"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...       

2. Begin With The Basics
Its a dog eat dog world...

Resolving the paradox of existence — the gift of life comes in a wrapper of death... The amazingly wonderful gift of life comes with some challenging conditions — the struggle for survival and ultimately death. Like it or not, it is a dog eat dog, cannibalistic world. We are born to exploit or be exploited.  At birth we are all mysteriously thrust into a life or death competitive struggle with all other human beings and all other organisms on the planet. We arrive all singularly different. Each one of us is preprogrammed with a unique DNA instruction set and each one of us is born into their own matchless environment.
As living organisms we must cannibalize other organisms in order to survive. Said another way; some other organisms must die, or live in an exploitive condition, in order that we may live and get our own needs met. That conflicting process of between species and interspecies cannibalization has been going on for millions of years throughout all of evolution. This web site, BOXtheFOX™, is about the two core forces that regulate that process of evolution — deception and perception — and channeling their influence, through a just morality, to resolve the conflict and create a more harmonious world.

Deceptionology definitions...

Deception - 1 a: the act of deceiving b: the fact or condition of being deceived 2: something that deceives
- 1 a: a result of perceiving : observation b: a mental image : concept 2 obsolete : consciousness 3 a: awareness of the elements of environment through physical sensation <color perception> b: physical sensation interpreted in the light of experience 4 a: quick, acute, and intuitive cognition : appreciation b: a capacity for comprehension
5 a performance measure of an organisms cannibalistic ability and power
- 1 a: killing and eating the flesh of other organisms 2
killing or partially arresting the spirit, or life force, of another organism so as to: deprive, take from, use, exploit, or prevent the growth of that other organism so as to sustain one's own life force 3 cannibalization of another organism's growth potential may be in cooperative alliance with that other organism or be opposed by that other organism. All organisms are in alliance with or allied against other organisms. There is no middle ground. Perception demands that the organism be aware of all alliances that affect its ability to achieve its greatest life force potential within its sphere of influence.

The essence of the struggle...

Acceptance Of Reality
Is The Key To Changing Your Reality

Reluctance to live the self examined life... There is a real reluctance by many people to accept the cannibalistic reality that we are all thrust into; to examine and see the true conflicted cannibalistic self and the daily struggle for survival within each and every one of us. This reluctance stems in part from the belief that if one does accept the reality it seemingly justifies and validates the overly aggressive, deceptive, and arrogantly righteous elite behavior of the abnormal greedy few sociopaths at the top who use it as a foundational rationale to exploit and control the many. They tell you that they are the fittest and so they must rule. They are liars! Nothing could be further from the truth!

Accepting the paradoxical reality of the existence that we are all involuntarily thrust into does not justify or validate their aberrant sociopathic immoral self anointed elite behavior in any way. What accepting the reality does do is allow us to deal directly with the paradox in the reality and resolve it through creating a just morality.

You do not embrace the conflicting reality unmodified as a rationalizing moral structure as the gangster rich do, rather, you rise above the conflict by moderating it with a morality that serves all in the human alliance equally and fairly.

Guilt and emotional discomfort... Another reason that many people are reluctant to accept the cannibalistic reality that they are all thrust into is that they can not accept the guilt and emotional discomfort that comes with intellectualizing and accepting the fact they they live at the expense of other organisms dying and being exploited. Yes indeed, all of those proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, that they daily stuff down their gullets, were once part of another living organism, and, most all of the comforting and entertaining products they use were made at the expense of another organism's, many of them human, very real oppression and exploitation. And so they rationalize and deny that reality and their immoral behavior by maintaining beliefs of denial (it is in reality refusal to recognize) and goodness in themselves.

Fear... Still another reason to refuse to accept our cannibalistic reality is that taking action against the status quo is a fearful task. To challenge the power structure morality as it exists, a power structure that provides a different reality, takes courage, as it puts one's crumb supply at risk and so many remain in fearful complicit denial. Millions of people do not rock the boat and accept the fantasy belief systems and distractions they are force fed and bombarded with daily.

Culture shaping refusal... There are also many people in denial as a result of past culture shaping of morality and various religious beliefs that are comprised of an admixture of the viewpoints and behaviors just discussed above. Those born into those belief systems accept them all as quite natural.
In summary, acceptance of our cannibalistic reality is the essence of our struggle... Being able to accept the cannibalistic reality that we are all thrust into is an essential part of modifying and rising above that reality so as to create a better reality. Yes, we are all cannibalistic by nature, but we are also possessed of a free will that allows us, within our sphere of influence, to moderate, to control, and to regulate that cannibalistic nature in self and in others.

