"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...         

5. Evolutionary Milestones
DETODs — an evolutionary explosion of shared 'externalized' DNA...

Some evolutionary DETODs of importance... As previously mentioned, the amazing ability to externalize cerebral and motor skills — to create DETODs (Deceptive Externalized Tools Of Dominance) — is responsible for the human organisms present dominant position on planet earth.

This section will briefly review the formation of some major evolutionary milestones in the formation of DETODs as a preface to examining the societal implications of DETODs in general in the next section, and to give context to and reveal their little noticed role in functioning as human organism DNA externalized and shared.

First DETODs — language...
First and foremost is language. Depending on who you cite as a source there are about 3000 to 8000 distinct languages in the world. About 60% of the world's population speak one of the top ten languages; Mandarin (Chinese), English, Spanish, Hindi / Urdu, Russian, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese, Malay -Indonesian, and French. Computer translators are available for all of the top ten and more.

And again, depending on who you use as an authority, when languages were first spoken by groups of humans is also a matter of conjecture. It is generally pegged around 100,000 thousand years ago for formalized languages and prior to that rudimentary language would have been necessary to produce the formalized stone tools of a million plus years ago. There does seem to be some agreement that the first written languages, which are comparatively not as old and in fact are of very recent origin, appeared around 3200 BC in Egypt.

It is my own belief, based on the fact that writing is simply symbol manipulation and that a picture truly is worth a thousand words, that the first 'written' language of note was created in the cave drawings of the late paleolithic period, Lascaux, Cosquer, Gargas, etc., 10,000 to 35,000 years ago. There may even be as yet undiscovered earlier examples, but what is important is that these remarkable drawings are of relatively recent origin in the time frame of the evolution of humans on the planet, and, they were DETODs used to facilitate the hunting of big game. They were used to transfer perceptive observations from one human in the group to another about the appearance, habits, and actions, of the hunted animals, so as to develop ever new kill and capture strategies. There is no doubt these drawings served other peripheral purposes; to express and discuss matters of existence, build group solidarity, etc., but the end result was that the group's deceptive force was in the aggregate more powerful and successful than any one individual.

The creators creations now
more rapidly form and shape their creator...

The DNA Function Of The Organism Is
Now 'Externalized' And Shared In Real Time

The evolutionary explosion of shared 'externalized' DNA... There are some very significant things of note in the evolutionary development of language DETODs, they are listed below. The first two are generally known but bear repeating, the third is astounding in my mind, gets little attention, pertains to all DETODs, and, when considered in context explains many facets of the greatly accelerated present day societal evolution.

1. Written language DETODs are a relatively recent phenomenon in the history of the planet.

2. Language DETODs are alliance forming devices that create effectively larger and more powerful organisms.

3. Written language, beginning with picture symbols, represents a greatly accelerated externalized culture shaping phenomenon formerly reserved more for genetic mutation and 'natural' selection. It is one of the first externalizations of human DNA function where the intentionally created environment, the DETODs, will now far more rapidly take on the function of DNA and begin to form and shape the individuals behavior and viewpoints in real time, and, they begin to form and shape the culture in real time. The creators creations now more rapidly form and shape their creator.

The external environment has always played a role in shaping the evolutionary groupings of human organisms and all other organisms. And, prior to language DETODs, humans did shape their environment rather inadvertently by forming trails, sleeping in the same place, building simple shelters, fashioning crude tools, etc. And that 'natural' environment did contribute to the development of their internally wired DNA. But here we now see a very pronounced, a very deliberate and recognizable intentional externalization of the perceptive abilities of human organisms to deceptively cannibalize and become dominant over other organisms that creates the environment, the DETODs, that now shape and form its creator. This very pronounced, very deliberate, and very rapid creation of DETODs, is a significant explosion like leap in the evolution of human organisms.

Where in the past the comparatively snail's pace genetic mutation and 'natural' selection over extended periods of time played a more or less equal role, now, with the advent of DETODs, the environment created by the organism begins its functional role as the dominant shaping and forming force in the organisms evolution. It becomes the DNA function of the organism 'externalized', and shared in real time, and it greatly speeds up the process of evolution!
As a point of interest and a testimony to the accelerated speed of evolution, consider that currently Google Translate, a DETOD, is instantaneously translating 52 languages. Admittedly there is a lot left to be desired in many of  the translations and some of the humanness — tone, wordplay, idiom, etc. — gets lost in the process. It reminds me of when plastics first came out, all promise and little delivery as first plastic products were cheaply made and cracked and broke easily. But look at plastics now. They are amazing in their look, feel and durability. It is only a short matter of time before these language barriers will be gone as translation programs improve and become more adept. AGAIN, most important to note here is the greatly accelerated speed of evolutionary change caused by the intentional leaping explosion of DNA shaping and forming function that now moves to the DETODs as opposed to the far slower past process of genetic mutation and 'natural' selection.

