"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...

3. Perception And Deception
The two core forces that control the evolution of all organisms...

All of life is about transferring energy and matter...
Just as all of life is politics — all of life is also about  transferring matter and energy to sustain that life. Perception and deception are the two core forces that control the evolution of all organisms and the transfer of their life sustaining matter and energy as they go about getting their needs met.

[NOTE: Mattergy. Energy can not exist without matter. What exists is matter in spatio-temporal potential energy and kinetic energy relationships. In Deceptionology the term mattergy is used to express specific units of, and the sum combination of, energy and matter in these spatio-temporal potential energy and kinetic energy relationships. This will be explained more fully in the section on Spheres of Influence.]

The Perceptive Force — the internal force... Perception is the power of an organism to constantly and simultaneously assess its internal and external status in the grand scheme of things and devise deceptive coping strategies to get its needs met (perceived or real) so as to continue its existence. Perception is a dynamic cerebral force whose power is dependent on a variety of factors; the evolutionary past of the organism (which varies by species and within species), the sphere of influence the organism exists in, the cerebral ability and knowledge base of the organism, past accomplishments of the organism, the range and power of the organisms sensing mechanisms, the age of the organism, the size of the organism, the gender of the organism, etc.

The perceptive force of an organism interacts in real time with its motor forces to simultaneously control its internal functions — the processing of the spoils of past deceptions through a sort, utilize, save, and discard process — and at the same time to consider and create new deceptions that will be deployed externally (in a similar, but task modified, sort and acquire process) to insure that future needs will be met. The perceptive force, depending on the complexity of the organism, can range from the simple, as in single cell organisms, to the very complex, as in humans, where there is complex control interaction of many; mechano, electro, chemo, bio, etc., sensory and motor transformational physical forces. These more complex multi-cell animals always contain interdependent networks that perceive and respond to the internal and external environment; closed feedback loops, light sensitive cells, gene triggers, cascade control genes, etc. These networks are all examples of an endless array of sensory perception mechanisms that 'choose', through a variety of convergence schemes, to process the spoils of past deceptions internally, and, to deploy the organism's deceptions to acquire more mattergy from the external sphere of influence to sustain life.

The Deceptive Force — the externalized force... Where the organism, as a result of its perceptive considerations, takes physical action through its motor forces and interacts externally with its sphere of influence to get its needs met and thereby sustain life, the *base force is considered to be a deceptive force. The base force is considered to be a deceptive force because, first, all organisms base forces are cannibalistic by nature, and second, no other organism gives up its life force 'willingly'. It must be deceived into doing so. Those that do give up their life force willingly are the victims of other organisms deceptions or self mis perceptions and ultimately do not last in the arena of evolution.

Like perception, the deceptive force of an organism is also dependent on the same range of factors noted above; the evolutionary past of the organism (which varies by species and within species), the sphere of influence the organism exists in, the cerebral ability and knowledge base of the organism, past accomplishments of the organism, the range and power of the organisms sensing mechanisms, the age of the organism, the size of the organism, the gender of the organism, etc.

* The formation of alliances and morality of organisms are modifying forces — of the base, dog eat dog, cannibalistic forces of organism's — that have been created and developed along the evolutionary trail. This is discussed further in the "Acceptance Of The Premise — "God Us And Them" section below.

I think, therefore I need...

Needs — Real Or Perceived
Needs — real or perceived — an important distinction... In Deceptionology there is an important distinction to be made in an organisms needs that are real — needs absolutely essential for survival — as opposed to needs that are perceived; needs thought to be necessary by the organism but in reality may or may not be necessary for survival. The relevance of this is that the unnecessary perceived needs in an organism (A) can be caused by the intentionally created deceptions of another organism (B) and are meant to deceive so as to exploit that organism (A). Consider; maybe you don't need to buy a new car every year, maybe you don't need to fight and die in a war, maybe you don't need a new pocket book, maybe you don't need ________... fill in the blank. I think you get the idea. You can want something but you may not need something, and often the desire that you have is created by another to intentionally decieve you.

