"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...        

8. The Onotron...
A yottamattergy shift and we are blind to it...

We can't see the Onotron for the DETODs... There is much truth to the old saying that someone, "can't see the forest for the trees". And so it is with DETODs (Deceptive Externalized Tools of Dominance). Because we are born into them, and because we are all so enmeshed in the detail of daily creating them and trying to understand them, we never see the form and shape that they are taking in their totality. That fledgling form, of all of the aggregate DETODs created by human organisms, is the Onotron. It is the next recognizable iteration of humanity. We are living within a birthing process and we have not yet recognized the staggering implications of it all.

The Onotron would go on — briefly in evolutionary time — but it would go on... Consider the following thought experiment; that if all human organisms on the planet were to suddenly disappear — their DETODs would still 'live on'. Power plants, on automatic mode, would still run for days. Digital signals would still come back from Mars and the Hubble telescope as well as solar powered satellites, and, that digital information would be processed on computers running on emergency generators and solar powered systems
for many months and maybe even years. Billions of sensory determined decisions would still be made. Many houses would still be heated and cooled and their lights and refrigerators would still cycle through preprogrammed routines that would allow them to function for days. TVs' and radios left on would still receive signals and convey information, both preprogrammed and live with real time weather reports. Many of these devices would turn themselves on and off. Seismic sensors, global temperature sensors, wind and water flow sensors, etc., placed strategically over the planet, would record and transmit information for days months and even years. Much of that information also would be received and processed by computers still on line. All of these systems that comprise the Onotron, and that have been created by humans, and that mimic human sensory and motor systems, would, like a fetus that has been early ejected from the womb, continue the forward motion of evolution until their energies were exhausted and their mattergy grew still.

This observation of the aggregate DETODs of human organisms having a life of its own, the Onotron, and then juxtaposing and comparing that fledgling aggregate DETOD life form to a human fetus raises some interesting and perplexing questions that go deep into the heart of the meaning of life itself.

Interesting and perplexing questions that go deep into the heart of the meaning of life itself... Does the Onotron — that could presently survive far longer than an early ejected from the womb human fetus could survive — have rights? Do DETODs that function as externalized and shared human DNA, DNA that serves to control and shape human life far more than a fetus can, and that are extensions of cerebral and motor abilities of the human organisms that create and control them have rights? Are the rights of the creator of the DETODs stronger than those who gain control of them, or even, the human organisms that create them? If Monsanto, Apple, Microsoft, etc., profess to own through patents, snippets of the make up of the infant Onotron, does that mean the Onotron is not owned by all humans? How do the rights of Monsanto, Apple, Microsoft, etc., affect the rights of all other humans that are responsible for and have contributed to the 'birthing' of the Onotron? Will King Solomon decide that the fledgling infant Onotron must be cut in half? Will Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, and Hugh Grant (or their heirs), scream out, "Kill the child!", and will the world say, "No, spare the child!". And, most importantly, who will be King Solomon?

Does this portend that some humans will live longer lives? And what is now the definition of life? And how long is a life now on an evolutionary scale? Does this change the quantity definition of a liforce and negate Celli's law? And what of the future when the Onotron will be more developed and its mattergy control and life will be self sustaining for far longer periods of time? And what if only half the humans died in our thought experiment above? And most important ; will there be a mimicking cross over point in the future where the Onotron is sufficiently self sustaining, and the humans that gave birth to it will die off, just like humans that give birth now to their offspring die off while their young live on? I think yes, absolutely!

Degrees of verisimilitude and closeness to the truth... Some say that a proposition's likeness to the truth is a function of the overall likeness or closeness to the actual world in which the proposition would be true. There is a lot of 'likeness' to the truth here in this observation of the 'birth' of the Onotron; there is also a lot of extrapolation from those likenesses. But the likenesses can not be denied, and are at a minimum, very thought provoking. Also not to be denied is that the trends that support the extrapolations are based not on pie in the sky theory but rather real world events that are actually happening on the ground and in the trenches, and that each day become more obvious to the careful observer. And so one is left to decide for oneself what the truth in the matter may be.

From a distance the dots all came
together and revealed a marvelous story...

