"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
Terminology in this article is based on the Deceptionology Thesis
The chaos of deception is
the driving force of renewed interest in the improvement of human morality.

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Major Goals...
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4. Reclaim, Revise & Rebuild The Corporate Structure
(Proportional democratic citizen

To seek remedy from the rapist is folly, they care not a twit about the wrongs that they have just so knowingly and willfully committed. The chicken does not beseech the fox for justice. The fly does not ask the spider to release him from the web. What is so difficult to understand here? One might just as well ask the sun to rise in the west, streams to flow up hill or pigs to fly. Do not hold your breath waiting for the results.

When you live a life of service to others you live a life of service to self.
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The Global Financial Crisis — the less than 1% vs the 99%...
Is it an intentional top down orchestration? Or simply bumbling ineptitude?

The Xtrevilism gang rape of Fairism's Lady Liberty...
The battle lines are clear! It is the abnormally sick and deviant self anointed elite gangster corporate pig rich few, and their sell out puppet politicians and media, against the normal people of the world...

Xtrevilism vs Fairism — Its a global struggle for control of morality — its a struggle for your future...

• It is not about the process decoys* of deflation, inflation, or stagflation — it is about deceptionflation, subjugationflation, and eliminationflation...

The global financial crisis is not about one singular event, nor is it about exotic financial derivative products, professional economic analysis, or financial solutions. It is about corruption and the ebb and flow of the evolution of human morality...

Let's begin at the beginning...

An Intentionally Orchestrated Half
Century Long Sea Change In Our Global Morality...

We stand at a pivotal point in all of human evolution...
The hard fought for, and hard won, fair and good morality of past generations is threatened by an aberrant and deviant secretive ideology. It is a pernicious ideology of lies that clothes itself in all that is good. An ideology that masks and conceals itself in freedom, patriotism, religious righteousness, integrity, compassion, hope, positive change, etc., but works instead behind the scenes to instill divisiveness and destruction so as to oppress and exploit us all. That aberrant and secretive ideology is firmly based in deception and the Noble Lie. That abnormal ideology is called Xtrevilism, and its perpetrators, who think you are to stupid to ever catch on, are working, by appealing to your baser instincts, to mold you and shape you into believing that they have your best interests at heart. Nothing could be further from the truth. They are lying!

The 'Greed And Evil Are Good' snow job — an intentionally orchestrated sea change in the viewpoint of the global psyche — we have been culture shaped and culture raped!... It is Xtrevilism that is responsible for the sea change in our post WWII global culture and morality. That culture of the time, joyous with righteous victory at the end of the war, was a family oriented culture of good strong moral values. It is Xtrevilism that has intentionally and incrementally worked to shift those once dominant good and strong family oriented moral values — values of fairness, love, respect, opportunity, togetherness, hope, desire, etc. — to elite Xtrevilism corporate values that instead instill and normalize; preemptive war, fear, divisiveness, hate, racism, torture, greed is good, homelessness, extra judicial assassinations, wealth adoration, etc.

This has all been implemented willfully and deliberately in a top down, "birds of a feather flock together", secretive global orchestration. The relatively few self anointed wealthy elite Xtrevilism controllers, through their global central banks with their corrupt financial machinations, and their secessionist gangster corporations, have slowly and incrementally over time; hijacked, co-opted, or made complicit, nation state governments and their militaries, state institutions, and their media around the world. By consolidating that media in those co-opted nation states Xtrevilism has created a powerful global propaganda voice (staffed with disingenuous, good cop bad cop, sell out media toadies) that they have intentionally and incrementally used for destroying our good post WWII global morality. By intentionally appealing to our gullibility; our greed, our selfishness, our vanity and the contentiousness in all of us, they have weakened us and divided us, and pitted us one against the other.Yes! We have been dumbed down and made fearful, divisive, and confused. We must accept that fact and bear responsibility for our moral weaknesses and change our viewpoints and behaviors. But we must also work to remove those few Xtrēvilist perpetrators, those most responsible, for conspiring and actively exploiting those weaknesses in us, so as to terrorize, exploit, oppress and eliminate us. The violent murders of John F Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Hoffa, college students at Kent State and the continual beatings and maiming of thousands of others engaged in peaceful protest throughout America today, are all designed to instill fear and stifle dissent in this sea change cultural shift.

The plot thickens as the noose is tightened...

With The Global Culture Made Fertile An Intentionally Created Financial Crisis Was Launched...
Create a crisis to solve a crisis...
It is a well known ploy by now that when a corrupt government wants to impose policy that goes against the will of the people they create or exploit a crisis so as to implement that unpopular policy (Google "false flag attack" and get an education if you are not familiar with the scam process). That's what the bogus 'War on Terror' is all about. Taking advantage of the 9/11 disaster — the jury is still out on its real cause — and the desire of the American people to work together in a time of crisis, the forces of Xtrevilism went way overboard and imposed Draconian laws and procedures on the American people that they would not have stood still for in more normal times. The word terror was intentionally chosen because it could mean anything. It was meant to be a contrived bogey man to conjure up and instill fear and insecurity in everyone so that the savior forces of aberrant corporate Xtrēvilism could then march in with their bogus freedom reducing and Orwellian labeled "Patriot Act". There is nothing patriotic about it. It stinks of transparent over controlling ruse.

Added to that bogus overly open ended 'War On Terror' came the Hitlerian knock off of "Homeland" Security; which is in reality a
corporate controlled domestic military over force used again to over control us all and turn us all into little brown shirts ratting each other out. The historical parallels of this Constitutional shredding nonsense are far too obvious to ignore.

