"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...
• You must first understand the past and present to make the future.

• The future is in your hands.

• If you want to help poor people, stop Xtrēvilism that robs them of their opportunity.
• A life of service to others is a life of service to self.

• Fairism —
It is a shun, revise, and rebuild, bottom up effort.

12. Fairism...
Rules of the road for cannibals — our patriotic allegiance is to our humanity...

It is the first duty of a good citizen to hold leaders accountable...

Where do we go from here?... If you have followed along through the Deceptionology thesis you should have a pretty good feel for the forces at work here. We have a planet full of a variety of shaky nation state alliances of cannibals, all producing DETODs (Deceptive Externalized Tools Of Dominance) at an exponential rate, and all are ready to boil over from intentionally created multiple systemic failures. In tandem with this course of events we have the birth of the ever growing in complexity and strength Onotron — comprised of those DETODs that increasingly now form the environment of, and are ever more responsible for, shaping and forming the human organisms that create them — and it is gaining in strength daily and demanding, more, more, more!

Xtrēvilism has taken control and propagandized many of us to their 'Greed And Evil Are Good' scam...
The path forward depends on your perception... I know that the Deceptionology thesis threatens a lot of established convictions. I know that many will say I have cherry picked a lot of random facts and simply woven a web of bizarre deception with no coherent logic. That is understandable, a box made of established convictions is difficult to break out of. But even if you do not accept the Deceptionology thesis; with its rapidly accelerating DETODs, Organodynamics, Celli's Law, spatio-temporal tracking concepts, the birthing of the Onotron, AGC, Alliances, etc., you can certainly still see the systemic global structural problems at all levels and the need for a more positive healing and sustainable change.

And... you should also be able to see that where we go from here depends on one's viewpoint gained from one's perception. If you stay in the trees and refuse to look at the forest — the big picture — there is no hope for you. There is also no hope for you if you can see the big picture but can not see in it the depth and scope of the causes of the primary imbalance; that a very few self anointed elite gangster cannibals, primarily through their global central banking cartel, have gained control of governments — governments that were marginal in their response to the will of the people to begin with — and made those governments even less responsive and more oppressive. These gangster
Xtrēvilism few, disingenuously clothing themselves in idealized beliefs and ideologies, that they do not themselves adhere to, have virtually gang raped the planet and gained control of the most significant DETODs and they thusly control the sum of past AGC (Aggregate Generational Corruption) and the future — your future!

And no! Gang raped is not too strong an assessment!

Let's be clear here in terms of strategy... We are dealing with a contagious disease in less than 1% of the population that works to sicken and destroy all of us by promising us the carrot of unachievable, immoral, and unsustainable, 'greed and evil are good' wealth, while at the same time they are secretly dividing us, to pit us one against the other to control and eliminate us.

Xtrēvilism few at the top, and their Vanilla Greed Evilism forebears, those who have gained their wealth by parasitic deception, corruption, and not by the honest addition of real value to society must fall. Their corruption of the 'rule of law', which has been used to advance their interests at the top and to impose constraints on and diminish opportunity of those at the bottom, must be eliminated. We need to encourage those with the most ability, talent, creativity, and the strongest spirits to be maximally productive. We need to balance the degree of wealth redistribution with incentives that maximize the productivity of all people. We can no longer allow the few selfish Xtrēvilism secretive corporate alliances to continue to misdirect the use of finite resources and subvert the better goals of the greater social alliance. We must clearly define the 'us' of our human alliance and punish harshly those who subvert and defile that alliance. It is time to dream a new dream and fashion a new alliance that celebrates the best of our humanity and rises above our cannibalistic nature.

The legacy of AGC
No two people on the planet are equal. There are vast differences in the perceptive forces of individual human organisms and the DETODs that they own and control and produce. A great many of those differences can be attributed to differences created through the legacy effects of Aggregate Generational Corruption. Said another way; the intentional corrupting, internally and externally, of alliances over time, is responsible for many of the imbalances that presently exist in individual human organism perceptive ability and the structure of the cultures that they are members of. This is the result of a time honored method of past evolution, the aggressive and strong in size, have always driven the weak and more gentle to lesser lands and correspondingly lesser opportunities. But that was the past and this is the present, and trending along the way through this repetitive evolutionary dynamic has been the in tandem development of intellect, morality, and ethics, to guide the formation of ever stronger and ever more harmonious alliances. Alliances with a morality that allows for the relatively equal growth and development of the life forces of all humans of differing competitive constitutional make up within those alliances. This trend points to where the work must be done, and present global conditions of tension signal that the time is now. Rather than have the central banking cartel and their corporate owners at the top keeping us all on a mismanaged and unsustainable path, and oppressing our spirits and confiscating our wealth for themselves at the same time, it is time to change the structure... We must reject the 'greed and evil are good' meme with its ruler and ruled structure and create a Fairocracy standard that rewards fairness, social contribution, productivity, creativity, and honesty, with freedom, respect, admiration, security and a fair and a reasonable proportionate share of life's pie.

An interdependent levelarchy...
The Analogue, The Ideal,
The Healthy Human Body...

For organizational guidance we look again to our analogue... That we humans live in an interdependent world — with each other, and with all other organisms — can no longer be disputed. In the Deceptionology thesis that interdependence in humans has been likened to the cooperative system of interdependence that exists in the organs and their subsystems that make up the oneness of the human body. It has also been presented that this individual human development, this human growth, is not cyclical, but rather takes place in growth spurts. It has also been presented that these growth spurts of humanity, in their singularity and in their totality as represented by all that has been created as DETODs, mimic that human individual growth and are all moving towards the future creation of a human like entity, the Onotron, i.e., the humans create the DETODs that mimic individual human processes, systems and organization, and the DETODs then, in their totality, are moving to recombine into a similarly organized human like entity.

It is that healthy human organization that is the ideal and presents itself as a model of organization for a newer and improved political organization. It is an interdependent levelarchy, rather than a dependent hierarchy, where all individuals in the system adequately, efficiently, and fairly, get their needs met. No major sub system is expendable or any more or less important to the survival of the whole. The loss of the heart, the lungs, the complete skin, the brain, the liver, etc., would cause the death of the organism, and lesser losses of limbs, teeth, one lung, etc. would allow for survival, but it would be a survival that would be impaired proportionate to the loss.