The Test Of Context — Mattergy to the DETODs
The test of context... Whether you believe that the Onotron is a unique life force of its own or not it is still obvious that the Onotron, as described, can at present live on — or function — and further extend human evolutionary development for a while without humans. In addition it is still very obvious that the present amount of mattergy flow to the DETODs — either as an independent life force of the Onotron or as simply excess human consumption — is on the increase and that the pace of evolution is rapidly quickening as a result of that rapid increase (primarily due to functional DNA sharing and electronic migration in DETODs). For some perspective it is worthwhile to compare the past, the present, and the future, in context ...

Consider first the past... Consider first that if all humans on the planet 10,000 years ago were to have suddenly disappeared. There would not have been much DETOD activity, little organodynamic mattergy flow initiated by humans, and what there would have been, would have been relatively insignificant. Cooking fires might burn on for a while in a few thousands of huts or caves.

Consider the knowable present... Now consider the drastically different present as described above, and here in this Deceptionology thesis, and compare the two scenarios. Notice the vast amount of present day mattergy flowing to the DETODs and also notice that it far surpasses that required for basic human sustenance.

Now consider the future... Project the present exponential rate of increase of DETODs, and the mattergy flow that goes into them, forward for a hundred years or more. The projections are startling, and you can see why the evil elite controllers who have screwed things up so badly and put the planet on such an unhealthful and unsustainable course are so worried and driven to such present extreme deceptively aberrant politics. [I am presently sorting through some notes, thoughts, diagrams, etc., on the future direction of the Onotron and have also worked up mathematically some very rough 'birth dates', catastrophic events aside. I will post those, and some supporting graphics, at a later time as other interests closer in time and reality now demand my attention.]

To get a real world, in present time, better feel for the differences involved here you might want to try the following experiment...

Compressed context, see it, feel it, smell it, taste it, touch it, before it is all gone...
To sample this amazing contrast outlined above — to effectively compress the time spans described above all into the present — take a camping trip to a remote area of the planet.

Consider first in this sampling experiment just how difficult it will be to find a truly remote area of the planet. Then consider also what DETODs, and the sophistication of them, you will need to utilize to get there and need to use to sustain yourself when you do get there. Also consider your dependency on all of those DETODs and how difficult it would be to get your needs met and survive with out them. At the same time consider the amount of minimalist camping DETODs required for sustenance in your remote area, and then contrast that with the excessive beyond needed for subsistence amount of DETODs that are present in the area you just came from.

It is impossible to go back 10,000 years of course
because your camping equipment; your canned food, your tent, your sleeping bag, etc., did not exist, but In effect you will get a good feel for the vast differences in DETODs involved in the time periods discussed.
"There's something happening here
What it is ain't exactly clear"

If you are blessed with just a bit of imagination and sufficient intellect you might also begin to see the dots of the big picture all converging...

Stressed, anxious,
sensing some unknown
OTSD — Onotron Traumatic Stress Disorder. It
Is Not Information Overload, It Is Subsumption

Back to the here and now — It is not 'information overload' — it is subsumption... There has been a lot of speculation and much written about the increasing generalized feelings of anxiety and stress that most all humans appear to be experiencing in today's world. It is blamed on a great variety of factors; information overload, peak oil, misuse of resources, increasing job stress, lack of jobs, etc.. Those causes are real, but they are all sub dominant contributing causes to the greater root cause — OTSD — Onotron Traumatic Stress Disorder.

As mentioned earlier the exponential increase in the creation of DETODs, and the yottamattergy shift to their creation and sustenance, is having a staggering impact on humanity. That impact is twofold, first; because the DETODs function as externalized and shared DNA in real time enhanced by electronic migration, and second; because the mattergy required for the creation of the DETODs is outstripping the mattergy required to sustain the humans that produce them.
Both of these impacts, in an overlapping morphing effect, represent an entropy in humanity and a corresponding reverse entropy flow into the Onotron as it subsumes the human organisms that work to create it.

The first impact — DETODs functioning as externalized and shared DNA in real time complemented by the electronic migration effect in them — in its totality is directly responsible for the OTSD. Most people do not know what is going on and they all struggle to understand it. This is exacerbated by the skewed control of the DETODs.