Its the same political crisis ploy in a financial crisis suit... Concurrently with chipping away at and destroying our past good morality corporate Xtrevilism has also used that same propaganda media to poison our economies and make us all debt trapped debt slaves and corporate wage slaves. Slave chains are no longer made of iron and steel and limited to one color of skin; they are now mental chains, based in contracts made of paper and pixels on computer screens. The slave auctioneer now describes the potential qualities of the slaves to the corporate buyers in FICO scores. The harsh and demeaning term of "nigger" has simply been replaced with the more deceptive, all skin color encompassing, and socially acceptable term of "FICO". And the beauty of this current scam is that the FICO slaves now pay for their own upkeep, and at the same time they even use the demeaning scores unwittingly to boast of the potential they possess to be enslaved, and thus divide themselves into divisive little social groupings. These mental and emotional chains, that now enslave most all of us are backed up by a now scam 'rule of law' and the enforcement power of the state that has been co-opted by Xtrevilism. Debtors prisons, once thought a thing of the past, now blossom profusely. Financial institutions have been intentionally ramped up to a "Too Big To Fail" size making you dependent through an immoral scheme that amounts to forced complicity in their crimes.

We have been culture shaped and culture raped! Propaganda, the corporate structure, scam finance, and the Noble Lie, have been the 'tools' of choice of the corporate Xtrevilism rapists. Creating a financial crisis is now a simple process formula.

Bubbles with a goal — enslavement and control...

Rolling global serial bubbles blown by
Xtrevilism's maestros — Greenspan, Bernanke, and others...Xtrevilism global propaganda machine to blow events out of proportion — that are far beyond supply-and-demand fundamentals — thus creating speculative environments for the benefit of large institutional corporate investors. In essence it is casino speculative betting with the 'gamblers' whipped into a frenzy by the global propaganda machine that drives prices to the moon. Xtrevilism's big happy to play the game complicit banks profit on the fee churns while Xtrevilism central planning gets its desired herd thinning. This is immoral economic warfare on roids folks! Yes! Immoral warfare! Immorality against morality! Xtrevilism against Fairism!

The core problem in banking — with corruption, control of propaganda and its lying corporate jargonized phony baloney set aside — is that debt creation is in the hands of the few. The financial system is run by bankers for the benefit of bankers. Keep that in mind when considering remedial measures.

But also keep in mind that the problems are systemic and affect all facets of life and are not limited to just finance; Too Big To Fail — intentionally scaled up to mega size corporations used to crush and eliminate competition and create complicit dependency — exist in agriculture, commerce, defense, transportation, manufacturing, etc., and that it is this Xtrevilist anti-American mega size corporate structure and control of the global propaganda machine that are at the heart of all of our ills. These rogue mega corporations, controlled by the aberrant, morally depraved, self anointed elite, function as secessionist and traitorous radical terrorist gangster states. They function in reality as shadowy secretive terrorist gangs that have stolen our commons, our right to opportunity, and our freedoms! This global crisis is not just about deficit finance. It is about deficit morality!

Dysfunctional love...
Its Gullibleism,
With All to Blame,
But More So Those,
Who Control The Game...

Yes! A global propaganda snow job!... Emphatically yes! We have most all been deceived! With out ever uttering the name of their Xtrevilism disease, they have been able, through an intentional and very skillful orchestration of global propaganda, to make Xtrevilismunprovoked invasive war, torture, extra judicial execution, drone killing of innocents, fear, hate, racism, getting felt up and x-rayed at airports, oppressive and stifling of our freedoms Patriot Act laws, etc., all appear to be 'normal', 'ordinary' and 'acceptable'. They are not normal, ordinary and acceptable! They go against the real good morality — the real good values — of freedom and justice that America use to have as its highest standard for all of the world!

Worse, Xtrevilism has made many of us, like children of dysfunctional  parents, adore them, love them, be complicit with them, want to be like them, think they are normal, etc., as they have systematically abused us and taken away our freedoms. We are so gullible, tolerant, and accepting of the abuse that we argue that the richest in the world do not pay their fair share in taxes when the real argument is that they have corruptly taken an unfair immoral share. Oh how we love, idolize, and worship, our billionaires and our millionaires as they go about misdirecting the use of the planets resources and enslaving us all. Oh how most all Americans love corporate Xtrevilism's grossly overpaid, self absorbed, narcissistic, system affirming movie stars and their arrogant elite stuck up super rich sports figures; all compliant and complicit selectively elevated token individuals, performing and playing in Xtrevilism's corporate, always over sized to control the competition, venues. Venues that have been made over sized through corruption and at the expense of your public commons and your tax dollars!

Why? To make you think and believe that you too will be a famous billionaire some day. To make you complicit and compliant and to suck you into the 'greed and evil are good' aberrant Xtrevilism meme. To make you a starry eyed greed adoring sucker they overwhelm you with excessive Horatio Alger like rags to riches scams; all the while shielding you, and diverting your attention from what they are really doing to you, killing and maiming in your good name, and oppressing you and emptying your wallet at the same time. Using you to validate and justify the Xtrevilism extreme disparity in wealth is normal and OK scam. They constantly show you the carrot of a few compliant and complicit 'common' folks selectively elevated in an array of very controlled rags to riches fantasy scams and you buy into it because; "They are common folks just like me!", and so abnormal piggish wealth and aspiring to it is OK because it could happen to you some day. We have all been shaped to an unrealistic consciousness without conscience and put on an immoral fantasy carrot quest. It is time to get out of La La Land my friends...

Yo sucker! Wake up and smell the propaganda!...
far, far better — that aberrant Xtrevilism will take your home, your parent's home, your job, your retirement savings, your freedom, etc., if they haven't already done so, and put you in a perpetual and debilitating conflict with your neighbors.

Maybe its time to take your eyes off of the deflective snow job propaganda and consider some more realistic goal setting in your life!

Maybe its time for some more realistic dreams and aspirations other than being used like cheap toilet paper to validate and normalize the disease of extreme piggish wealth.