Your perception is YOUR reality... The reason that this is so important is that perceived needs, needs that may not be really necessary for your survival, can form the basis of shaping your behavior possibly to your detriment. Propaganda (persuasively creating a motivational perception in another), is commonly used by one organism to motivate the behavior of another organism. Persuasive forces can be very strong or very subtle. Screaming threateningly in one's face to motivate the behavior in another of fear and withdrawal is a very strong form of persuasion. It most definitely affects your perception. More subtle, but still persuasive, would be showing you a cup of steaming coffee on TV. The point is that it is ultimately meant to shape your behavior, behavior that may, or may not, be good for you.

Consider; if someone persuades you that another person is an enemy, and that you should put on a uniform and go and fight and kill that enemy, then you should also consider how those who convince you to do so benefit. Do they sell the uniforms, weapons, and other military supplies, that you will, or might use, and that they will profit from? Also consider that if those supplies are not used those who make them will have no profit. That is a strong incentive to instigate a war.

The reality of ignorance — past perception permeates present perception... Back when the earth was flat... What's that you say? The earth was never flat. But it was. It was very flat in the minds of those who lived in the times of that belief system; so much so that many were actually concerned about falling off of the edges of the earth. It was their reality of ignorance and it was a considerable force in forming and shaping their societies and how they went about their daily lives. There are two very important things to note here.

1. The belief system was firmly ingrained and accepted by most all. If you were living in that 'flat earth' period of human evolution you would accept the notion as normal and you would laugh at and scorn someone who might suggest to you that the earth was round. You might even call them stupid.

That false perception of a flat earth not did not disappear over night! It took a very long time before most people realized that the earth is round, and you might even still find pockets of flat earth believers even today in remote aboriginal tribes. In all of that readjustment time those who first possessed the new knowledge of the earth being round generally had a vast advantage over those who were still engaging in flat earth thinking.

The importance of this 'flat earth' discussion at this time, is to get fresh in your mind the notion to be more skeptical as you read ahead, and also to show that if someone can keep you ignorant (engaged in 'flat earth' thinking), they will have a strong advantage over you. There are many false 'flat earth' beliefs that exist in our world today. Many, as you will see, are intentionally created to deceive you so as to divide you and rule over you. Be more skeptical and keep your powers of perception in the forefront of your thinking as you read ahead.

We believe and internalize that
we are not deceptive when in reality we are.
Acceptance Of The
Premise — God, Us, And Them

Difficulty in accepting the perception deception forces premise... Accepting the Deceptionology premise of a human perceptive force and a deceptive force is difficult for many as they hold a variety of preformed contrary moralistic viewpoints — predominantly religious based and generally altruistic towards themselves — as to what motivates their own personal behavior and the behavior of other organisms. Most people have no problem accepting the fact that they are perceptive, that's a 'good' thing. It is the deceptive label that they bridle against and will not accept, because that's a 'bad' thing. This is interesting, because it is the concept of good and bad, the human organisms morality, that is at the root of this reluctance to accept reality in a 'rational' fashion. They have trained their minds to believe that their deceptions are righteous 'goodness'.

The subject of the evolutionary formation of morality, based in fantasy, myth, magic, and religion, is discussed in depth in the section on alliances. But morality formation will be explained briefly here for context and clarity of why the deceptive force is rational and should be accepted, and why many, steeped in past beliefs, believe the deceptive force does not exist in themselves.

The origin of the 'God', 'us' and 'them' structure... First moralities (codes of conduct) stemmed from myth, magic, and fantasy, and ultimately blossomed into formalized religions. Their purpose was to explain our existence, our conflicting kill or be killed cannibalistic nature, and at the same time to promote essential group solidarity. This was accomplished by creating a 'God' and an 'us' and 'them' morality structure. This structure served to rationalize and validate our very being (by creating a God creator), define and maintain group adhesion (us), and delineate our target for killing (them).

In very broad religious parlance the God, us, and them, morality structure was first achieved by creating the concepts of 'good' and 'evil'. We are born into a conflicting paradoxical situation where we must kill and enslave other organisms to survive, and so that forced, or obligatory for survival, need to kill and enslave others was explained and labeled (in differing but similar religious metaphors and allegories depending on the religion and culture), as; our original sin, our innate corruption, our disobedience, eating the apple, fall from grace, sin of Adam, sinfulness, wickedness, etc. It represented the 'evil' side, or the bad component (the Devil), of the good and evil conflicting situation within us that we are born into and that we must overcome.

