"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...         

10. AGC - Aggregate Generational Corruption
The murder, rape, and theft, ratchet of the rich — are you complicit?
The ultimate macro trend — generational slavery... The development of recent societal evolution; with its struggles of the have against the have not, the rich against the poor, the privileged against the not so privileged, etc., is often likened to a pendulum. The problem is that the pendulum metaphor (promoted by the complicit and traitorous scribes of the rich) suggests that the struggle is always centered around a balanced position and that there is some fairness involved. Nothing could be further from the truth. What the pendulum metaphor leaves out is the effect of aggregate generational corruption over time (AGC) — the total effects of the combining of all past corruptions over generational time. It is this excessive mass of inherited corruptly gained wealth — passed exclusively to the heirs of those past gangster miscreants — that is responsible for the very tilted and unfair playing field that exists in the world today. In essence, AGC functions as a debt that we are all born into and owe to the heirs of the corrupt wealthy elite of past generations. This immoral debt, created in past corruption, is in essence a form of generational slavery.

Metaphorically, AGC is more like a ratchet than a  pendulum; a one way device that accumulates forces and power over time. With the advent of DETODs (Deceptive Externalized Tools Of Dominance) in the recent evolution of humanity the ratcheting effect of AGC becomes far more important in the control of the individual human organism and the evolutionary process itself. Power and control gained in past corruptions are now greatly amplified through control of DETODs that are created in subsequent time. The power of these newly created DETODs then accrues to the still controlling past corrupter. It is for this reason the corruption must be eliminated and the effects of past corruption be mitigated. Debt forgiveness alone and of itself will not work — the stolen wealth must be clawed back and reclaimed and the playing field reset to a balanced position.

1% Law... The extreme tilt in the playing field is a result of the AGC now embodied in the 'rule of law'. What we have now instead of a rule of law that fairly serves all of the people — is 1% Law. 1% Law is the name given to those laws that are corruptly created by the morally aberrant 1% few to favor only themselves and to exploit and control the 99%. It is the ever growing body of immoral 1% Law — and the AGC now embodied in it — that is responsible for the loss of freedom and opportunity of people here in America and around the globe. It is important to make the distinction between 1% Law and the rule of law. When you call 1% Law the rule of law you unwittingly imply the fairness ascribed to the term rule of law to the immoral 1% Law, and you miss an opportunity to express the reality of the corruption. There is no longer any 'rule of law'. We now have only 1% Law.

Corruptly usurping the Rule of Law by creating 1% Law has long been a tool of oppression used by the wealthy self anointed aberrant gangster elite. 1% Laws are all crafted with the same general intent; to suppress and unfairly burden the middle and underclasses; to ensure a constant and cheap labor supply for the aberrant rich that create them; to instill fear, ignorance, and divisiveness in the middle and underclasses; to control and eliminate political opposition; to stifle and eliminate business competition; to demonize and herd thin specific target populations; to steal the public commons; and to consolidate the power of the abnormal psychopathic morally depraved evil sick few amongst us who create them. The bumper sticker, "Greedy People Suck!", exists for a reason.

Window of opportunity rapidly going down... It is important to realize that wealth accumulated through past generations of corruption is no longer bound by nation state boundaries or those nation state constraints. Accumulated wealth today, again facilitated through present day corruption and control of DETODs, is in fact more fluid, its sphere of influence is now of a global nature, and its effects are felt on all nation state governments. It is the accelerated creation and control of DETODs that is responsible for the increasingly asymmetrical and centralized global power structure.

This control of asymmetrical power has emboldened and given rise to a more pronounced arrogance in the morally repugnant self anointed elite sick few as they now openly demonize the masses as lesser 'animals' to be controlled and eliminated. As described in the last section on alliances these aberrant sick few can be identified as a newer "Pernicious Greed for Destruction" entity that has developed over the past fifty plus years. They represent a distinctly different entity that is separate from the old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction entity that they emanate from. That old Fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction faction has been incrementally developing (within and also across, but less so, national boundaries) over the past five hundred years. Unfortunately, the more Pernicious Greed for Destruction, because they are more adept at using the leverage inherent in the DETODs, have conned the old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction folks, mostly through providing a rush of false bubble profit and accelerated propaganda, to be complicit and to adopt and champion their arrogant and elite viewpoints. This incrementally intentional morality shift, facilitated by the superior control of DETODs, is in reality trickle down naked cannibalism and represents a moral disease in humanity. This will be discussed more fully in the next section on Extrēvilism.