Maybe its time to compete and aspire for the joy of the process, the feeling of accomplishment in a job well done, a fair share reward, and the admiration of others, rather than staining the joy of the success in your efforts by aspiring to extreme greed and the goal of an aberrant disease.

Maybe its time to see that your education has intentionally been designed to undermine your potential and stifle you, and that you are capable of learning far far more, at a much much earlier age.

Maybe its time to open your eyes and see the reality of the very few, self anointed elite dysfunctional abusive greedy sick immoral lying pigs, perpetrating an unsustainable carrot fraud on all of the rest of us with their propaganda and their unfair, unpatriotic, secessionist, selfish, Xtrevilist corporate structures.

Corporate Xtrevilist Giants...

Bubbles anyone? Dot com bubble? Housing bubble? Commodities bubble? Want a starvation global high food price bubble? No problem! Its now a simple process formula; roll out the cheap money supply, buy the politicians and deregulate or eliminate any laws in the way, create an array of bogus over leveraged financial products (more cheap money and virtually counterfeit), give them all a misleading stamp of approval with corrupt ratings agencies, and then use the and its 'Greed And Evil Are Good' meme acceptable and to become the dominant cultural meme. Under false pretense and bold face lies they have made Wake up you poor sucker; your not going to Hollywood, you won't play in and win the Superbowl, you won't be the CEO of a multi-billion international corporation, you won't be the next American Idol, and you won't win the megabucks! Boo hoo! Chances are far better — Maybe Its Time To See The Reality Of The
Giants Against The Little Guy

Xtrevilism's anti patriotic, selfish — corporate giant against the little guy — millionaire and billionaire deceptive schemes... Yes! Maybe its time to see the 300,000 homeless veterans scattered around the nation sleeping and starving in back alleys and under bridges, and the hundreds of thousands more of homeless mothers and children that are there with them, and the many, many, millions more Americans on food stamps and without insurance or meaningful employment, also dumped by heartless Xtrevilism's anti patriotic, selfish corporate secessionist giants against the little guy crooked system! Where is the corporate 'noblesse oblige' — "Whoever claims to be noble must conduct himself nobly."? It does not exist! The myth of the benevolent rich is phony baloney! There is no noble behavior or noble responsibility, there are only corporate Noble Lies!

That's right, unpatriotic secessionist corporationsThey are like traitorous evil elite giants among us stamping out competition by corruptly buying the government, scaling up venues to impossible to compete size, defiling our natural environment and stifling our God given rights to freedom and opportunity. They are the immoral Too Big To Fail entities that Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party rail against. That un-American, selfish, traitorous, terrorist, secessionist size is the common ground enemy of Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party — and it is not limited to the financial sector. This secessionist traitorous corporate scale up to giant size scam, always cloaked in false patriotism, is what has sold us all out at home and around the globe. We can all see and agree on the need for speed limits on our highways — we similarly need greed limits on our roads of commerce!

27 million small American businesses under the thumb of corporate Xtrevilism... It is corporate Xtrevilism, through its hijacking and control of the government, that has stifled, restrained, and burdened small businesses with excessive regulation!

Why? Because first and foremost, you are simply part of their intentional throttling down of consumption and herd thinning of the population plan, their plan of intentionally creating a perpetual conflict in the masses so as to create a two tier ruler and ruled world. Second, if your a larger business, they are always afraid of your competition that would rise up and put them to shame. They will either buy you out, choke you out, or put you in their 'just in time' manufacturing line up where they will squeeze you and control you unmercifully. And third, your real past function has always been as a divisive buffer labor supply for corporate Xtrevilism that does not require any obligation or benefits, and that function is no longer needed. They want you out of business now so as to make you part of their cheap, lean, and hungry labor supply as their malicious top down plan is implemented. This is not about growing markets it is about eliminating markets and the consumers in those markets. Look at Detroit to see where we are headed. Another revealing tell is credit control by corporate
Xtrevilism; it is not being used to finance industrial capital formation (an old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction function), but rather it is being used to; maintain speculative froth in the market to rationalize TBTF, transfer asset ownership, and herd thin the population by imposing austerity (a Pernicious Greed for Destruction function). [See top right side bar.]

And so these aberrant
Xtrevilist corporate giants use their government to favor themselves with bail outs, and at the same time they create policy to stifle your small business and repress you with excessive regulations that take away your God given right to opportunity, and then, having put you in duress and bankrupting you, they hire you under exploitive and repressive contracts; wage contracts, non compete contracts, no rights to patents contracts, can't join a union contracts, no whistle blowing contracts, etc. Yes, maybe it is time time to open your eyes and see that it is corporate Xtrevilism, through immoral deception, that has polluted our planet and made us all wage slaves and debt slaves and now they seek to destroy and eliminate us.

Those of you in younger generations that have been born into these times of aberrant immoral Xtrevilismyou are what you have been through, but now and the future are up to you. Stop walking over the homeless that line your streets and doorsteps and take aim at the Xtrevilism that put them there and made you such a callous, indifferent and ignorant dipstick! Turn off your TV and turn on your humanity. If you do not you will soon join them!
You reap what you sow...

Full Spectrum Dominance!
Does It Include Domestic Dominance?
You Decide...

The stated goal of Xtrevilism is "Full Spectrum Dominance" with a two tier ruler and ruled world... Welcome to the future. Its the CEO and employee corporate structure on steroids. Only you won't get benefits or a vacation. Instead you will be replaced by robots and you won't even have a job. You will become a member of the ruled masses and discarded into the intentionally created perpetual conflict with everyone else; you have been suckered by the propaganda and used and now you will be intentionally thrown into the trash heap of history. Xtrevilism has a stated goal. That stated goal is Full Spectrum Dominance. That goal, ironically, includes decimating the same Western middle class that has created Xtrevilism's wealth for them and given them their tremendous power. In creating that vast wealth for themselves the Xtrevilism controllers misdirected the use of the planet's resources and created an unsustainable global society — a bubble society!