God, the validating rationalization and the referee... But this recognition of the conflict, and creating a good and evil structure to explain it, needed a referee to validate and 'determine' just precisely who was good and who was evil, and who would get targeted for exploitation or elimination — to justify and rationalize the targeting decision. And so, in tandem with creating the concepts of 'good' and 'evil', the validating and rationalizing mystical and magical 'God' (who was all good and all knowing), was also created to make the decisions. This decision making transference to a mystical and magical fantasy decision maker good force most always also included a mystical and magical Devil force to represent and explain the evil component. The conflict was thus externalized as a deception. Notice that this is in effect one of the very first highly organized group plausible deniability or scapegoat schemes where the original decision maker deceptively transfers responsibility to another — in this case to a God and a Devil. God and the Devil are deceptions then, created and used to define, legitimize, and validate, the existence of the killer, and at the same time, rationalize and absolve the killer (us) and also concurrently, define and rationalize by demonizing, those to be killed (them).

The structure in essence then becomes a; 'we are good' (doing God's work), 'they are bad' (Devil), structure created to rationalize and explain the internal conflict within us and resolve the external conflict of killing another.
With that basic formative structure as a code of conduct guide there are then many sub code (sub myth) variations created to deal with and explain away any cannibalistic behavior. God wants this... God wants that... Its OK to charge those guys interest, but you can't charge our guys interest... etc.

This basic 'God' and the 'us' and 'them' structure of those early religious alliances, and many variations of it, is still with us today and colors a lot of our thought processes about all of life today. Because it has masked the deception in us by labeling our deceptions, our killing and exploitations, as God like and good, we believe and internalize that we are not inherently dog eat dog deceptive when in reality we are.

You can not have it both ways here. We are either cannibals or we are not. Combining forces to kill and oppress others by being nice to each other does not make us any less cannibalistic, it just makes us bigger and stronger cannibals. This is not to 'judge' past morality here — I think morality is a good thing that needs further improvement as you will see in the section on Fairism — rather it is to point out the reality of our human nature and the mechanics of the evolution of the development of morality in conjunction with the evolution of the development of intellect in order to understand our reality and what we are dealing with.

Most important — this basic structure repeats over, and over, and over again, in all of human social interaction... This basic formative, 'God', 'us' and 'them', structure is unique to humans and forms the basis of all of our human alliances, as such it is a very useful analogue structure and it also serves to 'prove' the deceptive nature of all alliances.

In all human alliances there is always a deceptive, validating, legitimizing, rationalizing, formative force. It is the analogue of the God force that creates and empowers the very first religious alliances just discussed. That force then defines the favored us group and the target of the alliances deceptive action, the them group.

Our Constitution (the God analogue) rationalizes the existence of our nation and delineates the us group, as citizens for favored status, and the them group, people in other nations and not, as targets for less favored status. Similarly; a corporation rationalizes the existence of its alliance structure in its mission statement (the God analogue) and delineates its corporate members as us for favored treatment, and all those outside of the corporate alliance as them, the target of corporate profit extraction in whatever sector the corporation operates in. And as another more familiar example; a marriage alliance. The wedding vows are the God analogue that form and define the alliance of two, the newly weds then become the us group, and everyone else becomes the them group, the target of their deceptions. It becomes a, "Me and you against the world babe!" alliance.

This basic structure, is all pervasive and manifests over and over again in all of human social alliances. When an individual acts as a single entity, the individuals perception alone becomes the God analogue that creates a me and them dynamic. The individual then self determines the target of his or her deceptions.

The creation of the God force when externalized, as any alliance then, be it a religion or otherwise, is in reality a human deception created and externalized to get the needs met (perceived or real) of an individual or a group. Does this mean that I am an atheist that does not believe in God? No! Emphatically not! I believe that there is definitely an Overforcebut that Overforce is a paradoxical force that constrains us to taking and exploiting the life force of others in order to sustain our own lives but at the same time allows us the free will choice to regulate the process. We do that through creating moralities.

