"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
          A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...

6. Your Environment Is Your DNA ...
The ubiqutous DETODs — externalized and shared DNA — now begin to control you...

It does not take a brain surgeon to see where this is all going... The major DETODs (Deceptive Externalized Tools Of Dominance) previously discussed; language, religion, and the rule of law, all share a very common purpose. They serve to evolve you into what you are. Just as the hard wired DNA in your body serves as a plan to form you, shape you, and control your development, so too does your environment, now composed of millions of DETODS, also serve functionally as externalized shared DNA to shape you, form you, and control your development in real time.

Bye bye 'natural' selection... This facet of the power of DETODS is significantly under recognized and is far more important to the development of culture, the individuals within it, and their future, than most would realize. Yes, natural selection still contributes to evolution and shaping the culture, but the cultural environment, now comprised of ever more and ever growing DETODS, has gained a dominant mass of its own and plays a far greater role in the process. This externalized mass of DETODs is gaining exponentially in its power as each day goes by, to shape you, form you, and mold you in real time. It is this power to shape, form, and mold human organisms, in real time through this externally shared DNA function, that explains the accelerated pace of life and evolution.

In the past, the comparatively snail's pace genetic mutation and 'natural' selection over extended periods of time played a more or less equal role, primarily because the environmental shaping factor changed so slowly and the hard wired DNA genetic plan, with its random mutations, would keep pace over generations. Now, with the advent of DETODs, the rapidly changing environment is the dominant shaping and forming factor replacing the genetic mutation of hard wired DNA, it functions as externalized and shared DNA. In effect it functions as a massive externalized genetic drift that causes many behaviors to disappear and new behaviors to be formed, in real time; by chance and/or intentionally depending on the source of the DETOD. This functional aspect of DETODs now plays a significant role in determining whether a given individual survives and reproduces.

DETODs are, in their functional essence, the individual gene pairs of the human fledgling aggregate genome that is now being externalized, and they are responsible for shaping and forming that next iteration of humanity, i.e., the Onotron! [Discussed in section eight "The Onotron". But don't jump ahead just yet.]

DNA — the analogy to DETODs... The parallels here are very difficult to ignore. How do we liken our genes in our DNA to a singular DETOD or an array of DETODs? We do so by looking at the process function of each. This is a functional analogue. Recall this from the section on "Perception and Deception";

The perceptive force, depending on the complexity of the organism, can range from the simple, as in single cell organisms, to the very complex, as in humans, where there is complex control interaction of many; mechano, electro, chemo, bio, etc., sensory and motor transformational physical forces. These more complex multi-cell animals always contain interdependent networks that perceive and respond to the internal and external environment; closed feedback loops, light sensitive cells, gene triggers, cascade control genes, etc. These networks are all examples of an endless array of sensory perception mechanisms that 'choose', through a variety of convergence schemes, to process the spoils of past deceptions internally, and, to deploy the organism's deceptions to acquire more mattergy from the external sphere of influence to sustain life.

Regulatory sequences of genes are the analogue of perception, and gene expression is the analogue of deception, the genetic DETOD deployed (expressed). Remember this is all about getting needs met through a cannibalization process. The same base core process forces of perception and deception are embodied in the workings of each human forming and shaping gene just as they are embodied in the workings of each and every human forming and shaping (and ever improving) DETOD.

Text in italics from Wicki; human genome pie chart from Wicki;

PerceptionA regulatory sequence (also called a regulatory region or a regulatory area) is a segment of DNA where regulatory proteins such as transcription factors bind preferentially. These regulatory proteins bind to short stretches of DNA called regulatory regions, which are appropriately positioned in the genome, usually a short distance 'upstream' of the gene being regulated. By doing so, these regulatory proteins can recruit another protein complex, called the RNA polymerase. In this way, they control gene expression and thus protein biosynthesis.

DeceptionGene expression is the process by which information from a gene is used in the synthesis of a functional gene product. A gene product is the biochemical material, either RNA or protein, resulting from expression of a gene. A measurement of the amount of gene product is sometimes used to infer how active a gene is.