What we learn from this human analogue, this human model as the ideal, is that we must have a mutually cooperative, efficient, and responsible system, where the whole benefits from the harmony and healthiest use of each individual element. We must organize our society as efficiently as we individual humans ourselves are organized to insure a fair and orderly distribution of resources and a healthful and sustainable future. Keep this analogue model of the healthy human body in mind as you reclaim and revise our morally compromised hijacked government(s). Also keep in mind that the corrupt organizations of governments today with their deceptively contrived structures of self anointed leaders, millionaires, billionaires, presidents, emperors, kings, monarchies, etc., are subversions of a healthy growth process

In the healthy human organism there are no self anointed leaders, no millionaires, no billionaires, no presidents, no emperors, no kings, no monarchy, etc., there is only an interdependent levelarchy that allows for supplying the needs of  all of the individuals of the whole in a fair (a moral) distribution that best serves the individuals and the whole all at the same time. It is a fair and moral alliance of one for all and all for one. That is our ideal.

It is time then to change the global terms of discourse on morality so as to reclaim and improve our intentionally despoiled past morality...

The Solution Is The Goal...
Fairism — a reasonable limits ideal, a framework, a way forward to structure a new morality... It is evolutionary time for humanity to see the oneness of us all on planet earth and the need for an alliance of understanding for all human organisms. That alliance of understanding will be called Fairism.

The Fairism alliance of understanding will first accept the reality of our cannibalistic nature, and second, rise above that cannibalistic nature by creating an ever stronger operative morality for all humans that will correct the
Xtrēvilism induced corruptive failures of past moralities and past alliances. This will require that two major efforts be made:

Far Stronger Enforcement... One effort will be to transition, by direct democracy of all persons, to methods of greater transparency and accountability in all governing bodies with far greater punishments for those who violate, and those who have violated most egregiously, the public trust. This will require major structural changes in many governments.

Fewer laws are needed, not more. Many laws have been created to solve problems that would not exist with strict enforcement of existing laws, and many laws have been created through corruption by special interest groups that favor a select few; like large corporations, central banks, etc. Those laws must be eliminated, and the fewer laws crafted and remaining, will be more strictly enforced.

• Imposed Sustainability... The second effort will be to transition, again through direct democracy of all persons, to a more harmonious and sustainable utilization of resources by limiting, through direct democracy, individual income wealth and individual asset owned wealth to an agreed upon 'ratio of sustainability'.

We can all see and accept the wisdom of speed limits — we must now all see and accept the wisdom of greed limits. The 'Greed And Evil Are Good' meme must be replaced with the 'Sustainability And Happiness Are Better' meme. The planet can no longer tolerate Xtrēvilism!

The Problems Reveal
The Message and the Purpose...

The overarching purpose of Fairism: what Xtrevilism has done must be undone...
There is a simplicity of purpose that must be maintained in implementing the goal of Fairism. That simplicity of purpose is the solution. That purpose is to unravel and undo the harm caused by the aberrant viewpoints and behaviors of those infected with the disease of Xtrēvilism, and at the same time, unravel and undo the harmful viewpoints and behaviors that Xtrēvilism has, through its propaganda, instilled in so many of us.

Yes. We must accept that many of us have strayed far off course. We have bought into, and even promoted, the 'Greed And Evil Are Good' meme. We have been intentionally infected by the contagious disease of
Xtrēvilism and so we must cure ourselves. We must also realize and accept that we did not acquire this moral sickness all at once, and we therefore will not purge ourselves of it all at once. It will take time to re-balance ourselves and our planet. We must be patient with ourselves and steel ourselves — not for a long struggle — but rather for a long and exciting adventure! A moral adventure of great meaning and honorable purpose. A moral adventure to fight for the sanctity of the spirit of each individual human and the future good course of humanity; to rise above our cannibalistic human nature and be motivated by a noble morality goal of integrity, rather than by the goal of the elite 'Noble Lie'.

Our purpose guides us — our solution inspires us... And just as we must always focus on the purpose of Fairism, so too must we always focus on the solution — the goal of Fairism — freedom, and direct democracy combined into a moral and healthful sustainability. Rule by all for all. That is our overarching dominant message. It can not be co-opted.

Yes, the adventure will be long, but as more and more of us come together in awareness and purpose, the journey will be exciting, empowering, and rewarding. Make others aware right now, and consider the following sub-dominant rationales of purpose are also revealed by looking at the problems...

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you."
The 'rule of law' now evolves into the agreement of conduct... "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." is a wise and generalized multi-religious based and accepted universal request that most humans would readily accept to regulate their societal behavior. As stated, however, it is a request. It does not have the power of the societal agreement of the rule of law to enforce it. And, unfortunately, not all people respect requests, regardless of how well meaning those requests are and how well they serve the greater society. That is because our cannibalistic nature has infused us all with a healthy insecurity — a good quality — that makes us competitive and strive to get our needs met, but in some few of us, less than one percent, that base healthy insecurity is far stronger than it needs to be. And, when that unhealthy over exuberant and aggressive insecurity of that very small few is allowed to flourish, it upsets the natural good insecurity in all of us. As the greedy few take far more than a fair share necessary to sustain themselves it makes us all more insecure and more aggressive towards each other. It creates an unhealthy snowballing effect that hurts us all.

This over aggressive behavior has served humanity well in the past. It has made humans the dominant species on the planet, but that super aggressiveness is no longer required within the human species. Our position of dominance, gained through our DETODs, now allows us to more humanely and sustainably rule over and get our needs met from other species without oppressing, exploiting, and killing each other within our own species. Yes, humans must remain competitive, but not to the degree of war, extreme wealth gained by corruption, or rule by deceptively anointed figurehead puppets.

We can all see and accept the wisdom of speed limits — we must now all see and accept the wisdom of greed limits... Just as most all humans can see the need and wisdom in having speed limits on our roadways it is now time for all humans to accept the need and wisdom of greed limits in all of our social relations. Just as we can not allow the careless and reckless over aggressive few drivers to endanger the lives of others on our highways — by hogging those highways and barreling down those highways at careless and excessive speed — we also can not allow the selfish aggressive few to hog and over consume our planet's resources.

We can no longer allow the self anointed extremely careless and greedy elite few to selfishly and corruptly steal more than a fair share! We can no longer afford to have an elite few steal all of the food on the banquet table of life while the rest of us get their crumbs on the floor. We must curb the corrupt excesses of these greedy few, and we must chastise and punish their sell out collaborative scribes who validate, legitimize, and popularize their every piggish action. The gross and unfair imbalance of millions and billions of dollars being paid to the gangster wealthy thieves, and over glamorized celebrities and sports figures, while comparatively pittance wages are paid for those good people who do the real productive work in society will no longer stand!