What is also very important to recognize here for now is that in all cases of alliance formation the stated group morality is a function of the viewpoints and behaviors of those who control the group or alliance, be it religious or otherwise, and, as a result of our individual life's experiences in those many different alliances, we are all on different places of the evolutionary trail (unwinding from 'flat earth' thinking), with much of our thinking colored by past events on that evolutionary trail.

There is no such thing as self deception, there is only self misperception... Self deception is probably the most incorrectly cited reason used today to explain away and excuse the irrational viewpoints and intentionally devious behaviors that countless millions of us use to avoid responsibility for our actions. There is no such thing as self deception — there is only self misperception — that is, accepting the deceptions of others, past or present, as your reality, or, confusing and mis-perceiving reality.

Self misperception is not to be confused with denial. Denial is also another misapplication ruse; denial is the process of declaring something untrue, to assert that it is false in one's mind. It is in reality one's perception. But it is intentionally used inappropriately as a cover by those who intentionally ignore one's perception (for a variety of devious reasons so as to get needs met) which in effect is a deceptive behavior. Think 'looking the other way' here. Denial would be better called; refusal, feigned stupidity or knowing complicity. Many Americans, because they have  foolishly bought into the current "greed and evil are good" meme, and its attendant dismantling of past morality, now, in order to maintain their crumb supply and assuage guilt, practice refusal and feigned ignorance on a daily basis. They perceive clearly what is going on but refuse to acknowledge events. You can't be prosecuted for being stupid. So they mask their complicity behind 'denial', which is really knowing complicity. Knowing complicity is expressed in the saying; "Don't blame me! I voted!" The same saying can express ignorance of the scam voting process.

This has caused the past hard won, and hard fought for, morality of prior generations to be eroded as Americans now increasingly refuse to see, and thereby condone by their silence and allow and become complicit in; torture, shock and awe, homelessness of their fellow citizens and soldiers, corruption of their money supply, drone bombings, blatant government corruption, etc. Unless they change their viewpoints and behaviors they will ultimately pay a severe and painful price for this as power and control consolidate upwards and they wake up to how they have been deceived with the 'greed and evil are good' meme.

Atop the church there is a steeple,
Both constructed by the people,
Like the church upon the sod,
Those same people constructed God...
Moral Judgments Are Human Constructs
Evilism, altruism and skepticism — practical guidance — everyone ALWAYS acts in their own self interest...
If you truly want a more rational approach to correctly perceiving reality, and you want to reclaim your power, you should consider accepting the two core forces of evolution as being the perceptive and the deceptive forces as presented in the Deceptionology thesis here. One of the main thrusts of the Deceptionology thesis is to make us all far more skeptical than we presently are. You should also realize that all morality stems from those two core forces; perception and deception.

Xtrēvilism and Evilism... The fact that we are all far too trusting is one of the major reasons that our global society is in the predicament that it is in right now. It is why we are all controlled by the less than one percent of evil individuals amongst us. This is not to say that we all do not possess the capacity for evil. We all do. Evil is a moral judgment. The moral judgment that I am making in this thesis is that when a small group at the top acts more in its self interest — and piggishly misdirects the use of, and controls the bulk of, the earth's resources that belong to us all, and by so doing causes the deaths and hardships of those so denied — then that is evil. It is a moral disease, a sickness of the mind.

Further; it is again my moral judgment that those who willingly and knowingly aid and abet them in their evil elite and piggish cause, those who have adopted and practice their guileful 'greed and evil are good' meme, and those who 'look the other way', take on their evilism to the degree of their awareness and their support. As you well know, those elite few at the top feel differently about it, as do many of their enablers, and they have their own rationalizations for why you should believe that they are not evil — and why they deserve more than a fair share of everything.

The point here is that you get to make your own moral judgments in life and that they are a function of your perceptions. You get to decide, within your sphere of influence, how the pie of life is divided and whether or not there should be a self anointed elite at the top taking a far larger share or maybe there should be a more fair and just system.

The differences between Xtrēvilism and Evilism will be discussed and explained more fully further on in the thesis.