Notice also the 'political' distribution or make up of the human genome, categorized by function of each gene product, given both as number of genes and percentage of all genes. Keep this in mind, and for reference, when considering the 'healthy' human body as analogue for the ideal and most efficient political system. Click on the chart for a larger presentation.

Further linkage — genetic destiny and environmental destiny... Consider that your genetic destiny, how you will be shaped and formed by your genetic make up, is also the analogue of your environmental destiny (though they are in different stages of evolutionary maturation and speed of maturation with the environment now taking on the greater formative and shaping role); how you will be shaped and formed by your environment, an ever increasing in complexity environment of DETODs. Yes, of course, neither shaping and forming force is always conclusive, nor are they always able to be changed. We have just scratched the surface of understanding in both realms. But consider that in the world of DNA it is now possible to select for gender, eye color, or hair color, with many more selections being made possible each day. And, if you can find the disease variant in a gene responsible for a trait that expresses as the disease, it is possible to introduce mechanisms that will negate that expression.

Similarly you can control, or select for, how you will be shaped and formed by your own environment by creating the DETODs that comprise that environment, e.g., a comfortable home in a sustainable environment, or, said another way, creating a nurturing environment. And also similarly you can create the DETODs necessary to eliminate disease expressions that despoil your nurturing environment. The aberrant morally diseased wealthy few who misdirect the healthy growth process of humanity can similarly be negated in their expression by introducing the appropriate remedial mechanisms.

It is important to recognize the interplay here, but especially the leverage inherent in the exponentially gathering strength going to the DETODs.

Red Lining your DNA... Consider also the impact on law. Many people want health insurance to be mandatory by law. Presently healthy people can opt out of buying health insurance and health insurers reduce premium costs by denying coverage for people with various genetic markers. What this amounts to is 'red lining' in genetic neighborhoods by the insurance industry (red lining is a past practice of banks refusing to loan money in poor neighborhoods). Red lining of neighborhoods is of course against the law as it discriminates against the poor.

The real problem with public health is that the public has been intentionally made sick by corruption of the rule of law by corporate super interests. Many unhealthful products should not even be produced; and fear mongering and loss of what little control of government citizens once had has made the public emotionally anxious and amenable to unhealthy binge eating of crap products. Add to that that the insurance companies themselves are a parasitic drag on the entire process and, like many corrupt doctors, are invested in keeping people sick and dependent as cash cows to be forever milked. We all have an interest in the total health of society; we should all work to see that that health is maintained primarily through preventive measures (eliminating the corrupt causative corporations) that would then eliminate the sickness and negate the needs for excessive care. Can we not all see how this contributes to the need for a major reset of the rule of law here? More about that later.

Process language differences... One can split hairs and dispute the euphemistic or analogue language used here and say that; perception does not precisely equate to "a regulatory sequence" or that; deception, creating a DETOD, does not precisely equate to "synthesising a gene product". But the underlying base process in terms of first perceiving and then producing what is decided best by and for the perceiving force is always there in the genetic creation process and the DETOD creation process. And it is always a process to competitively move the organism down the evolutionary trail; at the partial or total life force expense of some other organism.

DETODs move DNA creation to the lab... Consider also that as a result of this rapid externalization of the function of and the sharing of DNA through DETODs direct selection and mutation of DNA is also possible now in the lab. In addition to controlling eye color, gender, etc., it is even possible to build entirely new genetic structures and species. DETODs, now give an evolutionary selective advantage to those who understand and control them. The advantage is to shape and form the culture in real time.

The DETODs now begin to
create themselves exponentionally
The Electronic Migration Effect (EME)...
DETODs — their exponential speed of development — a yottamattergy shift...
If one were to chart the growth of DETODs over time, one of their most salient features would be their exponential development, both in increase in speed of development, and in the increase in the number of total DETODs produced, and the accompanying accelerated change effects this growth has had on human society. That accelerated growth is because the DETODs function as externally shared DNA in real time as just discussed. More importantly, that DNA sharing process, has now facilitated into the DETOD production process — the 'Electronic Migration Effect' — where we now see a hyper-exponential increase of the feedback loops that accelerate the creation and production of the DETODs that allow them to recreate themselves.