The global nature of the extent of this problem must be kept to the forefront in devising remedial strategies. It will do no good to act locally without an eye to eliminating this global threat. The ratchet of AGC must be released. The window of opportunity to do so, because of the leverage of DETODs, is rapidly closing and we all risk being stuck in a nightmarish structure of immoral unbridled cannibalism.

Murder, rape, and theft, are not reversible offenses... Murder, rape, and theft are not reversible offenses. The best we can hope for in mitigating them, if true justice is to be had, is to punish the perpetrators of these crimes and claw back for restitution whatever we can so as to heal or compensate the wronged victim(s), and, in the case of those who have been murdered, their loved ones. When those crimes are the result of political corruption over time — Aggregate Generational Corruption — the victims are often never compensated. Instead they are treated by the victorious corrupting gangsters to an incessant fantasy make believe politics with an election cycle scam that serves to deflect from the crimes of corruption, make the victims feel listened to, make the victims feel like they have a voice in the process of positive change, and make the victims think that things will get better. The reality is that the process is now so co-opted in most all western nation states, especially America, that it is disingenuous pap from the get go, no substantive change is ever intended, and the real reason for the sham elections is to make the victims complicit in the crimes that have been committed against them. Following are four of the MOST important individual corruptions of the Aggregate Generational Corruptions in America. Keep in mind as you read them that they point to where the most remedial work must be done.

Prioritizing the damage...

AGC # 1 — The Corrupt Electoral Process

Aggregate Generational Corruption #1 —  the corrupt electoral process! And YES! — voters are the problem — the scam relies on your complicity for its legitimacy... That's right, when you vote in a rigged electoral process you only serve to validate and legitimize with your good name the wealthy self anointed elite that really own and control that corrupt system, their corrupt politician puppets who have sold you out, the status quo of their wealth and power, and the murderous actions they take in your name. Your vote makes the gangsters who have screwed you appear legitimate. It validates them. You foolishly give them the credibility of your good name! You foolishly aid and abet and are now complicit in their murder, rape, and theft, and your own oppression and exploitation. Shame on you for your knowing and willful actions! And don't tell me that you don't know it is totally corrupt. You would have to be living in an isolated cave a mile underground or on another planet to be so unaware. Pac money, hard money, super pac money, "The best government money can buy.", etc. Its all bribery! And it all speaks to the blatant and now well known systemic corporate corruption that has turned a once free republic into an evil imperialist murderous thug. Your participation in lending your good name to the crooked process is a first moral question of the highest order.

Voting is the same as sitting down at a crooked card game that you know is crooked. If you do so you only serve to give credibility and legitimacy to that crooked card game because those looking on who know you — your friends and neighbors who trust your judgment — will also play in the rigged game as they think you are no fool. You have made the crooks appear legitimate, helped to suck your friends in, and you deserve to lose! This applies not only to voting but any voluntary action that you participate in with a known crooked government, especially their staged town hall meetings, focus groups, etc. Yes, you must interact with crooked government, and you must obey its laws, but you do not have to respect that law, nor do you have to validate it or legitimize it with your good name by voluntary participation in staged events, like voting, that serve to give credibility to that corrupt government and its crooked officials.

Notice also that at the conclusion of every fantasy election cycle (every murder, rape, and theft cycle) the standard and now shop worn political sloganeering that has been developed and used by every 'winning' US President and politician in the past fifty years plus is repeated over and over; "We have aired our differences and everyone's voices have been heard. Let's now put all of our differences behind us in the interest of peace and harmony and let's look only to the present and the future." The lap dog press then goes into overdrive and jackhammers that now formula disingenuous slogan into the brains of the dazed public with the force and repetitiveness of a street chisel being driven into concrete.

When you hear that disingenuous sloganeering you should realize that the corporate, murder, rape, and theft ratchet of the rich, has just been advanced another notch and you have been screwed again. Do not accept it — scream loudly back; "We have not been heard! We will have peace and harmony only when you lying, murdering, gang raping thieves return what you have stolen and make compensation for past harm!"

And no! Lying, murdering and gang raping thieves are not too harsh terms! I am sure many of you know personally; friends, family, and acquaintances, that have suffered hard ship, confiscation of the fruits of their hard work, denied opportunity, fixed low wages, homelessness, lost retirement, early deaths, etc., as the result of the repressive and exploitive policies of corrupt bought and paid for government. If the below US law were to be magically fairly and strictly enforced in an instant, by the crooked cops who ignore it, how much government do you think would remain in the United States? I think very little government would remain, and the prisons would be overflowing with the crooked politicians, cops and judges.