Not everyone on the planet can drive a Ferrari, live in a ten thousand square foot home and make a million dollars a year. You have been societally pumped and now you will be dumped as Xtrevilism, having intentionally screwed things up, herd thins and strips the global population of assets through a manufactured, carefully and incrementally orchestrated, financial crisis. The end goal is to have a two tier planet wide societal structure of ruler and ruled, with the ruled class [Yes! That's you sucker!] pitted one against the other in a divisive 'perpetual conflict' and worked and starved to extinction. The high resource consuming middle class is fast being replaced by a cheaper to maintain, sell out, technocratic law enforcement class. Corporate Xtrevilism's Predator drones are already patrolling over American soil spying on American citizens. It won't be long before the overly dangerous and stupid high speed law enforcement automobile chase that kills many innocent bystanders is replaced with drone bombing cars in traffic. These intentionally over glamorized on TV immoral troops and cops, who sell their morality for a paycheck and provide the subservient muscle for your oppression, are not your friends and neighbors! Shun them!

Is it an intentional top down orchestration? Or bumbling ineptitude? You decide... If you think the global financial crisis and what is going on in the world today is mere happenstance I have a bridge that I would like to sell you. Make no mistake about it, events unfolding in the world today are all part of a well planned and implemented top down orchestration. There will be no debt jubilees or resetting of the playing field. Math and reason have been replaced by heinous and evil immoral deception. This is a mean spirited, vicious, and hard nosed attack on global morality, trying to hide itself in phony righteousness and a pretend morality, with elimination and subjugation as its real goal. 'Full Spectrum Dominance' means just that — the fullit is you that is the target — the terror breeding terror, hate breeding hate program, is alive and well here in America and we are intentionally being divided as our wealth is extracted. Much of that wealth is already gone! The 'fog of war', masking the domestic atrocities is a 'fog of propaganda'. And yes, you reap what you sow...
Talk about dumb losers...

function like selfish little countries, like arrogant little self serving terrorist nation states. Some of them are far bigger financially than many of the countries they rape and pillage globally, and even many states in America. They care first and foremost  about their bottom lines, not about America, or the Constitution, or American hard working families. And all the while they sooth you with slick deceptive TV commercials about how caring, compassionate, and kind they are. How they have your best interests at heart. Baloney! corporate values may view them as normal. Those from older generations know that they are not normal. Consider; spectrum. Those of you that have looked the other way thinking that the full spectrum dominance program of terror breeding terror was only for foreign populations (those brown people over there) need to wake up and smell the oppression — Plain Old Fashioned 'Vanilla Greed
For Extraction' Evilism — Shame On Your Sorry Asses...

The 'pillars of the community' — old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction Evilism — waiting, waiting, waiting... Those of you 'pillars of the community', in finance, insurance, real estate, academia, law enforcement, heads of local governments and religious institutions, that believe that this is just another cyclical financial downturn and that things will soon turn around are the real problem. You really need to get a grip on reality. You need to do the math. You need to wake up and smell the pernicious Xtrevilism. Most of you come from, and are still in, the old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction school — the plain old parasitic keep the target victim alive to exploit and extract another day Evilism. You have been drawn into the Xtrevilism 'greed and evil are good' meme, snookered by the easy and excessive fee churn profit they have allowed you, and your once fat wallets are now being rapidly emptied as you foolishly wait and try and ride it out. You stupidly believe you are still in control of the situation. Alas, this is not just another downturn sucker. It is you that has now been red lined for oppression and destructive elimination. It is you that will not have pockets deep enough to stay afloat. It is you that will not want to live in the world that you have been so cunningly sucked into and are more responsibly complicit in creating.

Just as you have oppressed and exploited those beneath you, you too will now be oppressed and exploited. You have been conned by pernicious Xtrevilism — Pernicious Greed for Destruction — pernicious parasitic greed that intentionally destroys its target victim. You have had your clocks cleaned. Japan (not a direct comparison but a process comparison) was a financial R&D pilot program for what is happening globally and to you right now. Xtrevilism is firmly in control of the game and your old fashioned greed for continual extraction Evilism won't even have a chair when their music stops playing. They have conned you into helping them destroy the host of your parasitic greed — yes, you have destroyed your own seed corn — and they have turned you into cry baby sniveling dumb asses!

You should be ashamed of yourselves, not only for your stupidity in being conned, but worse, for forsaking the good values that most all of you were blessed with by your hard working mothers and fathers. Reflect on their hard working efforts and morality for a moment, and now reflect back a moment and look at what you have done, what a great opportunity for a good future of real and lasting happiness that you have pissed away, and what you have done to others and what you yourself have become. That perception — that realization that you have been conned into selfishly staining and soiling all of the good morality of your forebears — is the first step in making positive change. I won't hold my breath waiting for your epiphanies. I use to appeal to you Vanilla Greed for Extraction plain old Evilism folks in the past to remedy the situation, but most of you are intractable conceited and arrogant twisted losers that are far beyond redemption. You make me sick and I shun you!

You fail to see the rising anger in the American people — that you have so thoroughly deceived and screwed — and their loss of trust in the now hijacked scam 'rule of law'. Many, like myself, obey the law but no longer respect it. Worse, you fail to see that just as you have screwed those in your sphere of influence in the recent past, so too will you now be screwed by those above you. Your good times are over — they will not come back! That is how the 'greed and evil are good' naked cannibalism that you have so eagerly been sucked into works. You have been conned into destroying your rule of law. You will now reap what you have sown!