That struggle to moderate, control, and regulate our cannibalistic nature in self and in others is the essence of the struggle to evolve a fair and just human morality. It is the essence of the struggle for all of our human rights. It is the essence of the struggle for our future.

You do make your own reality in life; if you don't make your own reality others will be more than happy to make it for you. Accepting your reality is the key to changing your reality.

Don't get me wrong — I love the guy...
Marx Was A Mark — A Failure In Branding
Marx was a mark — he did not  go deep enough — a failure in branding... As a preface to the next section (on perception and deception) a word about Karl Marx will be helpful to set the stage and frame the discussion. Karl Marx, a brilliant thinker for his time, was right in his recognition of the violence and exploitation involved in the struggle between the bourgeoisie and the proletariat and that the struggle was a class struggle. But, being a product of his time, he did not go deep enough for its causative effect. Where he sought to help the working class by achieving class consciousness, he failed by identifying the wrong struggle, and in that failure he also set the stage for a false blame game battle that for years now, in many jargonized iterations, has masked and deflected away from the real struggle - the struggle for self consciousness.

Marx failed for two reasons, first; he was snookered by, and expended his energy on the decoy process of capitalism, and second, this initial misperception made his branding of the forces involved way off target.

Marx was snookered — capitalism and free markets do not exist — they are decoys... If you had a penny for every word ever uttered about 'capitalism' or 'free markets' you would be a zillionaire. And your wealth would be based on the writings of fiction. Capitalism and free markets do not exist. They never did.

They were always, from their inception, only noble concepts and ideas that never came to fruition. Like most all good concepts and ideas they were immediately co-opted by the wealthy elite and used as deflective decoy carrots to deflect away from, and to mask, their immoral corruption, oppression, and exploitations. They were posited as excuses to justify immorality.

"That's not exploitation and corruption son, that's capitalism! Go look it up!" And of course before you, the ignorant and unwashed, got to your dictionary, the wealthy elite gangster had put his sell out jargon creating scribes to work and capitalism had blossomed into; Mercantile Capitalism, Industrial Capitalism, Financial Capitalism, State-Welfare Capitalism, Brand X Capitalism, Soap Box Capitalism, Its OK To Charge Excessive Interest Capitalism, etc. In street talk this is called messing with your head or phony baloney! It is an intentional creation of blather meant to distract and consume the energies of any one who might question the machinations of the pretender gangsters. The always specious arguments, rationalizations to justify immorality, are meant to be torn apart so as to dissipate your energies. And as soon as one new false iteration is exposed as hypocrisy and deception, five, or ten, or twenty more are created. It has become a virtual art form in today's world, especially in the field of 'law', with the exponential creation of  ever more jargonized and lengthy laws, and in the field of now scam voo doo economics, where new bogus financial derivative products and complex scam theories are created daily.

The point here is that many are consumed in the endless exposing of the fraud and hypocrisy in the intentionally created energy dissipating phony baloney diversionary process jargonized blather; just as Marx was consumed by fighting the many then process iterations of the meme of capitalism with its endless array of fraudulent process tentacles. An energy dissipating meme that was intentionally co-opted and recreated with the express purpose of being torn apart, slowly and at great personal cost (or gain depending on their real motives) to those who do the shredding. Marxists, and many other activists, to their detriment, still do this today. They drink the decoy Kool Aid, or, consider that they might be selling the decoy Kool Aid. Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me; fool me endlessly and I am indeed a very deserving and shameful fool.

Forget the diversionary process blather and focus on the money and power flow. You can always be assured with great confidence that when there is excessive money and power flow there is always corruption involved!

The carrot ruse of token wealth...

The Wrong Struggle — It Is
Not The Proletariat vs The Bourgeoisie
His branding was off target... Marx, lived in a culture that was much closer in time to the origins of the based in; fantasy, myth, magic, and religion, evolutionary moral meme of 'we are good', 'they are bad'. That all pervading meme is still with us today and conditions much of our thinking, but it was far stronger then and it contributed greatly to his determining and branding of the antagonists in the struggle as; the bourgeoisie (the bad capitalist) and the proletariat (the good worker) and that struggle was then a class struggle. There is of course an indisputable top level truth to his delineation of the wealthy few haves pitted against the far poorer masses of have not. And there is indeed a struggle going on. But in trying to build solidarity and understanding he branded to the decoy process, the bogus labor versus capital meme, which was the wrong process to begin with. And because he also used the prevailing 'us' and 'them' structure, he pitted the rich owner against the worker.