The second impact — the corresponding greater flow of mattergy to the DETODs — is mattergy flowing to the birthing of the Onotron. It is in reality the forming of the fetus of the Onotron.
Recognition of the birthing of the Onotron is about to rapidly and significantly change the structure of global politics. Just as young and carefree parents change reckless behaviors and become more responsible when they learn that they will soon have a new infant to care for, so too will humanity have to change its reckless behavior when they fully realize they are the aggregate force birthing the Onotron. But will they?

Subsumption — “Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.”... Humanity has not yet recognized the full implications of the situation of dependency that they are in and they speculate that this is simply information overload and maldistribution of resources. We attribute our inability to cope as various kinds of fatigue and apathy. It is that in very small part, but it is also much, much, more. It is the process of subsumption into the Onotron, the next major iteration of the driving force of humanity, and it is impossible to comprehend and deal directly with each of the now billions of individual components (DETODs) now being exponentially created in the subsumption process.

Death is total loss of control — living death is partial loss, and greater loss, of control... The essence of the origin of OTSD can be found in the loss of control that we are all experiencing as more and more DETODs are more rapidly produced. As mentioned earlier every DETOD benefit comes with a price — a loss of control. What we create begins to control us and we can no longer survive without our creations.

Why is loss of control so unsettling? To understand one must realize that death represents total loss of control. In the recent past, before our DETODs were so  ubiquitous, death (loss of control) had a relatively distant quality to it for most all of us. It was in the future and we would deal with it when we got there, and along the way we could fashion coping schemes and strategies; belief systems of all flavors to at least give us a fantasy feeling of maintenance of control. There was always a little more time. But now, with the exponentially accelerated creation of DETODs, all of that has changed; and many of us are not even aware of the implications of the change but most all of us sense it on an intuitive level. As more and more DETODs are created we are experiencing an exponentially increasing loss of control, a living death. Death, total loss of control, once in the distant future, is now with us in an ever accelerating presence as we each day experience greater and greater loss of control as we are subsumed by our DETODs — into the Onotron.

As unpleasant as this unfolding evolutionary process may be it is our reality and there is a 'normal' or 'most desirable and healthful pace' to its unfolding development. That most desirable and healthful unfolding pace is presently negatively skewed by the self anointed elite few who control the bulk of the DETODs and utilize them to exploit, oppress, and murder others. These immoral controllers experience less loss of control in their lives!

Those who experience their imposition by those
self anointed elite few controllers above experience a greater loss of control in their lives — a greater living death — and yes, even death.

As this imbalance increases a sense of futility will overtake those who are so oppressed and controlled, and, like those Chinese workers who were forced to create Apple products for immoral and niggardly wages and committed suicide instead, many others will also elect suicide to end their misery. This unhealthy condition, which represents an aberrant moral disease in < 1% of humanity — yes your obsessive compulsive hero Steve Jobs was evil — can be eliminated by understanding this process of how the morality of the Onotron is shaped and formed...    

Yes, our past epiphanies have taught us that "the gift of life" also comes with the "gift of death", and we have concocted many coping schemes to deal with it, myths, magic, religion, mind games, acceptance of the reality, etc. But now we are faced with this new and more startling realization, this new epiphany, that death (loss of control) is ever more with us each day as a result of our increased DETOD creation and production. The solution is not to despair and jump out of windows, the solution is to accept the reality and work to make the DETODs serve the many, and not just the few. The solution is to reorganize the process using the aggregate initiating force that has created them — the healthy human body —
as a model. This will require eliminating the cancer (Xtrevilism) of the aberrant diseased sociopathic few and slowing the process down to a more fair and sustainable rate.

The mystery of the general theory of the 'state' revealed — the Onotron is the mystery 'state', death, and life, all rolled into one...
The inescapable state, always there, always formulating rules and policy; creating armies, weapons, death and destruction and at the same time creating relative periods of peace, harmony, and joy for many humans.