Fairism will strive to set aside the past brainwashing that has led us to believe the fallacy that greed and evil are good and that we all have an opportunity to be billionaires or win the mega bucks lottery, or all have a 100 foot long plastic yacht. That is an unsustainable mathematically impossible lie! The wealthy Xtrēvilism elite that sell you those fantasies — through their paid media shills that celebrate and make a big spectacle of the few that do gain that excess piggish wealth — do so to justify, to 'normalize', and to make you worship and accept as normal their far greater piggish behavior. It is not normal. It is Xtrēvilism!

The rich corporate pigs sell you a false story that they have made their wealth by hard work, when in reality they have gained their wealth on a corrupt and tilted playing field to begin with, and worse; as they gain wealth on that tilted playing field they further contribute to the corruption that further tilts it even more. The fair person would protest that tilted playing field by not lending his good name to it and at the same time reject as much as possible profiting from it. The fair person would see the value in rising above their baser cannibalistic instincts and take a moral position that would create a more harmonious world of freedom, opportunity and security for all people, not just the few greedy aberrantly sick pigs.

Fairism will strive to eliminate the extremes that plague us all now... The goal of Fairism will be to create a completely new societal structure that will respect our normal and healthy competitive natures within a framework of fairness and reason that weeds out that unhealthy greediness of the over aggressive sick piggy few at the top, and at the same time makes restitution to, and restores opportunity to, those who have been driven by the aberrant greedy few to the bottom. This effort will recognize that law and order are best maintained by direct democratic consent of the many and not coercion by fear and divisiveness of the few. Fairism will strive to eliminate the extremes that plague us all now. Fairism will strive to eliminate the sick and unhealthy pigs at the top that are afflicted with their debilitating over exuberant and aggressive insecurity. Doing so will re-empower those that they have denied opportunity.

Rather than have the puppet central banking cartel and their self anointed elite masters at the top parasitically confiscating our wealth, we will instead no longer allow that wealth to be stolen, and further; we will work to claw it all back and punish those responsible!

Fair and sustainable growth is good — unfair Xtrēvilism growth that benefits the few and squanders resources is bad... There are a lot of people that think growth is bad. That is because the Xtrēvilism few have co-opted the word growth and used it to mask and justify their piggish excesses and mismanagement of our finite resources. They incessantly call that unsustainable global exploitation and misdirected use of resources growth. The result is that many people get sucked into arguing against growth which makes them look backward. Growth is natural and normal. The key here is to argue against bad unsustainable cancerous growth like unbridled consumerism, that squanders resources, creates divisiveness, homelessness, crime, etc., and benefits the few self anointed elite Xtrēvilists. It is a matter of reclaiming the word growth by always adding the correct modifiers; fair and sustainable growth is good — and unfair Xtrēvilism cancerous growth that benefits the self anointed elite few and squanders resources and pollutes the planet is bad.

Fairism is about setting reasonable limits, through direct democracy, reasonable limits that will honor sustainable growth and maximum freedom of the individual. Fairism is about making whatever minimal government that evolves, whatever minimal government that is created by all of the people, a government that is unified in purpose with all of those people who work to create it.

Racism remake. Here we go again... Who intentionally created the very divisive meme of the 'private sector' against 'big government'?  Just as Xtrēvilism has spent billions of dollars to convince you that their unsustainable planet polluting 'growth' is good, they have also spent billions to convince you that big government is bad. But let's look at what is really going on here. Let's look at who really owns and controls our big government and who really intentionally made it a demon — a whipping boy — to blame for all of life's ills. The American people did not do it! They have no power! Their electoral process is now a corporate controlled scam.

Who really benefits then? Who really intentionally created the very divisive meme of the 'private sector' against 'big government', the meme that serves to break American unity and patriotism and pits one American against another in an energy dissipating struggle? Who are the real unpatriotic traitors that created that false and divisive meme meant to drive a wedge in the unity of the American people? Who is it really that has forsaken the American Constitutional alliance? It is not the American people! They have no power. Their electoral process is a controlled scam. Controlled by the big money of Xtrēvilism's corporate super pac donations and central bank machinations that reward and favor those large corporations. Its not the 'private sector' against 'big government', it is the Xtrēvilism anti-patriotic secessionist corporate sector against all of the American people. We are no longer citizens of America — we have all in essence now become expendable 'employees' of the corporate Xtrēvilists and our government (and other governments around the world), serve only as divisive decoy whipping boys and corrupt personnel departments.

Let's get very real here, if you think the American people have an electoral system that is truly responsive to their will and reflects what they the people want, and that they do have power, you are wrong and you have some serious deprogramming to do. Xtrēvilism, through its central banks and its global corporations owns and controls the American electoral process and the American government, and it is Xtrēvilism that has intentionally and incrementally made that government big and bloated — it is Xtrēvilism that has intentionally created the 'big government' bubble and the 'private sector' divisiveness story. Why? It is simply one facet of their multifaceted overall orchestration of divisiveness needed to create a ruler and ruled world and it dovetails nicely with their intentionally created global financial crisis.

Consider that it is in reality Xtrēvilism that has intentionally deregulated finance, lowered interest rates to create rolling real estate and other bubbles around the globe, created bogus derivative financial products based on that cheap credit and its bubble products, had them approved by bogus rating agencies, and done so all to plunge the world into financial chaos while at the same time causing bubble tax revenues to rise and government to proportionately bubble up in size and cost. The American people did not intentionally create the global financial crisis. They do not have the power to do that! They were simply sucked into it.

As a result, Xtrēvilism has caused the 'private' sector and 'private unions', to take the first big financial hit, with loss of jobs and loss of income and gutted retirement plans, but 'big government', with bloated salaries and benefits, was left still standing. Oh how convenient, what a nice little divisive situation to divert attention from Xtrēvilism as the cause and blame for the intentional financial chaos. Now, instead of the causative Xtrēvilism corruption being to blame, Xtrēvilism now turns its media shills on 'big government' as the cause. Yes blame 'big government', not the Xtrēvilism that owns and controls 'big government' and that allowed it to intentionally become bloated and corrupted it, and that then intentionally caused the financial crisis. Wake up and smell the deceit and corruption! Stop blaming each other and come together against the causative austerity imposing Xtrēvilism. The size of government, as long as it is corruption free, arrived at through direct citizen democracy, and offers all a level playing field of opportunity, is of NO consequence! It will be the size that people feel they need to maintain transparency and fairness in their rule of law.

Consider also that this divisive meme is in base concept the same as the intentionally created  divisive meme of racism. One group is demonized and belittled as the problem; the inefficient, overpaid 'government sector', and another group is elevated to a God like walk on water status; the 'private sector'.
Both groups end up being exploited and their fighting serves to deflect from the Xtrēvilist initiators of the deception. This is the same old phony baloney in a new suit.