Deprivation of Rights Under Color of Law
Title 18, U.S.C., Section 242

This statute makes it a crime for any person acting under color of law, statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom to willfully deprive or cause to be deprived from any person those rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by the Constitution and laws of the U.S..

Acts under "color of any law" include acts not only done by federal, state, or local officials within the bounds or limits of their lawful authority, but also acts done without and beyond the bounds of their lawful authority; provided that, in order for unlawful acts of any official to be done under "color of any law," the unlawful acts must be done while such official is purporting or pretending to act in the performance of his/her official duties  

This definition includes, in addition to law enforcement officials, individuals such as Mayors, Council persons, Judges, Nursing Home Proprietors, Security Guards, etc., persons who are bound by laws, statutes ordinances, or customs.                               

Punishment varies from a fine or imprisonment of up to one year, or both, and if bodily injury results or if such acts include the use, attempted use, or threatened use of a dangerous weapon, explosives, or fire shall be fined or imprisoned up to ten years or both, and if death results, or if such acts include kidnapping or an attempt to kidnap, aggravated sexual abuse or an attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse, or an attempt to kill, shall be fined under this title, or imprisoned for any term of years or for life, or both, or may be sentenced to death.

Job number one then is to address this first moral question directly; and if you are a truly moral person then your first actions will be centered around creating a responsive to the will of the people direct democracy electoral process. The electoral process is the gate way to the rule of law. The rule of law embodies the code of conduct, the morality, the fairness of a society. In a truly democratic society all will have a say in its creation.

Prioritizing the damage...
AGC # 2 — The Hijacked Media

Aggregate Generational Corruption #2 — billions of your money spent to hijack and control the media... Most all human organisms have an engagement with the present that is almost hypnotic. They live exclusively in the here and now, review their past infrequently, and project their future with a simple to do list or some brief thoughts about the day ahead before dozing off at night. That legacy hypnotic tunnel vision is emotive based, reactive, and has served most humans well in the pre DETOD past, but it is now (in a world full of DETODs that are now being produced at an exponential rate), a handicap to developing one's spirit to its fullest potential. The problem arises in the increased power of the aggregate DETODs in media and the now magnified ability that they have to effect an individual's life. As a result more time needs to be devoted to assessing and mitigating the aggregate effects of this media juggernaut. This will require a shift in viewpoint on two fronts. One will be the deprogramming from the immediate effects of the propaganda recently absorbed. And the second will be a deeper deprogramming of pre DETOD emotive based conditioning. The balance in each human organism of past condition response reactive emotive behavior has to be shifted to be more inclusive of an intellectual based proactive behavior if one is to maintain control of the growth of one's life force. Mitigating Aggregate Generational Corruption in the media now becomes more important as each day of ever more DETOD creation goes by.

Hitler had an inkling of the power of forgetting and the DETOD of repetitive sloganeering — propaganda —  when he said this;

"The receptivity of the masses is very limited, their intelligence is small, but their power of forgetting is enormous. In consequence of these facts, all effective propaganda must be limited to a very few points and must harp on these in slogans until the last member of the public understands what you want him to understand by your slogan."
— Adolf Hitler

He was correct about the the power of propaganda, but he was wrong about the intelligence of the masses; when the masses are not deprived of information and lied to, and are allowed to compete on a level playing field, the masses can be very intelligent, that is why the insecure and greedy rich continually engage in AGC so as to thwart them. Suppressing and misdirecting the spirit of the masses is the greatest crime of the wealthy self anointed elite.

An incrementally orchestrated massive sea change in the aggregate global psyche... Throughout history the successful leaders at the top of any government structure have owed their success to controlling their publics behavior and viewpoint or both. This was, and still is, accomplished either through force, propaganda, or a combination of both force and propaganda. The coercive force does not necessarily have to be a direct force, through propaganda (control of the DETODs of media — think persuasion here), humans can be motivated through instilling in them a great variety of self actualizing emotions; love, hate, desire, fear, rage, divisiveness, patriotism, etc., just to name a few. These powerful emotive forces can be used to make organisms self controlling and compliant to the wishes of the controller who has at his command the DETODs of media and the channels that deploy them. It is through AGC that the global self anointed wealthy elite have gained control of the great mass of these powerful media DETODs and their various channels of deployment. They have used this powerful force in the past fifty plus years to effect an incremental and massive sea change in the aggregate global cultural values of all western nations.