And so Vanilla Greed for Extraction — it is time to choose your position in history... You will learn the hard way, as each day, more and more of the good and hard working American families learn the complicit role you have played in selling them out and they then rise up against you. You and your crooked cops and judges, if you persist, will all get your well deserved comeuppance. Those that are on the wrong side of history always pay a heavy price. It is stunningly surprising to me that you cops on the beat, those who have been pension and benefit gang raped the hardest, and with parents that have been screwed, robbed, and marginalized in their elder years by the financialization scammers, still serve your corporate murdering masters and the status quo. Those that provide force for Xtrevilism become the Xtrevilism — they are directly complicit in the evil. The American people will not take kindly to your tear gas, rubber bullets, stun grenades, and beating and clubbing down their family members that are engaged in peaceful protest.

A very dangerous tight rope...

Another Hitler?
Continued Controlled Xtrevilism Destruction? 
Or — Enlightened Reclaimation And Revision?
Are they really masters of incrementalism? Xtrevilism is playing with fire... How the current global situation plays out is dependent on a number of variables. The determining factor is whether or not the Xtrevilist few can maintain control as they incrementally degrade and decimate the global population. How long will the Noble lie be effective? How long will corporate Xtrevilism be able to maintain the love and adoration of those domestic populations that they are more and more each day kicking in the teeth and intentionally destroying. How long before the domestic populations wake up and realize that they are being subjected to the same "aggressive actions to win the important battle of perception," that General Stanley McChrystal wrote about in his assessment of Afghanistan. Or what US Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke called an information war. "We are losing that war... We can't succeed, however you define success, if we cede to people who present themselves as false messengers of a prophet, which is what they do. We need to combat it."

Are the people Holbrooke speaks of really false messengers of a prophet as Holbrook suggests? Or are they simply pissed off victims of
Xtrevilist corporate imperialism? Are you a false prophet if you are opposed to the domestic gang rape of the American people's Lady Liberty by corporate Xtrevilism? The point here is that perception management — global propaganda — is a key tool of oppression, and just as it is used against foreign populations to mold, form, and shape them, so too is it used to mold, form and shape domestic populations. It is why there are no real global financial markets anymore. It is now intervention and perception management. But the people are now fast getting on to the snow job!

The game changer — the internet... Also a key point to notice here, and the main reason that Xtrevilism is now rapidly losing its grip, is that their plan is a long range plan hatched long before Reagan and Thatcher, and that was a pre internet time plan. It is the internet that is allowing the people of the world to connect with each other and understand the depth of the global machinations of the aberrant Xtrevilist few. On the surface this would be cause for rejoicing, but the downside is that as Xtrevilism struggles to maintain control, or even loses control (they are clearly in disarray now), a power vacuum will be created. History shows that power vacuums in turbulent times often get filled with a fascist like Hitler figure.

The danger becomes more obvious and frightening as each day goes by; we have a secretive fascist like force, the <1% aberrant Xtrevilism sickos at the very top, creating the intentional conditions of hate mongering and fear mongering divisiveness that — if they lose control of the process — could possibly be taken advantage of by a very open and a lot less secretive fascist force; we also have the old fashioned do nothing Vanilla Greed for Profit (the rest of and the bulk of that 1%), waiting, wondering, and hoping, like a stupid drunk with a lottery ticket; and we have the people of the world — now more rapidly each day awakening to the machinations of it all! We have all now been forced by aberrant Xtrevilism's sickness onto a very dangerous tightrope.

The bigger and ultimate game changer — unity of purpose... What to do then? If there is one paramount thing that must be done to thwart both possible outcomes — continued Xtrevilism's intentional incremental degradation, or, a fascist rising out of the intentionally created chaos should they lose controlit is to drop our intentionally instilled divisiveness and come together as one people in our common humanity for a third peaceful outcome. 

It is the ONLY action that will resolve the present dangerous situation. You snooze you lose — everything!

Its time to call the doctor...

The Facts Are Hard To Dismiss
The Disease Is Spreading Rapidly...

— it is a disease — it is a moral sickness... Whether you believe this is a top down orchestration or not, the facts are hard to dismiss. Birds of a feather do flock together. When is the last time you had a conversation with an Xtrevilism billionaire? Have you seen any Xtrevilism billionaiires hanging around with the homeless? Its called secrecy by association and exclusion. It goes on anywhere that there is no societal equality, and when once relatively equal societies become unequal, as has happened here in America. This is not conspiracy here; there is an undeniable very wealthy self anointed elite corporate world of aberrant, deranged, psychopathic deviants, who are deceptively raining down death and destruction on all of us. They believe that they are better than us and that they have the right to control and eliminate you or any other human beings that do not fit in their elite world. This is not fantasy. Go read the overly repressive 'Patriot Act'! Go look at the homeless under the bridges, in the woods, and in their ever increasing tent cities. Focus your perception now on logic, on patterns, practices, means, motive, opportunity and reality, especially reality!

Real political analysis always follows the money and power flow, not the process decoy propaganda deceptions. Stop listening to the disingenuous fake jargonized phony baloney. Look in your rapidly emptying wallet and then look in Xtrevilism's rapidly filling wallet. Look at the great losses in your once free and open but now 'privatized' (read stolen here) public commons, and your overwhelming loss of personal freedoms. See what really happened while you were watching all of that clap trap, deflective, 'greed and evil are good' TV programming, and realize that the emotional chains that bind you can only be dissolved by first perceiving the reality.

You do not really need a lot of detailed and complex thought experiments, abstract monetary theories, or dicey algorithms to understand and see that the real problem is corruption in government that is owned and controlled by corporate Xtrevilism. Crooked government that has allowed distortion in markets and that is now non responsive to the will of the people. Crooked Xtrevilism corporate controlled government that now uses force to exploit and control you. Corruption that has allowed Xtrevilism to flourish globally and put control of the world in the hands of an aberrant elite thinking morally diseased few.