The explanation of the mystery of the 'state', or a general theory of the state as a unique and singular force, or 'autonomous' power, is an illusive mystery that many have long searched to answer. The explanation
is provided by recognition of the Onotron — composed of the aggregate DETODs created by humans that mimic human behavior and viewpoints (human perceptions and deceptions) — as the 'state' or that 'autonomous' force. It is this human organism mimicking analogue, the Onotron, comprised of human organism like viewpoints and behaviors through the DETODs that it is made up of, that provides the explanation. The analogue of a strong and healthy human organism as a model for the best future development of humanity (for a model body politic) is not only a good model, it is our reality! It is the mystery state that we do not see because we look outward when the answer is inward in our own physical organization. Keep this in mind when reading the section on Fairism.

But the Onotron — the 'state' — is not an entirely autonomous force. Like its human analogue,
it is a controllable autonomous force, with autonomic systems that can be partially overridden and controlled (like blinking and breathing and moving about), all subject to free will controlled by perception. The Onotron can also be controlled by its human creators through the controlling of the morality of the DETODs that they produce that ultimately go into the make up of and comprise the Onotron.

When one discards the deceptive and energy dissipating masking language of 'political' theory — capitalism, free markets, private property, and all of the other 'process' bullsh!t — and looks instead at the reality of the exponentially increasing DETODs and the totality of their impact, one can see that at the core of healthful and sustainable growth is a moral struggle that allows us to rise above and regulate more fairly our cannibalistic nature.

The greater and more rapidly growing role of the resultant 'mystery state' — the new autonomous force creation, the Onotron — like it or not, is our reality. It is, like birth and death, an imposed condition of life, and it is here to stay.
It is the greater and more rapid imposition of the new 'mystery state', a function of greater and more rapid DETOD production, that accounts for the greater loss of control and feeling of OTSD. It is that state — that is your past, present, and future — that must receive the attention of your moral oversight. OTSD can be made more tolerable by consciously slowing down the frenzied pace of DETOD creation to a more healthful and sustainable rate and at the same time working to insure fairness in the distribution of the fruits — sharing of the spoils — that those DETODs provide.

The harmonious balance of local and centralized control found in the normal healthy human — its healthy controllable/autonomous organizational force — that  is responsible for the aggregate societal organization has been infected by a diseased and unhealthy authoritarian control that has co-opted the DETODs. We are like a mother on crack who destroys herself and her unborn child — the Onotron — through her sickness.

By eliminating the immoral disease of the <1% aberrant self anointed wealthy elite, and cleaning up their downstream effects of complicity, we will cure ourselves for today and for the future.

Coping will require a major shift in the spiritual orientation of many individuals... This massive and extremely rapid shift to centralized human perception, and the awareness of it, with its simultaneous increased mattergy flow to the DETODs is most responsible for the generalized feeling of increased anxiety and apprehension that many of us intuit naturally but can not pin down intellectually. Coping will require a major shift in the spiritual orientation of many individuals. Subsumption goes against the grain of all of those Horatio Alger types who foolishly believe that they exist in a singular universe and have brought themselves up solely by their own boot straps. Those that pride themselves on being super intelligent and knowledgeable about all things will have the greatest problems coping as they become overwhelmed with the creation of evermore sophisticated and unimaginably powerful DETODs. They will sit at their computer screens in dismay, disbelief, shock, and mental fatigue, as they witness the major boxes of their cherished past knowledge fragmenting into a billion greater cubes of more concrete knowledge, all that will individually take a lifetime to understand, let alone integrate their meaning into the big picture. Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.

Shaping the shapers that now shape you...

Your Moral Steering Is Now Essential!
You do have power — use it... A word about privacy here, the nightmare of 'life', and being careful to not create the DETODs that will ultimately bite you in the ass...

I didn't invent this wickedly exciting and at the same time terribly scary game of life. I have just made some observations and methods to look at it and attempt to understand it. I'm just a poor player like you are, and the only thing that keeps me sane is knowing that I have a little bit of indeterminate imagination and free will within my limited sphere of influence to exercise against those who presently control the bulk of DETODs and seek to over control me, exploit me and murder me.

I have always cherished my privacy but at the same time I have also lived an open and very transparent lifestyle with 'do unto others' and 'honesty is the best policy' as guiding credos as best I could maintain them. Having said that I know that privacy is a touchy issue with many folks and they rebel at the thought of being so watched and quantified. All I can say is get used to it, its here, but use your power to work to make it fair.