The 'One Sector'... Fairism will combat Xtrēvilism's selfish corporate unpatriotic alliance breaking by building stronger alliances with good morality through direct democracy of all people. Fair and sustainable government will be a one for all, and an all for one government. It will be a close knit family of all humans bound together by fairness and freedom for all. This coming to 'oneness' of the people with government process will take considerable time as the Xtrēvilism corporate forces have spent considerable resources dividing us all along these intentionally divisive 'private sector' and 'government sector' lines. We must strive for the 'one sector' as our Fairism ideal.

It is Xtrēvilism, through owning and controlling the government at all levels, that has imposed the burdens on small business so as to stifle competition... If it is one thing that Xtrēvilism fears most it is competition. It is Xtrēvilism, through its political stooges and its bought and paid for legislation and cops, that has burdened American small business; with unnecessary taxes in the form of bogus expensive licenses and restrictive employee hiring controls, matching Social Security tax, medicare tax, city occupational taxes, county occupational taxes, unemployment taxes, federal unemployment taxes, workers comp insurance, withholding State and Federal income taxes, ridiculous penalties for late payments, responsibility for garnishing wages and being responsible for the debt if it is not with held, laws prohibiting competition, etc. And those good citizens at all levels who resist are subject to the jackboot heel of local cops and compliant crooked judges. Make no mistake about this, this goes on in every community in America, and has been for years. Those who looked the other way while those at the very bottom rung were suppressed will now pay the price as the oppression and exploitation moves up the ladder of crumbs. Sure big corporations have many of the same requirements, but they can afford staff to deal with them with a dedicated employee, or with their fat wallets lobby for exemptions, all the while the small businessman has to deal with them on his own, nights and week ends, thereby putting him at a big competitive disadvantage. Patent law is a sterling example of how Xtrēvilist corporations shut out the litle guy by buying protective legislation. Securing and defending a patent, as a small business, is next to impossible now and a waste of time. Trade mark and copyright law are similarly tilted to the corporate elite. The greatest loss in all of this oppression is the loss of human energy and creativity as the human spirit is repressed and dampened into a sense of depressing futility.
We've got the message — it is time for action... There are many, many, other corruptions like those outlined above that when examined reveal the message and purpose — the need for change and the ideas for change. These far too many hypocrisy and corruption stories have become commonplace, and in fact, by constantly staying focused on them they only serve to normalize the corruption and deflect from a comprehensive remedial action strategy that is most common to all of them. The process of incessantly complaining and whining and revealing hypocrisy after hypocrisy becomes a form of avoidance behavior. It is time now for action. We have examined enough corruption to know that our overarching dominant message is to eliminate Xtrēvilism by embracing the goal of Fairism — freedom, and direct democracy combined into a moral sustainability! Rule by all for all!  Where we ALL have an opportunity to follow our own joy!

We now need to devise a strategy to implement that goal — a strategy for positive change...

Aggregate Generational
Corruption Reveals The Strategy...

Remedial action depends on one's perception... There are two broad approaches for positive remedial change; reform from within the existing systems and reform from without, that may, or may not, incorporate parts of the old system. It is my belief based on my experiences that reform from within is impossible (not only in America but also in many other nation states around the planet), because of the non responsive to the will of the people electoral processes (and lack of electoral processes in many countries), and the depth of the Aggregate Generational Corruption. Our governments have been clearly hijacked by corporate Xtrēvilism! Reform from within, especially in America, has now clearly failed us!

Beware of those who advocate change from within, look at their personal cushy crumb supply, how well Xtrēvilism rewards them, and gauge for yourself how genuine they really are in desiring meaningful change. Remember that we are dealing here with genuinely evil people that will lie to your face without batting an eye and do all they can to dissipate your energies and resources. Be extremely skeptical! Your future depends on it. Listen to those who have already protested and challenged the system and respect their experiences as unbelievable as they may sound. I know in my own case I was shocked to discover that police officers would confiscate and ban a newspaper in America. But it is all true. Civil rights are violated every day in America by brown nosing bully cops who sell their morality to Xtrēvilism for a paycheck. When the government is hijacked by Xtrēvilism's corporate corruption and becomes crooked, the cops, and troops, who enforce its laws, are crooked by extension.

Unraveling and compensating for AGC (Aggregate Generational Corruption) reveals the strategy... In the section on AGC there were four major generational corruptions listed, they were prioritized in the order that remedial attention is required. Just as examining the problems above suggests the message and the goal, so too does looking at AGC suggest a strategy for creating, prioritizing, and implementing the positive remedial ideal of Fairism. Read that AGC section as an introduction to the following suggestions if you have not already done so.

Consider that we need a Constitutional jubilee... I am sure others have pet peeves and feel that their issues are far more important in terms of priorities. Prioritizing workable goals is a job for discussion in local Fairism councils (suggested below) where all voices should be heard and considered. The forces of Xtrēvilism have worked to separate us, it is time to talk to each other about our real common hopes and dreams not the trumped up divisive hate and fear mongering that has been set out for us. Having said that, it is only good common sense that Fairism can not, and will not, make any headway within the existing corrupt system due to the depth of the corruption, and the lack of a truly democratic direct democracy electoral process. Consider that we need a Constitutional jubilee, similar to a debt jubilee. A debt jubilee is the forgiveness of all debt when debt, because of the mathematics of compounding interest, becomes un-payable. Debts are canceled to 'reset' the playing field. Similarly, the rule of law has become so corrupt that we need to reset its playing field. The irony here is that because no debt jubilee has taken place, and instead mathematics has been replaced with deception, further corruption, and phony baloney, we have no other recourse.

So the strategy then will have overlapping phases with phase one being most important as subsequent phases are dependent on the success of phase one. Phase one will include four simultaneously overlapping steps:

1. Election boycotts to regain control of the electoral process and government.
2. Building a new media on line and regaining control of the hijacked media.
3. Gaining control of the corporate structure.
4. Eliminating the FED and creating a citizen's utility style banking system.

Strategy — Phase One
1. Election Boycotts:
Gaining Power:
Job number one — creating a responsive to the will of the people direct democracy electoral process...
Farce to force! Yes, you have to give up being controlled by farce in order to take control and gain force! This will take proactive, not passive, boycotts of the present electoral process with a reorganization outside of, and in parallel with, the corrupt system.

When you come to see that these abuses are either by design, as I strongly believe, or even not by design, it matters not. What matters is that the abuses exist, they are severe, and they are working to destroy us. Good conscience, love, and caring, compels us now — all of us — to withdraw our consent, to no longer be complicit, and to shun the present farce immoral social political system and start again to gain force outside the present system.