DETODs beget DETODs...
The Formation Of Morality
Religion And The Rule Of Law

Religious DETODs... Because the cherry of life comes with a pit of death — that must ultimately also be swallowed — there has always been a need to give meaning to this mysterious process that we call life. One would be very hard pressed to invent a more sinister yet at the same time more wonderful process. The joy in birth, and sorrow in death, is probably one of the most popular themes in all of the arts, I know, I have mused about it often as I am sure many of you have.

But it is that desire to know about and explain the mystery of life that is at the heart of most all religions. As language became more expressive and larger social groupings were formed the mystery of death became more prominent as an individual and group concern. Stronger and more assertive individuals within the groups who could provide comforting or believable, myths, stories, or explanations in any form to explain existence and fill the need to know were elevated in group status. The perceived need was a need to know an unknowable and the deception was someone else's creative speculative myth making. Anything was fair game for the myth makers and they transformed wind, rain, fire, the moon, the sun, the center of the earth, and the formations of stars into gods, heavens and hells. The myth makers are still at work today.

Most all religions are initially created in the spirit of honest truth seeking and wonder about the mystery of life. They help the human organism cope (fulfill a coping need), with the mental demons created by the uncertainty of existence and the mystery of death that they all must sooner or later ultimately face. Many of these religious belief systems, in determining what the heavenly pie consisted of and what code of conduct — what morality — it took to gain access to that heavenly pie, also combined the earthly social realm and how one must behave on earth in the same code of conduct. It was this duality that created problems in the DETOD of religion as many did not like to be told how to behave on the basis of what they themselves might perceive as a fantasy belief system. 

Religion is an important milestone because it is one of the first good examples of a pronounced and formalized use of a DETOD to control and strengthen the group behavior internally — to create an operative morality — as opposed to using DETODs to prey on other organisms outside the group. It also gave cause for organized dissent and intentional alliance breaking from within the group. This internal control mechanism gave birth to the more secular rule of law and ultimately the many iterations of jargonized control of the means to communicate within groups in all disciplines so as to disseminate culture shaping forces, i.e., mass propaganda and deceptive bulls••t in; law, economics, etc. Religion is also an important milestone DETOD because it colors and flavors all subsequent communication based (media) DETODs with very strong religious undertones.

Validity of religion aside, one can easily see that this is a belief system that is very ripe for hanky panky.  One can also see the need of alliance forming dissent to transition to the more 'democratically' controlled secular rule of law. A leader of a theocracy, like the pope, that claims a direct relationship with God, is very difficult to reason with. And so we see religion fading as its legitimacy is questioned and the rule of law now comes center stage accompanied by agnostic intellectualism.

Rule of Law...
As more and more DETODs were produced, more and greater alliances were formed around them. As these different alliances grew in number and size, internal cannibalization became a problem, and the DETOD of religion, not accepted by all, slowly began to be replaced by differing codes of conduct that ultimately developed into the more secular rule of law, many of which still carry religious undertones and references. The importance of all of these codes, regardless of religious influence in their formation, is that they are formalized codes of conduct — formalized morality constructs — that control and limit behaviors. They are an extension of and progression of language, and like language they are externalizations of human DNA function where the intentionally created environment, the DETOD of the rule of law (the code of conduct), will now more rapidly begin to shape the individual's behavior and the culture in real time. The environment that the human organism creator creates, now begins, in ever more pronounced fashion, to form, shape, and control its creator.

Gene drift — see them drifting along...
Your Environment
Functions As Your DNA In Real Time.

Evolution — your environment is your DNA... In the long history of evolution on planet earth DETODs are a very recent and significant arrival. They are a tremendously powerful force that now take on and accelerate the past role of the genetic code and 'natural' selection process as they more and more shape and form the environment that shapes and forms the individuals and the culture that creates them. DETODs are in their essence the individual gene pairs of the human fledgling aggregate genome that is now being externalized.

There has been a long running disagreement in the study of human evolution as to which is the more controlling factor in the evolution of humans, the environment or the hard wired genetic code and 'natural' selection. The answer is that it depends on how far advanced the particular human culture is in creating DETODs. The more DETODs that a culture produces the more it is controlled by those DETODs as they become the dominant environment. As we shall see in the next section, your environment functions as your DNA in real time.



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