liars and their sell out media minions in Xtrēvilism used to mask their gangster activities.
Their victims (read you) spend billions of hours of their good time — long after their pockets have been emptied — in trying to give concrete meaning to them and understand them.
Real political analysis always follows the money and the power flow, not the process decoy deceptions.
Process decoys in street talk are known as "jargonized bullshit"!

The Goal...
 Xtrēvilism And Evilism!

Occupy Morality!

1. Reclaim & Revise!
Our Hijacked

Occupy Morality!
2. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked
Electoral Process!

Occupy Morality!
3. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked

Occupy Morality!
4. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked Media!

Occupy Morality!
5. Reclaim & Revise!
Federal Reserve!

Occupy Morality!
6. Reclaim & Revise!
Corporate Structure!

Occupy Morality!
7. Reclaim & Revise!
Hijacked Commons!

Occupy Morality!
The Fraudsters!



 The 'Greed And Evil Are Good' meme must be replaced with the Sustainability is Better meme.
Warren Celli - Publisher of Box the Fox™


Stop endless debt!

Stop perpetual Wars!

Election Boycotts!
Jubilee The Constitution!

Create a Fair
rule of law.

1% Xtrēvilism!

Avoid Sorrow!
Don't Borrow!

Don't Fall Back!
Fight Back!
Debt and Austerity!

Its Not Capitalism!
Its Gangster Xtrevilism!

"We have eradicated Small Pox, and we are presently on the verge of eliminating Polio and Guinea-Worm Disease, we need to put the disease of Xtrēvilism on the top of the list!"
Warren Celli - Publisher of Box the Fox™

Parasite Finance...
Hooking you and your friends and neighbors on debt just the same as hooking on you dope!

Bankers Are Morally Sick
Aberrant Parasites!

Avoid Sorrow!
Don't Borrow!

STOP Xtrēvilism!

Stop Extra Judicial

Ban Drones!

People Suck!

Scamerica and America
There ARE two Americas now. One is America - the land of the 99% common people who have the real skills and do all the hard work, and the other is Scamerica, the land of the rich immoral aberrant gangster sick Xtrēvilism
parasitic corporate pigs who are stealing it all away!

In It
To Win IT!


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