The 'Electronic Migration Effect' (EME) facilitates accelerated self DETOD development... In addition to the externalized DNA function as a factor in the accelerated development of DETODs and the overall evolutionary process there is another factor that must be recognized. The evolution of many DETODs themselves are now facilitated by 'electronic migration' into new and different DETODs. Electronic components, because they function at the speed of light, account for much of the more rapid development of DETODs as they are more rapidly incorporated into newer DETODs. Note that this parallels the gene cascading decision process where the regulatory mechanisms control the expression of the genes in real time depending on localized feedback.

As a common example that most can understand; an automobile is more rapidly each day becoming 'smarter' as old electrical and mechanical systems are made more efficient and new features are easily added through the use of computers. Once sophisticated mechanical and electrical design in dashboards, that only a very short while ago took many months to produce and that utilized discrete programmable micro controller components, can now be replaced by having standardizing sensor systems and connectors, both for internal sensing of car performance and external sensing of car position and environment, and using a touchscreen ipad, or two, or three, as the computer controller and display in a plug and play fashion. A variety of plug and play 'designer dashboard' custom graphic display aps can then be produced in mere hours and updated in real time to reflect new control information; weather, GPS, road conditions, engine performance, automatic driver control, total vehicle performance, etc. This informational feedback not only allows the operator to better operate the vehicle but it allows the vehicle to make its own adjustments on the fly and the car producer to modify manufacturing procedures in real time. Vehicles that drive themselves will soon replace humans and the routing feedback that these robot controlled vehicles provide will also replace human planners of roadways and signal devices. This will all come about faster than can be realized because of the EME.

This electronic migration effect, and the increasing sophistication it allows, is evident in millions of components of hundreds of thousands of systems in all disciplines and societal sectors as new aps are being worked on every micro second of every day; cell phones, computers, drones, computers, cameras, medical devices, implantable and attachable chips, etc., can all continually and automatically upload information in real time and download new software upgrades that enhance performance. This amounts to a hyper-exponentiated effect in the man machine convergence where the machine building the machine feed back loops ultimately take over. All of the old 'political' battles over platform and device — blue ray, vcr, cd, flash memory, etc. — will ultimately be determined by the machines themselves. All of the old cost benefit factors in 'conventional' economics are now useless as 'oneness' imposes itself upon us. Where once a large installed base of equipment determined markets for a set time relatively proportional to investment that is no longer true. The electronic migration effect, as it envelops all DETODs, and decreases model life time cycle, will make newer DETODs so much more efficient and attractive that the older DETODs will become worthless before they can be paid for. There are currently thousands of products on the market rendered obsolete, or very soon to be obsolete, by the EME.

Another excellent earlier example of this that many can relate to is the replacement of older very expensive reproduction quality typesetting equipment made obsolete by cheaper desk top computers and 600 dpi laser printers. Few could tell the difference in quality. The replacement of film by digital sensors and displays and printers is another.

NOTE: The aggregate morality of the DETODs of the future, as they more and more create themselves, will be a reflection of the aggregate morality of their creators today (more about this rapid morality shift will be discussed in the section on the Onotron).

A hint of subsumption?
Your Aggregate Brain
It Is Collosal But Is It Yours?

Consider the following process example: Your computer is a DETOD —  your perception is externalized into your computer — your perception is then shared in real time with others — your computer is in functional essence your externalized brain and DNA
being shared in real time; to mold you, shape you, and form you... all DETODs function as externalized and shared DNA but it is more easy to see and understand the process by examining the relationships of humans with their computer DETODs because of the directness of facilitation that is involved. This human computer interaction, in effect, represents a coupling of brains through the internet (or even closed intra-nets or wifi nets) in real time where each computer functions roughly similar to a synaptic junction in the collective human brain working to transfer information and/or arrive at a hierarchal or parallel decision(s). Again; note the mimicking of the human body.