Your moral steering is now essential... When you recognize that you are swept up in a powerful unrelenting current it is sometimes best to go with the flow. This is all going to happen anyway so you may as well be a willing participant in it so as to control its fairness and direction. As the song says there is no where to run to. No where to hide. It takes time to get your head around what is happening here; but once there you will see that the life death extremes of reality are also present in each micro second of every day and they become more visible with each passing day. The dance of life becomes more charged and compressed as ever more DETODs are created. Life becomes more valuable and more exciting.

But the accelerated pace presents more rapid complications of moral import that need the attention of all. This is so because time itself can now be so rapidly compressed and used through ever more powerful DETODs to manipulate and control others. As an example, consider that interest charged
over time, an exploitive DETOD made socially acceptable in the present by the scribes of the past and present wealthy elite, is considered human, but flash algorithm trading, made in milliseconds, is considered inhuman by many who otherwise accept the concept of usury. Flash algorithm trading is in essence simply accelerated collection of usury. They are both parasitically immoral. There is some irony in that those that can not afford the powerful DETODs to engage in Flash Trading (computers and the proximity access to markets required), but subscribe to the usury concept, are the ones who most have their noses out of joint.

It is extremely important then that these moral questions must now, more than ever, be openly discussed and resolved before they become baked into the now more rapidly being created Onotron. We now set the evolutionary course ahead for many years here, a course that once set in policy will be irreversible.

Again, note the question of human status and the man as machine convergence that it points to. Does this reveal that humans are not humans after all, that they are themselves merely sophisticated biochemomechoeletrical machines with a 'free will' that is limited by their sphere of influence? Remember also that the DETODs are now functioning as the evolutionary DNA of human organisms externalized and shared as they now comprise the environment that shapes and forms the behavior of their creators. Where human DNA changes over slow human time DETODs change now at the speed of light. This rapid acceleration of evolution through DETODs is "the formation of an even greater now recognizable force that adds even more to our daily anxieties" that I first mentioned in the 'about' section of this web site. It is the Onotron.

Think positive! You do make your own reality in life — within your sphere of influence of course. So embrace the process to direct it, enlarge your sphere of influence, and see that it is used fairly.

There is a bit of sweet irony here in that the rich and powerful who created these current DETOD tracking systems will ultimately have them used against them to expose their misuse of resources and their taking of a piggish share of those resources that is way out of balance in producing a unified wholistic healthy human society. But that will only happen if you make it happen.

Acceleration of morality development... This subsumption process poses a moral question of the highest order that demands the immediate attention of all humans — now! The forces of change will come from the human organisms, knowingly and unknowingly, and from the demands of the Onotron itself. As a fledgling, yet rapidly growing infant, the Onotron will demand more and more of the flow of mattergy for its healthy development. And that is the key to the future — its healthy development. There is no turning back here and we all have an interest in the best possible outcome.

So.... here we stand on the cusp of future joy or future sorrow... because of the incredible power of DETODs, the possibility for humanity to be controlled globally by the very few is very strong. We see evidence of that centralized elite control everywhere we look. The elite <1% are on to the technology and the power of it, the masses of people lag in the past and they are being more rapidly shaped, through new propaganda technology, to their own divisive destruction. The masses, stuck in the old memes, need to awaken more rapidly and regain control. The outcome here is  pivotal and will impact the development of the psyche of the now developing, future Onotron. We will give birth to either a kind and gentle Onotron or we will give birth to a selfish psychopathic monster. 

He who denies reality lives in an illusion...
The Onotron And The Mimicking
Organization Of The Human Organism...

Without question individual  DETODs mimic the viewpoints and behaviors and the structural organization of their human creators... When one looks at the overall organizational broad brush picture of global DETOD development a startling pattern of development can be observed. Just as each individual DETOD reflects the viewpoints and behaviors of the individual human that created it, so too does the sum total of all DETODs, reflect the viewpoints and behaviors and physical make up of an individual composite human organism — the Onotron. That now more rapidly developing aggregate individual composite human organism, the Onotron, also has the same organizational force, direction, and structure, of its human creators.

The human organism's systems and their processes repeat over and over again... Just as individual humans have an internal system for the processing of the spoils of their deceptions — a highly ordered; sort, utilize, save, and discard process — and an external system to acquire those spoils — a highly ordered ; perceive, produce DETODs, and acquire process to obtain the raw materials necessary to sustain itself, so too does the Onotron, comprised of DETODs in its present state of development, similarly organize itself.