The power of shunning
— a 'Vote of NO Confidence'... Voting is not a civic duty, it is a civil right like free speech. Just as you are not compelled to speak, you are not compelled to vote. Not voting is a vote that has the power of context. In times of citizen satisfaction a non vote can be considered a vote of confidence in the government that is setting the policy that is providing that citizen satisfaction. In turbulent times, where the citizenry is vocally dissatisfied and has repeatedly shown its disapproval when the government has repeatedly acted against its citizen will and been non responsive to that will, a non vote can be considered a 'Vote of NO Confidence' in that non responsive government. There is little doubt of citizen dissatisfaction with today's wealthy elite Xtrēvilism corporate governance and little doubt that moneyed wealthy elite corporate interests have hijacked our government. Poll after poll leaves no doubt as to citizen dissatisfaction. Non votes in today's context can confidently be counted as 'Votes of NO Confidence' in this hijacked government.

We have a Constitutional crisis that can not be resolved from within — the system is too corrupt... Election boycotts will be a bottom up movement and will include a concurrent revision of the Constitution made by all participants. The Constitution, like software, is in need of a serious upgrade. Past corruption has prevented revisions along the way, and the present corporate hijacking of the government has made change from within impossible. The New Constitution, fashioned and structured after the old, will include an electoral process of direct democracy with open and transparent voting on paper ballots by all citizens, hand counted by real humans — not machines! That Constitutional revision to regain control of the rule of law should also include, as a minimum; regaining of citizen control of all media, corporations, and banking.

Be wary of those who constantly implore you to seek remedial measures within the crooked system. Look at their wealth and stature and how they have come by it. People who advocate remedial change from within are either drinking the Kool Aid (they are totally gullible cons) or they are selling it (they are disingenuous shills). And don't let them tell you that the American people are too stupid for direct democracy and can not be trusted to govern themselves. Yes, we have all been dumbed down a bit by the excessive 'Greed and Evil is Good' propaganda in the past forty plus years, but given the truth and the proper incentives the vast majority of American people are fair and intelligent and will recenter themselves to a sustainable course. That is what the wealthy elite gangsters are afraid of — fairness, direct democracy and the truth of sustainability.
Proactive election boycotts as a 'Vote of No Confidence' in these corrupt governments should be organized in existing geographical areas; states, counties, etc. and they should be linked on the internet by all means possible for maximum exposure. Proactive means writing a letter of boycott intent to local Supervisors of Elections as a 'Vote of No Confidence' in the existing corrupt government. The letter should demand direct democracy, with paper ballots open to all citizens of all political persuasions, and should include a notice that your letter will be publicly counted as a vote in parallel paper elections. Useless voter registration cards should be publicly collected and displayed in fish bowls at electoral boycott rallies. In tandem with that effort a rewrite of existing Constitutions should be begun. The intent is to erase Aggregate Generational Corruption so as to level the societal playing field (eliminate the FED, corporate person hood, regain control of the public media, etc.) and to eliminate the disease of Xtrēvilism and all of its corrupt influence.

Boycott statistics published by Fairism advocates will claim, and include, all non voters, actively boycotting by letter or not, and non registered voters excluded by corruption and deceit, as they all can be considered hostile, again through context, to the existing hijacked corrupt corporate Xtrēvilist power structure. This will immediately give Fairism a majority of the popular vote as only 48% of registered Americans bothered to vote in the last mid term 2010 elections. Consider also that many of those who voted were voting with full knowledge that they were participating in a 'lesser of two evils scam' and that they would prefer better choices in candidates. Consider also that there is always a "donkey vote" component of uninformed voters who participate under pressure from supervisors in their workplace or because it simply affords them time away from work.

If you vote are you a murderer?... Complicity or innocence? Blood stained hands or a clear conscience? How bad does Forced Complicity Crimeunism have to become before you act?

The old saw that if you do not vote, you can not complain, is bulls••t! That is a meme created and promoted heavily by aberrant corporate
Xtrēvilism. There might have been some semblance of truth to it forty or fifty years ago, before Xtrevilism's corporate forces began their concerted effort to totally capture the government. But even back then, as I have already pointed out, the electoral process was far to limiting and never truly reflected the will of the people, but rather the wealthy powerful elite. The meme should now be reversed — those who vote can not complain and those who vote should be made aware that they are the problem for giving their good names to the corrupt governmental process and thereby validating and legitimizing its resultant murderous actions. They become a party to the scam. Yes! If you vote you are complicit in murder! It is — the voters — who are responsible for killing over 1,000,000 Iraqi, men, women, and children, drone strikes on innocents in Pakistan and Afghanistan, and torture, and TARP, and TBTF, Wall Street Gangsterism, etc........ Without voter consent and approval this Xtrevilism, hijacked, corrupt government would have no mandate to exist. They would have no pretense for political power! There is no plausible deniability here. They — the voters — are complicit in, and are the underlying empowering force for these unjustified murders made in their name. And there is no statute of limitations on murder! Those who vote are also responsible for legitimizing and empowering the same crooked system that has domestically stolen their pensions, their commons, their homes, poisoned their social fabric, and now imposes ever more severe each day austerity on them. It is time to wake up and see your unwitting immoral complicity in the oppression and murders of others and yourselves. Fear of loss of your individual crumb supply of sustenance is no longer an issue — it is only a short matter of time before it will be gone anyway. That is the nature of trickle down cannibalism with its "evil and greed are good" morality.

"Good conscience, love, and caring, compels us now — all of us — to withdraw our consent, to no longer be complicit, and to shun the present farce immoral social political system and start again to gain force outside the present system."

Creating a responsive to the will of the people direct democracy electoral process then is job one. All other changes flow from this effort and no positive changes will be made until it is accomplished. It must be done in conjunction with reclaiming the hijacked media, the next important AGC #2 (directly below). This will be accomplished in a similar fashion, by ignoring and bypassing the corrupt media and organizing a parallel Fairism media on the internet. It is a shun, revise, and rebuild, bottom up effort just like the electoral boycotts. Get started when you have finished the Deceptionology thesis.

2. Build a New Media and Reclaim The Hijacked Media...

Xtrēvilism's wealthy elite and their gangster corporations are firmly in control of the global media — with one great exception — the internet. They are working as fast as they can, under the guise of 'protecting' the public from fictitious 'terrorism and evil', to now gain control. Free and open speech scares the living daylights out of corporate Xtrēvilism as it exposes them for the cockroaches that they are. It is time now for Fairism to use that internet to organize and come together. Where corporate Xtrēvilism has worked so hard to atomize us we must now work to come together. To organize and form local Fairism Councils councils. [To be completed.]