Even when not connected to another computer the computer takes on thinking and memory functions that greatly expand the power of the individual to get needs met and survive. In that process the computer then virtually becomes a part of the brain of the individual that owns the computer. This is why it is so wrong to confiscate computers. It is tantamount to excising a portion of the computer owners brain and creating a virtual Alzheimer's memory loss effect in the individual so mistreated. There is also a huge moral question that has not been properly addressed as to who owns access to that externalized brain power as work product in a work situation, especially in linked thinking.

Consider now that fossil evidence indicates that Homo erectus brain size over two million years ago was roughly 850 cubic centimeters. Human brain size today averages about 1,500 cubic centimeters. It took pre-DETOD evolution then, over two million years to almost double brain size. Brains today contain over 100 billion neurons. It is impossible to know how 'neuron rich' brains were two million years ago but it would seem safe to assume a relatively proportional increase. Compare the brain now withs its almost always present computer appendage and we now have functional brains of billions and billions and billions of neurons in size and they are all connected in real time.

A milestone — passive genetic drift and interactive genetic drift — inertia and the last window of opportunity... It is important to make the distinction between passive and interactive DETODs as they relate to functional genetic drift, and at the same time recognize the accelerated speed and implications of this functional genetic drift as a result of the creation of more recent interactive DETODs.

Consider that only a few short decades back, before computer DETODs so rapidly blossomed, TV, radio, and books, were the main media for this functional externalized shaping, forming and control of humans. Consider further that they were all passive devices that favored content control to their creators — those with the resources to produce them and distribute them. The functional genetic drift was pretty much all one way. Consider also that the wealthy elite few, through corruption and persistence over generational time, had gained control of the bulk of these media and were in control of most content and able to shape and form the culture to their liking. They no longer had to consider the consumers needs as a guide to creating products, they now could shape and create those needs to make the consumers desire any product they chose to produce. They could also value shape the culture, in real time, to whatever suited their needs and desires; they could blow bubbles in the economy at will, they could debt trap people in those bubbles at will, they could instill divisiveness at will, and literally dumb down and divide the people so as to engage them in energy and resource dissipating conflicts and so on. They could so diminish and intentionally poison the global economy that the people, so stripped of their resources and engaged in an intentionally created perpetual conflict, would be unable to resist.

Savior or Satan? Along comes the interactive DETODs — computers and the internet...The people of the world have been given a reprieve from top down oppression and an opportunity to seriously claw back stolen wealth with the appearance of computers and the internet. Their  functional genetic drift is now two way; it is interactive and they have an opportunity to now form, shape, and control, their own destinies, their own culture — themselves. They need to use that opportunity wisely. They have two major problems.

1. The wealthy self anointed elite forces of co-option are hard at work with metering schemes, planted content, trolls, etc., on the internet.

2. The people themselves are stuck in their old thinking and the divisiveness of the new "Greed And Evil Are Good" cultural meme that they have recently been propagandized into and do not see the opportunity for fresh thinking. They conduct their daily lives and thinking by reflecting off of all of the old hijacked media. If ever there was an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past it is now, but it will not happen with out a clean break from the past hijacked media. They must avoid like the plague; the fear mongering and hate mongering escapist TV set out to form, shape and control them. And they must engage in original substantive thought that does not reflect off of the present poisoned media. Shun both and build anew. It is that simple. When you mold and shape each other in a positive way you mold and shape your future in a positive way...

The hint of subsumption mentioned in the introduction to these few paragraphs is of course the fledgling formation and development of the Onotron, and the subsumption of humans into it, but set that aside for now and continue to forge ahead.

So... genetic mutation and 'natural' selection now morphs into DETODs Selection... It is the superior externalization ability, the ability to create DETODs, that more and more defines the human organism and the organisms now rapidly accelerating evolution. The DETODs, made up of mattergy, now allow the organism to control and move greater amounts of mattergy than ever before possible. But this control comes with a price, the more DETODs that human organisms create — the more of them that comprise their environment — the more they are controlled, formed and shaped by them.