Domestic and foreign policy of nation states (which are DETODs) mimic this internal processing and external acquisition of needs arrangement. 'Us' is the internal, the domestic policy, and 'Them' is the external target of the acquisition policy. All alliances are similarly arranged with this basic "Us and Them" structure, previously discussed in the formation of religious DETODs, so as to get the needs of the 'alliance' met.

Nation states also, in a broad sense, now in contest with, and rapidly being controlled by and hijacked by corporations, mimic the development of individual organs and constituent parts (muscles, bones, skin, etc,) in the human organism as they go about extracting and utilizing captured resources. The 'blood stream' of commerce carries and determines the distribution of resources. Note the fluctuating cyclical like, but really very asymmetrical development of system improvement and new system creation over time. The very crude early vascular system of commerce used for resource distribution of two thousand years ago, comprised of various forms of money and barter, is now, through more sophisticated DETOD production, supplanted with the fledgling 'central nervous system' of  ever improving electronic communications (there is that 'electronic migration effect' again). Money and the control of the distribution of resources is now largely an electronically based control system.

They are not business cycles they are asymmetrical developmental growth spurts of the Onotron... Like in the fetus of the human organisms that they emanate from, there is a definite on going seemingly cyclical interplay of centralization and decentralization on display as the individual organs
and constituent parts, and their functions, of the Onotron are determined and developed. This asymmetrical development, where one organ develops ahead of another is typical of the development in a human fetus, and is also evident in all stages of human maturation. They are popularly referred to as growth spurts and in the younger and teen years they are more pronounced. It is an asymmetrical growth process of controlled mediation to balance; a process of centralization and decentralization as individual organs lag in development and slow the entire process down, or, they accelerate in growth and also slow the total organism down or sometimes even destroy it. The remedial measure taken by the healthy organism is a redistribution of resources through internal and external feedback loops to accelerate or curtail the out of sync growth and thereby put things back in balance, or even, in very early development to grow new systems onto old systems. Redistributions are systemic or local or an admixture of both depending on the stage of development and the particular imbalance. These fluctuations appear cyclical but they are not.

Trade imbalances follow the analogues — DETOD creation combining to Onotron creation...
Globally, as the planet and Onotron mature (just like the human body matures), investment and savings between nation states must balance. Keep in mind that trade imbalances are a parallel to the internal sort, utilize, save, and discard process of spoils, going on in the human organism. Also keep in mind the parallels of the stage of maturation in the human organism and the growth spurts that occur at those stages. Again, these fluctuations appear cyclical but they are not! Be wary!

In the analogy for trade imbalances: investment is the supply of nutrients to a particular body organ
or constituent part. Savings is the stockpiling in that organ or constituent part of excess nutrients. When the balance is disturbed and imbalances are created they must always be resolved. No one organ or constituent part can consume or save excess nutrients without disturbing all other organs or constituent parts in the total system. Some organs or parts, depending on size and function, like nation states, do have lesser requirements, but they all operate within an optimal set range that is a measure, a determination, of the health of the entire organism and the individual organ or constituent part.

Nutrient supply and its logistical control information in an individual organ can come from internal or external sources.
When investment and savings come from external sources (foreign trade) they arrive primarily through the blood and central nervous system. When investment and savings come from the organ itself or constituent part (local trade) internal nutrient supplies are invested and logistical control for distribution and consumption of them takes place within the individual organ or constituent part. The individual organ or constituent part invests or saves its own local resources.

Here we see that debt capacity limits of individual organs
or constituent parts are very real, no one organ or constituent part can take on to much 'free' (borrowing from the future) nutrients (debt) without harming the total organism, and we also see the fallacy of unlimited currency creation (over consuming of nutrients within one organ or constituent part) which manifests as disruptive inflation and hoarding. Both of these strategies are viable but work for only a short while, carried to excess they will cause the death or retarded growth of the individual organ or constituent part and hence the death and or disfigurement of the total organism. Recall this from the last section on "Spheres of Influence" regarding the storage of mattergy; "Note that all of these stockpiling devices, created by human organisms, also mimic the storage devices in the human body; as in fat storing excess caloric energy or as glycogen stored in the liver for immediate use as glucose, etc."