We have eradicated Small Pox, and we are presently on the verge of eliminating Polio and Guinea-Worm Disease, we need to put the disease of Xtrevilism on the top of the eradication list! We must humanely help these sick and inflicted Xtrevilists by relieving them and their brown nosing media collaborators of their ill gotten wealth and institutionalizing them for remedial treatment. No matter how long it takes, nor how uncomfortable the treatment!

Doing nothing is no longer an option — the alternatives are untenable.

More pain or abstain?...

"Reclaim & Revise"...
How? From Within The System Or Without?

The US Constitution, an 'alliance' code of conduct, is in severe need of an upgrade... The US Constitution, legally enacted by our 'founding fathers' on March 4th, 1789, was written by a group of all white persons, all men, all property owners, and many of them were slave owners. It was a fitting and reflective statement of the morality of its creators, and the times in which they lived, and on an evolutionary basis, with its representative republic structure, it was a vast improvement over many prior governmental formative documents. As an alliance however, and as a national moral code of conduct, it claimed sweeping powers over a great number of people who were not party to its creation. Many people; of color, women, non property owners, the indigenous people, etc., were intentionally left out.

Provision was made in the Constitution for amendments that over time have rectified many of the disparities in its original creation in terms of representation, and have brought many of the originally unrepresented 'seemingly' into the fold. These hard fought for and difficult to make changes were made within the framework of the Constitution. Unfortunately, in spite of all of these hard fought for changes, it still remains a structure that favors a wealthy elite, and its limiting and stifling electoral process prevents it from becoming a true document of democracy, a true democracy of all of the people. Worse, the more recent hijacking of our government by the
Xtrevilism corporate elite over the past fifty plus years has now made change from within the framework of the Constitution an impossibility. We the people have lost control of what little control we once had of our government. The Constitution, like computer software, needs a serious upgrade. It will have to be made outside of the now, far too corrupt, non responsive to the will of the people system. Many citizens in other nation states suffer the same abuses and usurpations and are headed in the same Xtrevilist despotic direction. They too must take part in this global eradication of the disease of Xtrevilism.

And so we begin — when in the course of human events... ...a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same object evinces a design to reduce us under absolute despotism, it is our right, it is our duty, to throw off such abuses and usurpations, and to provide new guards for our future security. —Such has been the patient sufferance of we Americans; and such is now the necessity which constrains us to reclaim and revise our former systems of government. The history of pernicious corporate Xtrevilism which has hijacked our government is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute tyranny over we the American people...

Murder and complicity — the key moral question — change from within the system or without?...
If you have not  noticed by now this web site and its content are all about morality. A key contention is that our past good morality has been intentionally and incrementally, through relentless propaganda, shifted to an 'evil and greed are good' morality that accepts and unabashedly promotes; preemptive war, fear, divisiveness, hate, racism, greed, homelessness, extra judicial assassinations, wealth adoration, etc., and in addition; that we no longer have control over our government. Further, by continuing to vote, we validate and legitimize with our good names that corrupt system and its murderous ways. We become directly complicit in the crimes committed. Ask yourself; would you vote in a rigged election on whether or not a serial killer should torture his victims, or drone bomb his victims, or assassinate his victims, or empty your wallet and enslave you with debt and steal your home? No! You would shun that ridiculous process and you would work to bring that evil serial killer thief to justice! At some point you have to wake up and smell the deception and the part you are playing in it.

Plausible deniability, pure propaganda, lies of omission, and token moral choices — convenient excuses to keep you in the rigged voting game... In all deception there is always a rationalization for those who deceive others, some kind of a seemingly rationale excuse to avoid and to shift any blame; "The dog ate my homework.", "I didn't know.", "That's beyond my pay grade.", "I relied on the best legal scholars.", "I was told it was not torture.", "The Congress would not pass my bill.", etc. All of these excuses fall under the heading of buck passing 'plausible deniability'. Blaming others while appearing to be righteous by using plausible deniability, by providing a false rationale for immoral behavior, has now become an art form in the world of corporate Xtrevilism's government. That same government always provides you with false rationales for your immoral behavior. They do it by promising hope and change, to end conflicts, to right old wrongs, etc., and then they never deliver. The end result is that you are always unwittingly provided with plausible deniability; in the end it is not your fault because they did not do what they said they would do. At some point you have to wake up and smell the deception and the part you are playing in it.

Pure propaganda also keeps you in the game... Many of us vote believing that we are doing good. We vote to see justice done. When we are told by politicians that we are threatened by; "weapons of mass destruction" or, "Islamic fundamentalism", etc., or we can do good by engaging in; "humanitarian acts" or, "spreading democracy", etc., we believe those lies and we vote for those politicians. We never look at the hidden reasons that advance the real agenda of feeding corporate Xtrevilism's voracious appetite for power and control. Because it is intentionally hidden from us. When we are shown "the cost of war" we only see the number of deaths of military personnel and the total dollar cost in billions of dollars, but we are rarely shown the break down of the enormous profits that go to the corporate military industrial complex, the
corporate financiers, the corporate media shills, etc. At some point you have to wake up and smell the deception and the part you are playing in it.

Lies of omission also keep you in the game... When you do not see the results of your immoral actions you can never change them. That is why relentless propaganda is used to shield the public from knowing the treacherous and murderous resultant effects of their voting actions. Shielding the public from their murderous complicity was a lesson learned by the corporate Xtrevilists in the Viet Nam war. It was the constant  coverage of  horrendous death on the killing fields and the incessant coverage of young soldiers funerals and their grief stricken families that finally turned the tide and stopped that immoral exercising of the corporate Xtrevilist's military might.

We now have tightly controlled 'embedded journalists' that meter out lopsided lies of omission and so we are shielded from the murders we are complicit in. We are now barraged instead with a stream of baloneyish and so we are shielded from the reality of the exploding skulls, the spattering blood and the hundreds of thousands of painful agonizing deaths that we are responsible for by having voted to affirm and legitimize the corporate Xtrevilists. At some point you have to wake up and smell the deception and the part you are playing in it.