3. Citizen Control Of Corporations...

It is not a Democracy — it is a corporatocracy... Corporations, as they are presently structured, represent an anti-patriotic secession from the overarching umbrella alliance of the United States Constitution. When one compares the preamble of the Constitution to the mission statement of a corporation you will see the disparity. The Constitution, with its "we the people" language is citizen and equality focused, whereas the Corporate mission statement, with its "we the stock holder" language, is selfishly stock holder and bottom line focused.

Corporations are formed first and foremost for the advantage of the stock holders or owners. They may, or may not, provide goods and services that are beneficial to the overarching umbrella nation state alliance, and they may, or may not, utilize resources in a sustainable fashion. In their present form and gigantic sizes, with their selfish stock holder only bottom line orientation and squandering of resources, they pose a threat to the greater society. The top level problem is accountability to the American people. How can you have accountability by the people and for the people when the corporations own and control the government? Many corporations command budgets larger than many nation states and states and counties within nation states. All of them represent unfair competition to the common person and serve to stifle opportunity and freedom. The larger a corporation is — the more of a giant the corporation becomes — the more these unfair advantages in competition and financial clout manifests itself. Corporations today are proportionately most responsible for the state of corruption in government. Corporations with their deeper pockets have far more political power than the average citizen. And in fact, it is that corporate structure, with its lavish super pac 'political donations' (read institutionalized graft, bribery, and corruption here) that has corrupted the government and in essence owns and controls it.

As I mentioned above; "We are no longer citizens — we have all in essence now become expendable 'employees' of the corporate Xtrēvilists." There is an undeniable functional truth to that statement. We are now subject to corporate rule as opposed to Constitutional democratic rule. The government has become a virtual 'human resources' department (sheesh — I detest that elite, arrogant, psychologically demeaning gangster term) that runs rough shod over the citizens, allowing them, the corporations, to; utilize cheap illegal immigrant labor without fear of reprisal, impose stifling non compete wage and intellectual property contracts on employees, maintain a surplus labor supply at citizen cost through welfare, impose restraints on small competing businesses, move operations and finance to foreign lands for cheaper and robot labor while leaving behind the aforementioned illegal immigrant labor as a welfare burden to the America citizens, etc., In all the preceding then, they thereby control and fix wages, eliminate opportunity, and degrade and destabilize the society. Many of the products that they do provide, in terms of value, if prioritized to sustainable use of resources and safety and health benefits to society, should not even be manufactured, or, even if their production could be justified, they could be manufactured in a more beneficial and equitable to the community structure. Start with the excessive military products and work your way through to death dealing state drugs (alcohol and tobacco) and junk food.

For the preceding reasons corporations should be brought back into the fold of the overarching umbrella alliance. The New Constitution should hold them subject to, and accountable to, citizen control in their mission statements and operations proportional to the impact they will have on the environment and the alliance of the nation state that they exist in. Unregulated foreign corporations should be subject to exclusion and regulation on the same proportional to impact basis. Individuals in business for themselves or on a family basis should be subject to no taxation and regulation other than fair share contributions to their local community sustenance centers and the Fairism limits on asset wealth and income wealth (see below). Again follow the analog of the human body — strive for a one for all all for one levelocracy!

4. Eliminate the FED — Citizen Control Of Banking...

Citizen owned and controlled banking systems are a must for Fairism to succeed. The same levelocracy simplicity needs to be applied to banking functions. The control of credit and the means of resource exchange (money) must be wrested from the Xtrēvilist few and put into the direct democratic hands of the many. Banking is in reality a simple system process that concerns itself with the efficient storage, transfer, and use of resources. It has been intentionally made into a mysterious mish mash of deceptive corruption that is used to steal from and exploit us all and is responsible for squandering our common resources and putting us into a position of unsustainable growth. Many of the Process Decoys listed in the side bar to the right are intentional economic obfuscations. The acronym KISS, "keep it simple stupid", is one to keep in mind when discussing banking; and consider the human analog with its efficient system of nutrient flow in the blood and its central nervous system to communicate allocation of that nutrient flow. Avoid system tool economists like the plague, their heads are full of mind bending Xtrēvilist bullsh!t that favor them and their corporate masters! A common basket of goods, essential for the sustenance of an individual for an agreed upon period of time, should be the conceptual ideal for pegging the unit measure of currency across the levelocracy. I would suggest that it be called a Liforce, as in Celli's Law, to give it a human emotional grounding that spans the globe, but it could be called anything.Avoid place names that would favor one group over another. The goal is to unify all humans in Fairness.

Do we need money, a currency? Yes of course! As a medium of exchange it is absolutely necessary for larger alliances, and in fact it is global alliance size that demands a medium of more general nutrient flow exchange be created. This does not mean that time banks, barter, or other means of exchange need be excluded. They should instead be incorporated into the overall nutrient flow required for sustainability where suitable and desired.

Creating the future,

creating the Onotron...
Strategy — Phase Two
Building The Analogue,
The Ideal, The Healthy Human Body...

Introduction... For guidance we look again to our analogue...
It has been presented in the Deceptionology thesis that the growth of human societies is not cyclical but rather occurs in spurts, and that these growth spurts always have upper level commonalities; they all have alliances with a moral code (an agreed upon code of conduct); these codes of conduct are always subject to destruction from within and without through the creation of active or passive DETODs (which themselves contain in them the inherent morality of their creators); the alliances always trend, or seek, to be ever improving of the morality and more all inclusive, or comprehensive, over time as they are corrupted; the alliances are a way of mediating and balancing the growth spurts; the balancing process always seek to accommodate a base struggle of local control over centralized control to effect a fair distribution of resources.

It is this on going struggle of local control as opposed to centralized control that has given rise to; kings, queens, princes, millionaires, billionaires, dear leaders, corporations, world banks, central banks, the IMF, etc. It is this on going struggle of local control as opposed to centralized control that has also given rise to numerous political movements, both well meaning, and not so well meaning, and the co-option of all by the Xtrēvilist forces.

There is no doubt that the dark forces of Xtrevilism will work vigorously to discredit the concept of Fairism and it will be ridiculed, ignored, and, where any traction is gained, co-opted. Do not be swayed. Keep it simple and avoid those who will intentionally dissipate your energies. If you find your energy being drained by someone talking jargonized bullsh!t to you simply move on to some one else and do not get discouraged. Corporate Xtrēvilism occupies the aberrant moral low ground. Fairism is without question on the moral high ground. The terms are simple and direct. Direct democracy for a levelocracy; fairness, speed limits, greed limits, and a one for all and all for one alliance with harsh punishment for those who betray the public trust.