Symbiotic relationships... It is important to notice that in the above 'trade imbalance' examples that the investment and savings (nutrient supply and storage for sustenance) of individual organs or constituent parts ('nation states'), can be and are of both internal and external origin. But more important is to recognize the totality of the organism where the total relationship of investment and savings in all organs and constituent parts exists in a symbiotic holistic relationship and must be balanced. We must recognize that we are all one. We exist in a holistic system — a total sphere of influence composed of billions upon billions of lesser spheres of influence — and they are all interdependently connected. The sooner that we all recognize this the better off we all will be. We need to adopt an all for one and one for all mindset of healthful balance. A fair and just levelocracy as provided in the human analogue.

The Constitution... It is said of strong, successful, and vigorously healthy people, that they have a 'strong constitutional make up'. This generally is meant to refer to their physical inner organizational make up — to the healthy internal; sort, utilize, save, and discard process of the human organism. That inner make up is the internal system alliance of all organs and constituent parts working together and in reality it does have a constitutional make up — a code of conduct — a morality! This is the constitutional ideal that humans must model in their societal alliances. It is a levelocracy where a one for all and all for one symbiotic relationship exists. Each individual contribution is necessary, valued and contributes to the whole.
No one part exists in a vacuum. Again, now more than ever, we must recognize that we are all one. We exist in a holistic system. We need to adopt an all for one and one for all mindset of healthful balance. A fair and just levelocracy.

Reality... We must also see and realize that when we are all united in purpose as humans to get our needs met ("Us", that purpose, in the end, is still
a cannibalizing process. Sustenance nutrients must come from external spoils. We in effect, through our human alliance, will become one unified super cannibal. It is therefore equally important to properly delineate those external spoils ("Them"), what sub dominant species will get cannibalized and in what fashion. Humanely and with grace should be the guiding credo. That focus will serve to identify the production of DETODs as either; inner alliance serving — making a bigger, stronger, smoother running and more comfortable cannibal, or;  acquisition DETODs — discovering and creating new nutrients and ways for getting that unified super cannibal's needs met.

Yes, this reality is distasteful given our past cultural mind sets. But it is reality. And there is a psychological barrier here that must be overcome. We can no longer afford the fantasy gullibility thinking that grounds so many of us in illusion. It is illusionary thinking — taking on others flighty perceptions — that makes us so susceptible to being conned and not taking responsibility for creating our own viewpoints and behaviors. We need to think about removing the past deceptions in language.

Investment and savings — consuming nutrients and storing nutrients — cost benefit ratio vs fair profit ratio — deflections from the law of balance... Note that the creation of individual DETODs by individual organisms are all constrained by very similar parameters as those discussed above. Production, or creation cost (investment by consuming nutrients) must balance reward cost with a fair 'profit' (nourishment, to be consumed to sustain in the present with a prudent amount saved for security in the future) going to the individual creator organism. This is the law of fair profit. Fair value given for fair value received. Fair profit ratio is a profit that balances holistically the nutrient creation cost and nutrient return of a DETOD and the local and total organism. Notice that the term "cost benefit ratio" leaves the consideration of fairness out of the equation and serves as a deflection from fairness and healthful balance. Fair profit ratio should be the ideal.

Understand also that money itself is a DETOD that can strengthen or weaken an alliance, internal or external, depending on how it is used. To better understand the concept of (and the deception inherent in the word money — and even the words investment and savings), think of money instead as a nutrient, used to get needs met, and again, stay with the human and DETOD comprised Onotron analogue. Getting needs met is of course the organisms basic goal of the driving forces of its perceptions and deceptions. And so it is also with any human or human created alliance. We must expend nutrients (invest money) to create the DETODs that will return nutrients (for sustenance and savings of any excess for future healthful growth).