Traffic signs, security cameras, identification badges, credit cards, trains, aircraft, buses, GPS phones, computers, clocks, streets, street addresses, iris eye scanning technologies, buildings, TVs, movies, face recognition software, surveillance drones, computerized cop cars outfitted with cameras and license plate reading software, search engines, etc, all of the human organism created objects in your sphere of influence are all DETODS that virtually control, shape, and determine, your every movement. Keep in mind that evolution is all about shaping the viewpoints and behaviors (perception and deceptions) of the participating organisms. Consider that remarkably most all of the DETODs in the preceding list have been created in just the past one hundred years!!!

The needs of the DETODs...
DETOD Clustering
Determines Social Groupings

DETODs determine social groupings, intelligence and wealth... There is some validity to the old adages that 'everyone likes to be associated with a winner' and that 'birds of a feather flock together'. The same can be said for DETODs. It is for these reasons that all organisms social groupings organize themselves around their most successful and effective DETODs. From campfires to internet, the ever increasing DETODs that now more and more each day comprise the environment, are responsible for determining the forms of social alliances, their sub set formations, and the intelligence and wealth that evolve from them.

Just as first language, early cave drawings, and other fledgling DETODS gave birth to and determined the social groupings that were more powerful and successful in their time, so also does access and control of today's DETODs give birth to and determine the success of social groupings in today's world. It is important to notice how this flow of DETODs, and their 'flocking together' to create environmentally DETOD rich 'hot spots', facilitates the increase of the aggregate intelligence over time (this clustering phenomenon, along with the genetic drift as discussed above, and the Electronic Migration Effect , explains the Flynn effect - the effect refers to the widespread increase in IQ scores over time) and the subsequent clustering of wealth, intelligence, skill sets, etc. For example; all of the DETODs at the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland increase the knowledge and skill sets of those individuals with like interests who choose to be associated with it. Similarly, Wall Street is a DETOD rich 'hot spot' for those individuals that desire to further their financial knowledge.

Note that DETODs also attract and select for individual behavioral desires and traits. Those drawn to the Hadron Collider DETODs are attracted by love of science and the furthering of science and are very inquisitive about the inner workings of the world around us. They possess different characteristics than those drawn to Wall Street for financial knowledge. I will leave it to the reader to assess the different drives involved but note, again, the attractive force of all DETODs and the choices made to associate with them.

Also important to note here again is the DETODs mimicking the abilities of the human organism and that this convergence of intelligence and skill sets portends the development of unique individual organs of the Onotron of the future.

DETODs attract, organize, and determine DETODs... Just as all organisms social groupings organize themselves around their most successful and effective DETODs as mentioned above, so too do the functional aspects of individual DETODs attract to them other DETODs that extend their functionality. Yes there is a human behind the creation of each new DETOD, but more and more it is the functionality itself of existing DETODs that suggests and demands the new and improved DETODs. And, many adaptive, functionality, and process improvements, are written into self controlling software and bio-mechanical mechanisms that allow many DETODs to improve themselves or adapt to new conditions on the fly in real time.

We see this manifested in object oriented computer programming where programs are organized into modules that communicate with each other by passing data and instructions back and forth, data that is modified by location specific information and sensors. Consider all of the above information now and realize that this is a fledgling mimicking of the  growth process of a healthy human being now taking place at a tremendously accelerated rate. Notice also the cell division and 'growth' of one module into another module (computer into cell phone is an apt example) and the percentage of  EME involved in each transition. Notice also that the growth is not cyclical but rather takes place in rests and spurts and also mimics the formation of galaxies. Keep this in mind when reading the section on the Onotron and also keep in mind that in the end this is all about transforming mattergy. It is the movement of mattergy, the creation of the DETODs — the creation of the deceptions — that in the end determine the future world that you will live in. You are, and you will be, what you create. Notice also the shift in your perception that this requires; less micro view and more macro view is needed, in the aggregate, to bring the whole system into harmony and balance.