Token morality also keeps you in the game — a convenient excuse everywhere you turn...We are also shielded from our complicity in corporate Xtrevilism's murders with the intentional infusing of our electoral process with a few 'token' candidates who give voice to and champion more moral positions. These token politicians serve to sustain the lie that we have an open and vigorous political debate that reflects all viewpoints. They also serve to assuage guilt — again, to give 'plausible deniability' — to those who are against the murderous and exploitive policies but are intentionally looking the other way to protect their own precious crumb supply while fully knowing what is going on.

These token candidates and their positions are always shouted down and they are demonized by the immoral aberrant corporate Xtrevilist's media. Those who vote for them have foolishly served to validate and legitimize the crooked system that gives power to the corporate Xtrevilists. If you champion one of these token politicians you should ask yourself how bright are they really if they waste their energies, and your time and resources, in a known crooked system? And what of your own motives and your own intelligence? At some point you have to wake up and smell the deception and the part you are playing in it.

In summary — there is NO plausible deniability? There is none. If you vote you are responsible for empowering, validating and legitimizing the corporate Xtrevilists. The world is watching and in the internet age you would have to be a brainless boob living under a rock to not know the result of your complicit actions.

Shunism — a powerful political force... If one has the least bit of conscience, one can see that those who continue to work within the blatantly obvious corrupt political system and participate in voting in it are either drinking the Kool Aide or selling it. In either case they are complicit in the exploitation and murders, especially, and much more so, those who hold positions of any influence.

It is better to pro-actively shun that crippled and corrupt system and rebuild a new and revised more moral system from without through public action in all public spaces. It is only in public places, through confronting the ideas of Xtrevilism directly and transparently, that we will we be able to transform American society to a new and better morality of human rights for ALL people.

“The next time they give you all that civic bullshit about voting, keep in mind that Hitler was elected in a full, free democratic election”— George Carlin.

It is time...
Occupy Morality!
eclaim & Revise!
Rebuilding our soiled morality — Fairism — a remedial strategy... It is claw back time! It is time to regain control of our past hijacked and re-purposed good morality, and set a new course for that morality, a new course that will allow us all to rise above our baser cannibalistic instincts and create a more fair and just world with true human rights and greater freedom for all individuals.

We must mitigate the effects of past Aggregate Generational Corruption by working outside the now intractable system to regain control of it and improve it. To build a better America with a stronger morality that includes all Americans, not just the self anointed elite corporate few. Yes, we must obey the law and continue to claim what is rightfully ours under that so stained law, but we must also work peacefully, with all options on the table, to reclaim, reform and improve that stained law. And we must shame those who continue to tell us to expend and dissipate our good energies on that now farcical corrupt system. There is only one structural problem in America, the government has been hijacked by corporate Xtrevilists, an aberrant diseased few that threaten the health of the entire planet, and they are using that usurped power to intentionally divide and conquer us.

What is needed now is one person one vote direct democracy using paper ballots. Also needed is far greater transparency and meaningful and stronger punishment for infractions in the resulting new reclaimed and revised government(s), and of course limits on Xtrevilism greed. We have speed limits on our highways — it is time for greed limits in our other social actions.

We need to end Xtrevilism's intentionally created and promoted to divide 'private sector and government sector meme' — and come together in the 'one' sector  — with one America, as one nation, in one world of other nations, with true and real equal justice for all citizens. This is a time to set aside the petty bickering; a time to ignore the vicious identity divisiveness being intentionally instilled in all of us and a time to work together. Yes, united we stand, divided we fall, the Xtrevilists know that well!

We need to let the true democratic spirit rise up and reclaim and rebuild our own culture, with our own democratic media, on the internet, while at the same time reclaiming our past hijacked media. It is time to shun and boycott Xtrevilism and its divisive identity politics!

It is time to occupy, reclaim, and revise our morality. That can only be done by first boycotting and changing our electoral process from without!

Life does come with a moral code, it does not however, always serve those born into it equally. But you do have free will — and the power to change that moral code — to build a new one! You are many — and they are comparatively few — etremely few. Your patriotic allegiance is to your humanity... It is the first duty of a good citizen to hold leaders accountable...

We need to un-hijack the American government and the governments around the world that have been captured by the death and destruction dealing moral disease of Xtrevilism. That won't be possible within the framework of the existing hijacked by Xtrevilism, immoral, and now corporate owned government(s). They are far too corrupt! It is time for some fresh thinking... it is time for Fairism.

 Warren Celli, Publisher of BoxtheFox™
Perceptions of the publisher — for thought stimulation only. 2011,2012 Warren Celli All rights reserved.

Abstract: The less than 1% of the population who control the greater population are afflicted with an aberrant disease of the mind with many readily identifiable characteristics that negatively affects their morality. It is known as Evilism. In the post WW II years the disease has mutated. The old fashioned form of Evilism, which had developed over the past two to three hundred years, was relatively stable and came to be identified as "Vanilla Greed for Profit". It has been overtaken by a newer more virulent form of Evilism called Xtrevilism, which is now identified as, "Pernicious Greed for Destruction".

Evilism , the original disease, (the old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Profit), expresses itself as a parasitic form of cannibalization that sustains its host victim for future cannibalization. It is a milder form of the disease.

Xtrevilism , the new mutation (Pernicious Greed for Destruction), expresses itself as a parasitic extreme form of cannibalization that minimally sustains or eliminates its host victim with no concern for future cannibalization. It is an extreme form of the disease.