With out ever uttering the name of their Xtrēvilism  disease (covered in the next section), they have been able, through an intentional and very skillful orchestration of propaganda, to make it acceptable and to become the dominant cultural meme. In that time span they have surreptitiously and incrementally shifted the post WWII global cultural values from; family values of fairness, love, opportunity, togetherness, hope, desire, etc., to elite corporate values of; fear mongering, hate, racism, divisiveness, greed is good, isolation, wealth adoration, etc. Yes, they have convinced us all that their 1% greedy behavior is normal, and to make many of us like and worship them, want to be like them, to admire their corruptly achieved status, and to think that  they are normal. They are not normal. They are greedy sick aberrant morally diseased pigs.

When reflecting on this power, consider also the complicity of the many sell out disingenuous media celebrity individuals that promote these memes of fear mongering, hate, racism, divisiveness, greed is good, isolation, wealth adoration, etc., and consider how wealthy it makes them. They are the sell out shill 1% promoters.

And consider your own complicity... Yes! Temper your righteous indignation by recognizing the part you have played in events, your own complicity. By intentionally appealing to the greed, selfishness, vanity and contentiousness in all of us, they have weakened us and divided us, and pitted us one against the other. We have all, to varying degrees, bought into and allowed the 'greed and evil are good' meme to take root and flourish. Yes! We must all bear responsibility for our weaknesses and change our viewpoints and behaviors. But we must also work to remove those few evil instigators at the top and their sell out shills — those most responsiblefor conniving to exploit those weaknesses.

Job number two then will be to regain control of the media by setting up a parallel media on the internet to effect change and reclaim the old hijacked media.

Prioritizing the damage...
AGC # 3 — The Corrupt Personhood Status For Corporations

Aggregate Generational Corruption #3 — corrupt person hood status for corporations in 1886... Another milestone in the history of AGC in the United States is the creation of personhood status for corporations in 1886. Prior to this decision, and shortly after the Civil War, many corporations were formed by the wealthy elite to bribe and influence legislators and to employ lawyers to assist in challenging laws that thwarted their operations. Over time their aggregate wealth and incessant corruptions acted as the ratchet described above and their status and power was significantly increased; though it was still subject to the will of the people through various states and Federal Government legislation. But it was the 1886 Supreme Court decision that changed all that that as corporations were awarded 'personhood' status and they all now gained the citizen protection found in the 14th Amendment. This allowed them to challenge any reasonable controlling legislation as a person as well as a corporation.

In effect, present day corporations function as autonomous nation states that freely roam the planet doing as they please. If you visualize them as the greedy, ill mannered, self centered, unpatriotic, alliance breaking, traitor, benefit the rich few, giants that they really are, you will see the unfairness in allowing them person hood status, or even their disproportionate size. They, along with the big central banks that fund, own and control them are most culpable in destroying America, many other western nations, and other non western nation states. A key problem with large greed driven corporations, because they lack public oversight, is their unsustainable misuse of the planet's resources. Corporations, or organizational entities of great scale, are necessary for large scale projects; but those entities must have public oversight and their projects must be socially beneficial as determined by the free market of direct, one person, one vote, democracy.

Those that have been conned into believing that unions are the root problem in the financial crisis should consider that unions are reactionary forces created as a result of corruptly created corporate power. There were no unions before big business corporate interests began exploiting and oppressing workers. Give direct democratic control of corporations back to the people and the unions will be unnecessary and sustainability can be restored. That is not to say unions are not a problem. They are, in the sense that they represent an additional sub dominant alliance to the Constitution and are member serving at the expense of the overarching umbrella alliance of the Constitution.

Job number three then will be to impose citizen control and direction over corporations.

Prioritizing the damage...
AGC # 4 - The Corrupt Federal Reserve

Aggregate Generational Corruption #4 — The Federal Reserve created in 1913... When one looks at the US Government there are a number of stand out past corruptions that have altered the course of history. One such past generational corruption that still affects our lives today is the creation of the The Federal Reserve in 1913. Created through bribery and corruption of the legislature, under the guise of stabilizing the economy at the time, it was really a power consolidation move by a gangster banking cabal that to this day wields extraordinary power and has reaped the benefits of many subsequent DETODs created along the way. The global power of the Federal Reserve (and a small handful of other global central banks who also owe their existence to corruption and who conspire in unison with each other) is absolutely staggering when one considers how few people control them. The bogus Lisbon Treaty in Europe that was crammed down the throat of the people, and which allowed the European Central Bank adoption, is proof that this blatant economic banking theft by the self anointed piggish elite continues today.