Altruism... love, honor, patriotism, etc., are all moral constructs of humans created to build and maintain alliances. This is not to find fault with these constructs, or the morality that is so created, rather it is to point out that they are, because they are human creations, inherently deceptive and their true purpose is to extend the reach of cannibalistic powers. When we form any alliance we in essence combine our cannibalistic natures (it is the "us", as explained above) and direct that greater force to other organisms (to the "them", as explained above) and mattergy outside of the alliance. Keep in mind as mentioned above; the force is considered to be a deceptive force because — first; we are all cannibals, and second; no other organism gives up its life force 'willingly'. It must be deceived into doing so. Those that do give up their life force willingly are the victims of other organisms deceptions or self misperceptions and ultimately do not last in the arena of evolution. This is discussed more fully in the section on Alliances.

Skepticism... You must make your own perceptions based on what you see as happening, not on what others say is happening or what will happen. Media today, in its totality, is a powerful co-opted force used for communicating formative viewpoints that shape behavior in real time. Its power relies on creating memes, sound bites, and talking points, that are all based in jargonized baloney and formerly good words that have been co-opted and re-purposed to suit the needs of the evilism one percent who own and control that media. This will be discussed more fully in Section 6, " Your Environment Is Your DNA". Always ask yourself what is being left out? What is fair? Who really benefits?

On this web site creating a fairer morality to accept and control that conflicting kill or be killed core dynamic of human nature is what I express as 'rising above our cannibalistic nature'. It is why this web site exists.

To understand and gain insight from the study of Deceptionology this premise of a deceptive and perceptive force should be accepted or assumed.

Consider also the consequences of non acceptance of the premise; that even though you may not recognize or be interested in the cannibalistic nature in humanity, the cannibalistic nature in humanity recognizes and is interested in you.

Perception and deception — important parallels... Perception and deception have important parallel and similar expressions in language that are worth noting for a clearer understanding of our present culture and making a quick real world assessment of a situation. Perception roughly translates to the viewpoint, it is the decision maker, where deception roughly translates to the behavior, it takes the action as decided by perception. The organism controls his or her own viewpoint and behavior subject to the viewpoints and behavior of all other organisms in one's environment or sphere of influence. One is always internally self motivated then by other organisms and exo-forces. [I know, many of you think you are totally in charge of your lives and not coming in out of the rain makes you an individualist, Horatio Alger type hero, but I assure you, you are not. Read on!]

Perception — Deception
Viewpoint — Behavior
Potential — Kinetic
Passive — Active
Thought — Action
Yin — Yang

Polar opposite forces that combine to form a whole... Deception and perception function as polar opposite complementary transformational forces within the organism that are reflective of the mystery of life itself. They are also complementary forces that when combined form a recognizable whole. Deception and perception also mutually transform external to the organism where they are in dynamic in time equilibrium within inter coupled multidimensional spatio-temporal spheres of influence with all other organisms and mattergy in the flux of the universe. This transfer of mattergy respects the conservation of energy law, classic physics laws, and quantum mechanics laws which are themselves all concepts that have been created by the organisms themselves. This will be discussed in greater detail in the section; "Spheres of Influence".

Changes are made either gradually over time or in an explosive instant depending on what has been perceived and what the deception is that is being deployed. From the division of simple cell organisms to the control of the lives of all complex organisms these two forces are always present to regulate their behavior and determine their fate. It is interesting to note that the formation and collapse of galaxies mimic the rates of change in human organisms — they are made either gradually over time or in an explosive instant.

The next section — DETODs (Deceptive Externalized Tools of Dominance)... As stated above, where the organism, as a result of its perceptive considerations, takes physical action through its motor forces and interacts externally within its sphere of influence to get its needs met and thereby sustain life, the force is considered to be a deceptive force. The deceptive physical action taken by an organism varies in sophistication and complexity and it is dependent on the evolutionary development and dominance of the organism. Humans, and more advanced organisms, owe their higher placement on the evolutionary scale to their amazing ability to 'externalize' their deceptions. Externalizations will be discussed in the next section. Externalizations and their import are a unique and under recognized capability of higher level organisms, especially human organisms ...



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