DETODs amplify human sensory abilities, complexity and power... Over time the trend towards greater sophistication of DETODs represents an increase in their power. It has already been mentioned that many single complex DETODs are now far more powerful than any one human, and even, the combined DETODs of large groups of less sophisticated individuals, i.e., one atom bomb can wipe out a whole community of a less developed culture. The import of this fact is that power flows to those who utilize well and control the most effective DETODs. One of the reasons this is so is that the DETODs function as an externalized autonomous, speed of light, 'multitasking' apparatus.

Humans are complex organisms, but for all of their complexity their convergence decision making process is straightforwardly simple and limited in time and place. Their autonomous systems assist to regulate control of breathing, blinking, blood pumping, etc., and humans can consciously multi-task only a few items at a time. And, even while multitasking; driving, chewing gum, and talking on the phone, etc., there is always only one item that initially gets the organisms dominant attention, and, the decision to do each task is then made in a linear one at a time fashion. Not so with an organisms DETODs, once deployed they function as very focused 'multitasking' (cascading electronically at the speed of light now) autonomous systems externalized. Consider that the car you drive, a computer assisted DETOD, makes hundreds of decisions about its fuel flow, temperature, battery condition, etc., while your computer at the office or at home (another DETOD) makes currency trades, monitors your security system, pays your bills, etc.

Consider also the power that corporate firms like J P Morgan and Goldman Sachs wield in the magnitude of their far more powerful computer systems and that the employees that they have under contract to program these computers function in effect as DETODs for those who pay their salaries. Consider also that this is a precursor example of the man machine crossover where the cannibalized human employee becomes the DETOD that utilizes the DETODs. i.e., becomes the Onotron. This will be explained in Section 8 on the Onotron.

DETOD enhanced immune system... Consider as another example that your immune system, whose function is to protect your body from infections and illnesses, is extended through DETODs. You are now able to become aware of virus and bacteria in population areas so as to avoid those areas, you can take antibiotics to eliminate pathogens, you can buy products to prevent bacteria and viruses from entering your body, you can eat a better diet and take vitamins, you can add to your immunological memory by adding the experiences of others more rapidly to your own, etc. In essence, others experiences and knowledge more rapidly — in real time — become your experiences and knowledge that all serves to form, shape, and mold your behavior and viewpoints, and move you down the evolutionary trail faster than those who are denied these advantages.

Also, as already hinted at above, this control of DETODS is offset by the catch 22 of the fact that the DETODs that one possesses and controls, control the organism that possesses and controls them. This will also be discussed in greater detail in the next section, Spheres of Influence, and in the section on the Onotron.

The Catch 22 of it all...
Be Careful What
DETODS You Create Or Promote

Alliances and DETODsian Economics... A brief word about alliances and DETODs using economics as an example. DETODS always have a target for getting the needs of their creator(s) met. A target that the initiating organism, or group of organisms (alliance of organisms), intends to exploit. The target is either external to the alliance, internal to the alliance, or both.

In present day economics old schools of economics are being used in an attempt to rationalize and explain away the global financial crisis.These old school economic theories, with mathematical limits imposed by the compounding of interest, generally resolve in cyclical debt jubilees that forgive past debt and re level the playing field.

In the present crisis the mathematics involved — that would have caused the debt jubilee to take place — has been replaced with DETODs in the form of a global propaganda machine that is being used to keep the marks in the game by simply adding more mathematically impossible to pay debt on top of debt. In essence mathematics has been replaced with phony baloney. The real root problem with the scheme of course is that the very few wealthy self anointed elite are the only ones to create, control and profit from the debt.

The take away here is that this represents a breaking and forsaking of the original alliances, the old fashioned alliances of Vanilla Greed for profit, and the formation of a secretive new alliance of a more Pernicious Greed for control. This has been facilitated by the control of the global media DETODs in the hands of the few wealthy self anointed elite.

DETODs can and may be used against you... Be careful what you externalize — what DETODs that you produce and champion — as whatever you externalize can and may be used against you. From Wicki:

James Douglas, the 4th Earl of Morton (1581) was executed in Edinburgh on the Scottish Maiden, a guillotine, which he had introduced to Scotland as Regent.