The essence of this Federal Reserve scam is that financial control and power is in the hands of a very few self anointed elite individuals; they control credit — the creation of money out of thin air, the payment of interest for the use of that so created money, the creation of exotic derivative products based on that money, and most importantly, who gets that money and what it is used for. Important to note here is that this financial power can be used either to make profits, a Vanilla Greed function, or to exert societal control and herd thinning, a Pernicious Greed function. Seeing and keeping in mind this functional distinction, and being aware of the very incremental shades of gray that it makes possible, will allow you to assess past and present  financial machinations and how they relate to social health.

Don't take my word for it here. Google around the web, especially in blogs, and when you get past the few pages of up front system friendly fluff links salted in by Google you will learn about the dark heart of this voracious rich man's beast. The world of finance in its totality is one of the largest DETODs on the planet.

Job number four then will be creating a national banking system that is owned and controlled by the people.

All Have Been Victimized

Reparations for all — not just the few used as a deflection — the scope of the problem of AGC and its deflection by the wealthy elite... There has been much debate in America about giving reparations to black people for the atrocity of slavery that was foisted upon them by the wealthy elite in past generations. Reparations were called for because the oppression and exploitation of slavery by the rich was so severe and so debilitating of black people that it disadvantaged them culturally as an identifiable group. The intent of the movement was to allow a compensatory advantage to those who suffered and it was ultimately responsible for some marginal beneficial change. But it also fulfilled another purpose that allowed for and created great harm.

The reparations debate in many ways acted as a foil and a deflection of the gross overall oppression and exploitation of all people by the past wealthy gangster elite. It served to deflect from the clawing back of all of our stolen wealth — reparations that are justified for all of us. By spot lighting the debate on slavery — and not the total effects of AGC that have enslaved us all — the debate served as a limiting deflection away from the total AGC, and, at the same time it advanced the false and divisive meme of racism which is still with us today. It kept the race baiters employed.  When the con man is in fear of being discovered he always deflects attention to the differences in the crowd.

This is not to say that blacks did not suffer a very disproportionate and severe exploitation. They did. And they do deserve greater compensation for those past wrongs. The reason for bringing it up is to point out the process of the deflection away from the gross total AGC and how the debate worked as an advantage to the rich by causing further divisiveness and bickering in the masses. This is important, especially when one considers that in the present day, the masses (blacks included), are most all now contract debt slaves and wage slaves. What has happened is that the chains and physical whippings of the past slavery have incrementally over time, through AGC, morphed into debt slavery and wage slavery by contract, with self inflicted emotional whippings (think scam FICO score anxiety here), debtor prisons and homelessness as enforcement devices. We are all due reparations. We are all due our stolen wealth that must be clawed back. Lincoln did not  free the slaves, he merely changed the form of slavery from the Southern white plantation master's chains, to the Eastern bankers and the corporations mental debt and work contract chains for people of all color. The civil war was not about slavery; it was about control of the form of exploitation and oppression used by the wealthy self anointed elite scum bags.

In summary... As you can readily see, AGC is a powerful and insidious alliance destroying force from the past that effects our present alliances and our future alliances. AGC is like a giant rogue limb on the tree of humanity that has become so big, and so heavy, and so out of proportion in an otherwise healthy tree, that it now threatens to topple and kill the tree of humanity and so it must be pruned away.

Failure to see clearly the exponential growth of DETODs, the part they play in amplifying the power of AGC, their origin in the cannibalistic nature of human organisms, their destructive effects on conventional wisdom and conventional social alliances, their impact on misdirection of resource consumption, their negative effects on governments, etc., has got us into the unpleasant present state of global friction and unrest that we now face.

The greatest damage from AGC is its destruction of the once strong unity in global humanity that many of us felt developing in the past. That negative toll that these selfish alliance breaking forces have taken on our aggregate human morality must now be reversed. Reversing those alliance breaking forces, and forging stronger and more moral alliances, will first require getting to the bottom of just what specifically those immoral, humanity destroying forces are. That will be covered in the next section — Xtrēvilism...



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