Xtrevilism relies on; the Noble Lie, the corporate structure, scam finance, ownership of media, and the trusting gullibility and complicity of its victims for its propaganda based divisive control. The effects of Xtrevilism have caused governments around the world, once marginally responsive to the will of the people, to now be totally NON responsive to the will of the people. The goal of  Xtrevilism is a two tier ruler and ruled world with the ruled engaged in a spirit exhausting perpetual conflict of controlled elimination. Ironically the goal of Xtrevilism includes stripping the assets of  the once powerful old fashioned Vanilla Greed For Profit class and subsuming it into the ruled class of perpetual conflict.

The disease can be eradicated with Fairism.

<1% vs 99%


E•vil•ism  a : Evilism is a disease of the mind that affects one's morality and causes aberrant, antisocial, destructive evil behavior b :the predominant form of behavior of duplicitous people in power c : extensive practice of evil

X•tre•vil•ism 1 a : extreme Evilism; an insideous mutation of the disease of Evilism that causes extreme moral depravity resulting in extremely aberrant, antisocial, duplicitous behaviors :  b : Xtrevilism is a secretive system of extreme Evilism c : rule by self anointed elite mentally unstable sick pigs that practice use of the Noble Lie while posing as good and righteous citizens
2 a :
a system of society in which an extremely evil sick few, through propaganda and the corporate structure, incrementally change the morality of a society in order to create divisive debilitating conflict so as to rule over it in a two tier system of ruler and ruled b : a system that appeals to humans greed, vanity, selfishness, contentiousness, apathy and trust in others to divide them, thereby causing them great harm c : perniciously greedy and controlling
3 a :
a system in which the aberrant evil sick few; control, debilitate, and decimate the many, by pitting them one against the other

 Evilism is a parasitic form of old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction, it is a milder form of cannibalization that sustains its host victim for future exploitation.

Xtrevilism is a parasitic form of Pernicious Greed for Destruction, it is an extreme form of cannibalization that minimally sustains or destroys its host victim with no concern for future exploitation.

Gullibleism 1 a : Way too trusting :  b : Gullibleism is characterized by an acceptance of the status quo without question c : belief in trusting government without performing any personal oversight other than watching TV and dutifully voting every few years d: ASSumpto logic
2 a :
a system of society in which the many are conned and controlled by the few.
3 :
lacking in perception

Fairism a : a moral ideal, a societal framework, opposed to Xtrevilism and Evilism b : one for all and all for one rule by direct democracy and fairness with moral sustainability

Profit a : profit is fair value given for fair value received as opposed to Xtrevilism and Evilism which are instead lopsidedly parasitic and destructive

Process Decoys*
(Concealing the deceptions in goodness.)
Process decoys are intentionally created and co-opted or hi-jacked abstract
In the world of finance voo doo economics; capitalism, free markets, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, private property, futures contracts, inflation, deflation, stagflation, rehypothecation, etc., are all used as abstract process masking decoys. They are all favorites of the Noble Liars and their sell out media minions in Xtrevilism used to mask their gangster activities.
  Their victims (read you) spend billions of hours of their good time — long after their pockets have been emptied — in trying to give concrete meaning to them and understand them.
Real political analysis always follows the money and the power flow, not the process decoy deceptions.
Process decoys in street talk are known as "jargonized bullshit"!
terms of process, many of which are initially of idealistic and well intentioned origin but no longer exist in that idealistic state. They are used to re-label and give cover to (to mask and conceal) corruption so as to confuse you, make you feel inferior, divert your attention, and misdirect your energies. In their totality, process decoys all work to tilt the playing field against you.
The Goal...
 Xtrevilism And Evilism!

Occupy Morality!
1. Reclaim & Revise!
Our Hijacked

Occupy Morality!
2. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked
Electoral Process!

Occupy Morality!
3. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked

Occupy Morality!
4. Reclaim & Revise!
The Hijacked Media!

Occupy Morality!
5. Reclaim & Revise!
Federal Reserve!

Occupy Morality!
6. Reclaim & Revise!
Corporate Structure!

Occupy Morality!
7. Reclaim & Revise!
Hijacked Commons!

Occupy Morality!
The Fraudsters!



 The 'Greed And Evil Are Good' meme must be replaced with the Sustainability is Better meme.
Warren Celli - Publisher of Box the Fox™


Stop endless debt!

Stop perpetual Wars!

Election Boycotts!
Jubilee The Constitution!

Create a Fair
rule of law.

1% Xtrēvilism!

Avoid Sorrow!
Don't Borrow!

Don't Fall Back!
Fight Back!
Debt and Austerity!

Its Not Capitalism!
Its Gangster Xtrevilism!

"We have eradicated Small Pox, and we are presently on the verge of eliminating Polio and Guinea-Worm Disease, we need to put the disease of Xtrevilism on the top of the list!"
Warren Celli - Publisher of Box the Fox™

Parasite Finance...
Hooking you and your friends and neighbors on debt just the same as hooking on you dope!

Bankers Are Morally Sick
Aberrant Parasites!

Avoid Sorrow!
Don't Borrow!


STOP Xtrevilism!

Stop Extra Judicial

Ban Drones!

People Suck!

Notes in the margin...

Scamerica and America
There ARE two Americas now. One is America - the land of the 99% common people who have the real skills and do all the hard work, and the other is Scamerica, the land of the rich immoral aberrant gangster sick Xtrevilismparasitic corporate pigs who are stealing it all away!

eclaim & Revise!
• It is time to Occupy Morality! Reclaim & Revise, our Hijacked Morality...
• It is time to Occupy Morality! Reclaim & Revise, our Hijacked Electoral Process...
• It is time
Occupy Morality!, Reclaim & Revise, our Hijacked Constitution...
• It is time to Occupy Morality! Reclaim & Revise, the Hijacked Constitution...
• It is time to
Occupy Morality! Reclaim & Revise,  Immoral Corporations...
It begins with active election boycotts...

Bye Bye!
Xtrevilism and Evilism!

In It
To Win IT!


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