Concurrent with reclaiming, revising, and rebuilding the levelocracy organizational structure as noted in phase 1 above, phase 2 rebuilding will require that you keep in mind this struggle to balance the growth spurts of humanity and the balance of centralized and localized functions. Local rebuilding will have the highest emphasis as it will immediately allow all to participate. It will also allow for sampling resistance and ferreting out those who are in opposition to Fairism. The Community Sustainability Centers suggested below are fashioned after past and existing Community Centers, Grange halls, etc., many of which are still standing and available today if they have not been privatized (read stolen).

Fairism Councils — Community Sustainability Centers — One Tax — A Bottom Up Alliance... Fairism will recognize that most all people want the same things: a fair rule of law, clearly stated rights to their sphere of influence (their DETODs (their creations or property)), freedom of speech, of religion, of travel, of the press, of association, and a fair and just legislative and judicial system that provides economic stability and a trustworthy monetary and banking system. Fairism will also recognize that we exist in an ever evolving dynamic growth process and keep at the forefront of planning that we are all best served by keeping that growth, in its totality, balanced and sustainable with an eye to the future. Further, Fairism will recognize that there is a restorative burden placed upon all of us due to past excesses of the aberrant few that have so selfishly screwed things up. A great part of that restorative burden will be deprogramming from the dysfunctional wealth adoration and unrealistic goals that we have all been exposed to. We must fashion a new optimism that rewards and celebrates our achievements in a more realistic and far more satisfying fashion.

Fairism will recognize that this is most fairly achieved through maximum freedom of  the individual, balanced planning by direct democracy, and a minimalist centralized power alliance that is always subject to local control through regional councils.The organization of local councils, regional councils, and central councils is essential to a fair and orderly distribution of resources. They must function as a one for all and all for one levelocracy.

Fairism Councils... To effect the above goals of Fairism in each and every community will require the creation of Fairism Councils, open to all citizens, in each and every community. Start now. Local Fairism Councils will, through direct democracy, consider and elect local, regional, and central council members as agents for the will of the community. Regional and central council members will be bound to the decisions of local council members and act as carry forward agents of the community will, empowered to non binding negotiations only, and serve as feedback agents in the event decisions are not agreed to. The ideal here is to mimic the feedback and control loops found in the human body. To use them as an ideal. To create a levelocracy. A one for all and an all for one organization.

Community Sustainability Centers... The backbone of Fairism will be the creation of locally controlled Community Sustainability Centers. If the total system is to be healthy, all components of the system must be healthy.

The ravages of the disease of corporate Xtrēvilism have caused two major societal structural problems that must be remedied; the unsustainable use of resources, and, an inequitable centralized structure of distribution of the profits from those unsustainable uses. In order to remedy these existing structural imbalances Fairism suggests that a minimum contribution of all individuals be put into their Community Sustainability Centers. Local communities will all have an all for one and one for all sustainability and sustenance sector with its first priority being orientation towards community self sufficiency with the emphasis on agriculture and energy. Other core sustainability industries; clothing, housing, banking, etc., may be engaged in depending on the will of, and the size of, the community as determined by direct democracy and with an eye to fairness of existing businesses.

All members of the community will have an equal share investment in the sustainability and sustenance sector. All CSCs will have as a minimum; a community center, located in the geographical population center of  the community, and agricultural land and buildings and equipment sufficient to provide for the needs of the community. All CSCs will build and hold grain and food reserves for a rainy day. These reserves will be rotated into the community on a use by date basis. The purpose of the sustainability and sustenance sector is as its name implies, to provide for the community spirit and the sustainability and sustenance of the community in food, food storage, utilities (including banking, time sharing or otherwise, if decided locally), clothing and shelter. CSCs will provide a 'flywheel' security effect in the event of economic downturns in bad times, and will also provide a stable employment buffer in good times. All Fairism communities will decide the minimum size of the CSC required for its particular community and how production and storage will be achieved, but to qualify as a Fairism community a minimum and maximum size, percentage of total community output, will be decided by all local Fairism member councils and made policy through agreement in Regional and Central Councils. It is important to have a consistency of approach so as to build alliances in Regional and Central councils. Central Councils will administer, at the direction of local councils; military, foreign policy, etc., if desired, all subject to local control.

The contribution to the CSC sector will be the only mandatory tax levied. This tax will be offset by CSC profits, if any, from banking, food production, etc., carried out within the local CSCs. All other pursuits and endeavors will be decided by the individual, and freedom of travel from one to another CSC in the broader alliance will be guaranteed.

This is presented as an ideal, a departure point to stimulate thinking on how to best reclaim, revise, and rebuild, our present corrupted governments. It is of course not an end all be all proposition. As you think of your own solutions or how you would like to see things restructured keep in mind that you are present bound in your thinking (that's a nice way of saying you might be a bit brain washed by all of the corporate Xtrēvilsit Ivy League phony baloney floating around) and try to devise a plan that would be fair and all inclusive of all people on the planet. Remember: You are what you have been through, but now and the future are up to you.

Xtrēvilism will not relinquish its hold with out a lot of oinking — as smooth a transition as is possible is the guiding credo... Change must be made incrementally and with as little disruption in the median as possible. The extremes should be the first focus of change. Xtrēvilism will not relinquish its hold with out a lot of oinking. Fairism is after all a restoration of fairness, an improvement of morality, concept. Those that have been most unfair — that unhealthy, morally sick, self anointed wealthy elite top half of one percent excessively aggressive and greedy few — should bear the brunt of first changes, and those at the bottom, most injured by the debilitating greed of the aforementioned at the top should be first to be re-enfranchised.

Further rationales, talking points, suggestions, to be continued, etc...

When the government is crooked,
The cops are too!
They are the 1%'s muscle,
That oppresses you!
Cops and troops — bring back the draft... When a government is crooked and immoral its troops and cops are crooked and immoral by extension. Cops and troops hypocritically take an oath of allegiance to the Constitution and then punch a time clock and immediately thereby sell that allegiance to their superior commanders and government officials. To the wealthy corporate 1%! They in effect then become the immoral scum bags they serve (I know, I am tough on cops, but they are the bully head breakers). They become the 1%. They are NOT the 99%! They are selling out the 99%! And if they had any brains at all they would realize that they are also selling out themselves — along with betraying their mothers and fathers and their friends and neighbors — those that the < 1% have gang raped financially!