The problem is that the worker (labor) is not all good, the worker has the capacity to be just as greedy and evil as the wealthy self anointed elite corporate business owner (capital). There are many workers who, when elevated in status and power, readily collaborate with and engage in the deceptions of the rich. In fact the rich use that ploy of elevating one or two workers as a carrot ruse to control and quiet the rest of the workers who believe that if they go along with the game it just may happen to them next. They may become the next Regional Manager or the next CEO — the wealthy intentionally overpaid corporate boss that most of the workers then revere and aspire to become.

Token working class millionaire decoys... The same carrot ruse concept, of selectively limited elevation of overpaid commoners, is also evident in all major social areas of interaction. For example, take a look at sports in today's world. Sports leagues are first scaled up to difficult to reproduce corporate size and games are played in gigantic stadiums thereby limiting competition to the very few with a lot of money. The corporate scaling up process to mega sports size is a study in corruption and is formula for many other industries. Stadiums are built at taxpayers expense, directly, or through overly generous tax concessions. Competitive playgrounds and parks teams, owned by the people as part of their commons, are then de-funded and eliminated through corruption so as to build large sports starved passive audiences. Athletes are then developed in over organized and highly regimented, and now exclusionary, 'Little League' and school and university teams, that play on those now co-opted commons playgrounds. In the process, many of those who do not 'qualify' for the leagues, are excluded. The best athletes then, from working class areas, enter 'professional' sports and are paid outrageous mega business salaries that many then aspire to, believing that they might 'be rich and famous' some day just the same as their working class sports heroes. Little chance of that though, as the vast majority of them have lost their neighborhood playgrounds and sports organizations to the corrupt system, and so they — the excluded — sit around on week ends eating junk food Doritos and drinking mind numbing beer produced by similarly scaled up mega corporations.

As mentioned above the corporate scaling up process to mega size is a study in corruption and is formula 'boilerplate' for many other industries and areas of social life. Hollywood is conceptually the same with its overly pampered movie 'star' actors in a highly controlled mega sized industry where few competitors can break through. The large corporations buy up and control the outlet distribution channels. Actors made successful are drawn from the working class and serve to maintain the rags to riches illusion that anyone can make it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Those allowed through mostly become narcissistic blow hards. Hollywood is in reality a cesspool of wealth adoring and self anointed elite validating bullsh!t.

The mega size lottery is another example of this false hope game put on by the wealthy self anointed elite where a few from the common class are elevated to 'riches' so as to validate the great disparities in wealth. "Gee whiz! It must be OK if it happened to Jimmy down the street and if it could happen to me!", so the shallow thinking goes.

Note also that in the above instances the concept of a very few individuals having excessively large wealth is 'normalized' and given a false 'legitimacy' because some very controlled few of them now come from the lower and middle classes and people relate to their commoner beginnings. Its NOT normal or legitimate, it is the product of corruption. It rewards competition yes, but at the same time it limits and severely controls the rewards of accomplishment to the few over paid sell outs who mostly become self absorbed ego maniacal misfits, leaving the many that are intentionally left out to pick up the tab in societal decay and the false belief that there is something wrong with them as individuals.

Note also that all of these schemes of controlling markets and shutting out competition by creating overly large corporate mega fiefdoms is an unpatriotic breaking of the alliance of the nation state that they exist in. By corruptly buying the government they have in effect created parallel corporate nation states that function to serve 'their citizens' — their stock holders — unequally (more about this later in the section on  alliances).

The take away point here is that even though there is a very small percentage of aberrant, piggish, morally sick, evil people at the top, we all have the potential to be corrupted by their machinations.

More corporate carrot ruses...
And It Is Not The Relation To Production
It is also not the "relation to production"... There are other examples of deception and corruption — also ruses promoted by the wealthy elite — that negate and dispel Marx's notion of the "relation to production" as further defining the worker (working class) vs the rich owner. All value does not come from production. There are now many in the "working class", working in finance, insurance, and real estate, who produce nothing — there simply is NO production of goods. They are employed by the wealthy elite parasites to assist, some knowingly and some not so knowingly, in stripping their friends and neighbors of their hard earned wealth. These *workers* produce enslavement and oppression of others, and in the process they also unwittingly enslave themselves. And then of course there is foreign (military) and domestic (cops) law enforcement, who not only do not produce, they destroy. The only thing they produce is mayhem and pain.

It is ironically comical to see Marxists defending cops because they are 'working class' union members. Talk about specious reasoning. They defend the cops, who are laying the lumber on them at the order of the rich man whenever they protest that very same rich man who controls the cops. Yes! They foolishly defend the cops, who have sold their morality to the same rich man that oppresses them, and rationalize that defense because the cop is "working class". That's not working class — that's sell out class — and dumb to boot!