The Five Pains is a Chinese form of capital punishment invented during the Qin Dynasty (221 - 208 BCE). The Five Pains were as follows: first the victim's nose was cut off, followed by a hand and then a foot. The victim was then castrated and finally cut in half at the waist. Li Si, who was chief advisor to emperor Qin Shi Huangdi, invented this form of punishment and was ultimately executed this way himself.

And, because all DETODs will ultimately go into the make up of the Onotron of the future, which is your future that is displacing you, it might be wise to consider what DETODs that you produce.

If I were George Bush or Barrack Obama, people who have championed some pretty horrendous DETODs, I would be real worried right now.

Adaption rates become skewed to the creation of DETODS... As more and more DETODs are created at the accelerated rates described above adaptation rates for all organisms on the planet will vary dependent on conditions created by the DETODs. One can easily see this phenomenon at work in pollution caused global warming caused by the creation of many unhealthful DETODs.  As a very current example; The Canadian Council of Forest Ministers indicates that Canadian tree species are now vulnerable. The balsam fir tree, sadly and almost unbelievably, is migrating out of New Brunswick Canada and will move into northeastern Quebec and Labrador by 2100. Tree species can adapt and migrate with changing climate, but there is a rate that will exceed the tree's ability to acclimatize, and some believe that the balsam fir could even disappear from Quebec. The problem of course is that the tree's production of DETODs is limited where human DETOD production is accelerating. This also serves as an example of the unintended, or intentionally careless, mattergy movement effects of DETOD creation and speaks to the need for balance in their intended purpose and rate of creation.

Keep this in mind in the next section when reading about Celli's Law and mattergy flow. Silviculture models have become quite sophisticated and individual tree specie growth requirements; soil nutrients, space, solar, water, insect resistance, etc. — all mattergy requirements — are now well known. Also keep in mind that many other species — including many humans — now face the conditions where they, lacking DETODs, will not be able to adapt and will thus perish.

The big picture begins to emerge... But even more relevant is the shift in total mattergy required to sustain DETODs as opposed to the total mattergy required for the base sustenance of human organisms. This total mattergy supply required solely to sustain DETODs is important to take note of as it effects the total distribution of mattergy, the aggregate entropy of the human organisms perceptive forces that create them, and the 'regen-entropy', the morphing (the subsumption) of humanity into the DETODs of humanity — into the Onotron of the future (Section 8).

We now begin to see the totality of the catch 22 in the over all grand scheme of things; it would now be difficult for many humans to survive without DETODs, and in order to sustain them, they require more mattergy than the humans that created them need for sustenance. This dependency on DETODs is in reality the circular subsumption of humanity into the Onotron (this will be discussed in section #8, "The Ontron", but for now first read the next section on spheres of influence).

Next — DETODs are deployed in a sphere of influence... Thus far we have discussed that: 1. All of life is politics. 2. All organisms are cannibalistic. 3. Deception and perception are the two core evolutionaty forces of all organisms. 4. That superior DETODs define human organisms and have allowed humans to gain their present dominant position on the planet. 5. That the development of DETODs are far more significant in the evolutionary process than most realize. 6. That the rapidly increasing DETODS function as human ability amplified environmental externalized and shared DNA (as opposed to past genetically mutated hard wired DNA) that evolves the human organism and its culture in real speed of light (EME) time and that this is responsible for the now greatly accelerated evolutionary process.

Next discussed will be the ebb and flow of human societal currents and how they are dependent on the individual human organisms powers of perception and the DETODs that it produces and controls. Like in electronic and electromagnetic circuits (which as creations of human organisms are themselves DETODs) these perceptive forces release and drive the DETODs that are, and cause, the further transfer of mattergy from one place to another in its sphere of influence. This flow of mattergy is important because as will now be shown, the perceptive ability (the spirit or the life force) of an organism can now be more precisely defined by the ever increasing amount of DETODs that it creates and controls in its sphere of influence. Said another way — the mattergy that you control and move about is indicative of your perceptive powers and it can be calculated spatio-temporally. It can reveal your power...



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