Under the immoral corporate
complicity structure of Forced Complicity Crimeunism most all jobs are immoral as they all contribute to supporting the corrupt corporate structure. But some jobs are more immoral than others. This is the root problem, through Xtrēvilist control and misdirection we are now a near totally immoral nation engaged in Forced Complicity Crimeunism, and dealing with that problem is job one. But when looking at troops and cops specifically it is helpful to consider the matter of degree of complicity in assessing the most immoral jobs and the time frame that the immorality is metered out to the exploited victim. Because cops and troops implement the immorality directly and physically in the present time, and because their actions aid, abet, and support directly the corruption, they are the most immoral. This is not to excuse the bank employees that are also complicit in harming their victims and themselves more slowly over time by aiding and abetting immoral corporate finance, but rather it is meant to show that we all have degrees of complicity in this vile and corrupt system of Forced Complicity Crimeunism that has been set up by those who have hijacked our government.

Also when looking at troops and cops, again specifically, it is helpful to look through the lens of 'alliances'. Troops engaged in killing and maiming foreign "enemies", even though immoral, are focusing their madness on those who are outside of the American Constitutional alliance. Whereas domestically,
cops direct their evils on American citizens. Again, this is not to excuse either behavior, it is rather to show the degrees of complicity and that both are immoral because they do the bidding of an immoral aberrant Xtrēvilist corporate master. Time enters the equation because once someone is killed or maimed directly, or has their IQ lowered by a rubber bullet to the head, there is no recovery or restitution possible whereas less exploitive harms can sometimes be compensated for and in effect reversed.

As things are structured now, cops and troops (many unwittingly due to corporate cultural brainwashing and the naivety of youth — I was there once in Vanilla Greed times) are immoral traitors that should be shunned along with politicians and the corporate Xtrēvilists. This will require also
shunning the immoral corporate propaganda TV shows that glorify and rationalize their despicable behavior. Cops and troops, given the depth of corruption in government, are simply over glorified bullies. They ARE NOT your friends and neighbors. They, and their equipment; police cruisers, tanks, fighter aircraft, drones, smart bombs, etc., should be labeled with the stigmatizing 1%. It should be their scarlet letter.

In an ideal government, troops and cops, where required, should be drafted by lottery from all areas, and all ages, of the community and serve no more than eighteen months service.

To be continued... I realize that — at this particular point in time — I am in a minority position and so I will meter out suggested new approaches at a future time. As I said in the beginning this entire Deceptionology thesis is an attempt to get outside of the box in our thinking and take a more perceptive look at our reality. To stimulate fresh thinking. To recognize our stained morality for what it is and to work to rebuild it for a better world. It is only a start.
I welcome any constructive input. With all of the gloom and doom out there I am still optimistic. The masses are now rapidly awakening, they are learning and they are resentful, justifiably resentful.

Realize that enhancing and broadening perception are the first steps in creating a new reality and that imagination is the wellspring of your future...

To first imagine... imagine a world where all humans respect and honor their alliances and love one another... a world free of selfish corporations and their Noble Liars... a world where all humans have warm and cozy beds, clean fresh water, food on their tables, and the tools to make and build and grow healthful sustainable lives for themselves... and live in communities that welcome others and visit others... communities that celebrate the joy of life, of quiet, of clean air, and art, and fun, and singing and dancing, and just being alive... communities that celebrate their individuality in their togetherness...

Then it is time to exercise your free will... to choose... to choose to take actions that will create that more fair and just world.

Stop waiting for others to do it for you — take action — only you can empower yourself...

Begin to make your new reality — right now. Share your thoughts on Fairism with someone else. Right now!

You are awesome! Thanks for your interest in your future, the future of humanity.

Warren Celli
End of Deceptionology Thesis
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The Goal: Freedom, and direct democracy combined into a moral sustainability.

Undemocratic Farce
Democratic Force!

This effort will recognize that law and order are best maintained by direct democratic consent of the many and not coercion by fear and divisiveness administered by the Xtrēvilist few.

My political credentials here ...

One for all!
All for one!


E•vil•ism 1 a : Evilism is a disease of the mind that causes aberrant, antisocial, destructive evil behavior b : the predominant form of behavior of duplicitous people in power c : extensive practice of evil

X•trē•vil•ism 1 a : extreme Evilism; an insidious mutation of Evilism that causes extreme moral depravity resulting in extremely aberrant, antisocial, duplicitous behaviors b : Xtrēvilism is a secretive system of extreme Evilism c : rule by self anointed elite pigs that practice use of the Noble Lie while posing as good and righteous citizens
2 a :
a system of society in which an evil few, through propaganda and the corporate structure, incrementally change the morality of a society in order to create divisive debilitating conflict so as to rule over it in a two tier system of ruler and ruled b : a system that appeals to the greed, vanity, selfishness, contentiousness, apathy and trust in others to divide them, thereby causing them great harm c : perniciously greedy and controlling
3 a :
a system in which the extremely evil sick few; control, debilitate, and decimate the many, by pitting them one against the other

Evilism is a parasitic form of old fashioned Vanilla Greed for Extraction, it is a milder form of cannibalization that sustains its host victim for future exploitation.

Xtrevilism is a parasitic form of Pernicious Greed for Destruction, it is an extreme form of cannibalization that minimally sustains or destroys its host victim with no concern for future exploitation.

Gullibleism 1 a : Way too trusting b : Gullibleism is characterized by an acceptance of the status quo without question c : belief in trusting government without performing any personal oversight other than watching TV and dutifully voting every few years
2 a : a system of society in which the many are conned and controlled by the few.
3 : lacking in perception

Fairism a : moral ideal, a societal framework, opposed to Xtrevilism and Evilism b : one for all and all for one rule by direct democracy and fairness with moral sustainability

Profit a : profit is fair value given for fair value received as opposed to Xtrēvilism and Evilism which are instead lopsidedly parasitic and destructive

Process Decoys*
(Concealing the deceptions in goodness.)
Process decoys are intentionally created and co-opted or hi-jacked abstract terms of process, many of which are initially of idealistic and well intentioned origin but no longer exist in that idealistic state. They are used to re-label and give cover to (to mask and conceal) corruption so as to confuse you, make you feel inferior, divert your attention, and misdirect your energies. In their totality, process decoys all work to tilt the playing field against you. 
In the world of finance voo doo economics; capitalism, free markets, mortgage backed securities, credit default swaps, private property, futures contracts, inflation, deflation, stagflation, rehypothecation, etc., are all used as abstract process masking decoys. They are all favorites of the Noble Liars and their sell out media minions in Xtrēvilism used to mask their gangster activities.
  Their victims (read you) spend billions of hours of their good time — long after their pockets have been emptied — in trying to give concrete meaning to them and understand them.
Real political analysis always follows the money and the power flow, not the process decoy deceptions.
Process decoys in street talk are known as "jargonized bullshit"!


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