To further divide the workers and pit them one against the other the wealthy elite at the top also have encouraged and built a structural class of small business entrepreneurs that serve as no overhead, 'just in time' labor and parts producers. These small business entrepreneurs all believe that they too will some day be rich and famous. Alas, this flexible labor force is kept in competitive check by burdening them with excessive regulations created through wealthy elite corporate control of government (more about this later).

Cause and effect...
What is most important in relation to production is the alliances involved that determine those relations to production — the causative alliances that control that relation to production — what  gets produced and what gets acquired to produce them; and the deceptions in those alliances.

Which gets us back to the real struggle then — it is a moral struggle — in all of the preceding it is not the worker to boss or the 'relation to production' that is important - it is the 'relation to morality' that is important!

It is the relation to morality — the fairness and integrity of the code of conduct of the alliance or the 'rule of law' of the alliance — that determines what gets produced or acquired and who does or does not benefit from that process. Morality first then — strict adherence by all to an agreed upon fair and just code of conduct — will insure an equitable relation to the 'production', the total benefits of the alliance.

Marx's branding good or bad to the bogus labor capital process then was off target... It is why his prediction of the death of capitalism was wrong. Capitalism does not exist, it is a hijacked mask, a decoy for what does exist — deception and corruption. In order to hit the target you have to brand to the target. The struggle between 'labor' and corrupt 'capital' will never be won as long as there are those in the common class who accept and participate in the hierarchy greed meme of the corrupt wealthy rich. And it will never be won as long as there are greedy and wealthy self anointed immoral elite to maintain that hierarchy and entice and corrupt them. We all have the capacity for evil and that is where the real struggle must first take place. In self.

The struggle for human rights...
It Is A Moral Struggle
The real target then is the moral struggle within the individual... The real struggle is in the morality of all of the individuals that allow and support and validate such a lopsided framework of rich and poor to exist. The real struggle is for the limited few talented and creative, who are selectively elevated to riches and thereby used by the wealthy elite parasites as validations of their excessive greed, to realize that they are acting immorally by taking a gluttonous share of resources, earned in a corruptly delineated and controlled market, as their fellow citizens starve homeless on the sidewalks. The real struggle is for each and everyone of us to examine our lives and what we do in relation to morality (especially cops and the troops because they are engaged in a more direct destruction) and only then will we have the understanding to be able to work to eliminate the excesses of the less than one percent morally sick self anointed elite at the top who control the credit purse strings that make all of the various aforementioned schemes of complicity and control possible. Those who in reality control and corrupt the changing of the morality — the rule of law — the moral code of conduct — that allows the vast differences of wealth to exist. We have been intentionally sold — and many of us have bought into — the immoral 'Greed and Evil are Good' meme.

The aberrant wealthy self anointed elite few are far more responsible than the many... To see that greater moral struggle we have to first recognize that it exists in all of us. We  have to first see that it is a struggle in self. The real struggle then is based in a struggle for self consciousness that first recognizes our cannibalistic reality so that we may rise above it and reclaim our past now stained good morality and build a new and better morality. We must not get caught up in the deflective decoy process iterations. We must instead, if we are to have a better and more fair and just world, look at and examine our very own existence, our own responsibility and our own complicity in a rational and scientific fashion. From that perspective we will be better able to cleanse ourselves of those who are most responsible for creating those conditions of interdependent complicity that favors the few at the top at the expense of the rest of us! Only then can we evolve a more fair and just human morality. It is not about labor producing economic value, it is about our individual perceptions producing moral value that better serves all human organisms. The measure is not price, quantities, and markets; the measure is the comfort, the happiness, and the fulfillment of potential of both the individual and the aggregate society.

It is that moral struggle that Deceptionology is all about; the struggle to recognize the true cannibalistic self in all of us and to modify and rise above it through creating a better morality to make a healthier, more harmonious, and sustainable society that allows all members of that society to achieve their highest individual potential.

And so I say ...

"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of deception pitted against perception."

Deception, perception, and free will... In summary thus far... all of life is politics — it is needs based (perceived or real needs) — and it is a twenty four seven process that is all inclusive of absolutely everything you choose to do. True self consciousness recognizes our cannibalistic nature and realizes that the only way to rise above that cannibalistic nature — if one truly wants to do so — is to accept it. You are what you have been through, but know and the future are up to you. And you can control that now and that future by exercising your free will within your sphere of influence.

It is the free will that controls perception and deception. Perception and deception are the two core forces that control the evolution of all organisms and the transfer of their life sustaining matter and energy as they go about getting their needs met.

This will be covered in the  next section on perception and deception ...



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