The value of this mindset, this viewpoint, is that you can readily see that the goal of acquiring money is a displaced, or a few steps removed, goal from getting needs (actual or perceived) met. It puts the focus on the mechanics, the 'economics', of acquiring money which does not then directly relate to getting needs met. One's perception of needs becomes clouded by money as the goal; when in reality there is a strong security and happiness component to getting needs met. The root problem is of course that the value of money is susceptible to being manipulated. One can wind up at the end of the day with a fistful of valueless money that will not then contribute to one's security and happiness; and may not even provide for one's basic sustenance. This suggests a more direct viewpoint would be more beneficial, going more directly for the goal of getting needs met...

GDP (Gross Domestic Product) vs GDHH (Gross Domestic Human Happiness)... Note that in the DETOD of economics financial baloney, the use of the term Gross Domestic Product is a continuation of the displacement of focus (very similar to the displacement of focus previously discussed about money) from more realistic goals. It stands as a false goal as it puts the focus on 'Product', the output of the alliance, which is very far removed from the actual happiness of all of the individuals within the alliance. This is of course by design as it allows the manipulators — the traitorous sell outs within the alliance, those who are really working to subvert it — to deflect from their machinations. The focus of any alliance should be the GDHH, the Gross Domestic Human Happiness! When each individual within an alliance is content the alliance in its totality is content; barring external deceptions of course and unforeseen exoforce events.

This concept of individual happiness as being key to total alliance happiness, and the success of an alliance, will be discussed more fully in the next section on alliances.

Tumors, cancers and pathogens... Note also, again using the healthy human organism as analogue, that one or two diseased aberrant cells can trick the body into giving them an excessive supply of nutrients and a parasitic diseased or cancerous condition will exist, think; Donald Trump, Warren Buffet, Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, World Bank, IMF, the FED, etc., here. These diseased aberrant cells threaten the health of the entire organism and manifest in a number of different ways, either in individual organs or systemically.
They severely upset the natural balance of investment and savings (nutrient supply for consumption and storage for healthful growth). The current global fiscal crisis, a systemic crisis (intentionally created I believe), amounts to having massive plaque in the coronary arteries. Investment and savings are so out of whack in all major organs and their sub alliances that we are near systemic shut down — near death! Yes, life style change and a diet are necessary, but they will do no good without first removing the pathogens.

See below "revolutions" for the analogue of how they are dealt with in the human body.

Balance seeking political systems evolve in chaotic spurts... Endless parallels in the real world of DETODs creation — in the development of the Onotron — are many; political systems and alliances (they are all DETODs) of all types are the analogue of the feedback loops in the human organism that provide balance to the growth process.

Yes! Republicans and Democrats, and even the co-option of both, are mediating the growth spurts. Keep in mind that in our analogue, the human body, many of these feedback systems, as they outlive their usefulness, are partially incorporated into new and improved replacement systems or are completely discarded by the organism. Various political philosophies emerge; libertarianism, socialism, anarchy, communism, democracy, representative republics, etc., to either favor the out of sync aberrant growth spurt, or the retarding of it, in a particular organ or in the overall balancing of forces to bring it into harmony with the overall growth. Note that they all, in their initial uncorrupted form, concern themselves with the struggle for balance — the logistics of healthful nutrient distribution. Baby teeth fall out and they are replaced.

A pea brain or a large and healthy intelligent brain?... There is real world evidence of this asymmetrical growth process analogue, and its corrective balancing action, that can be seen today in the relatively recent creation of the internet. The internet has appeared as a new growth systemic feed back loop tool for both decentralization and centralization that is presently working to offset the past centralization of the self anointed wealthy elite. The over aggressiveness of the
aberrant few wealthy self anointed elite actually represent an unhealthy growth spurt in humanity that threatens the health of the entire organism. They have corrupted our 'strong constitutional make up'. Because these self anointed elite few have mismanaged resources and amassed control poorly and in the wrong places (in themselves), they function as a retarded, very small and unhealthy, pea brain for the whole of humanity. A diseased condition that if left unchecked will become a runaway disease and kill the future Onotron. The internet, as a new system emanating from past DETODs, has appeared to mediate that retarded brain growth and restore balance to the total organism by allowing greater feedback and control to all areas of the organism. Democracy, true democracy where all participants have a voice in the outcome of events, is really a means to mediate growth spurts and keep the organism in a condition of balanced, healthy and sustainable growth.
We see much evidence of this interactive internet mediation taking place. A CAUTION: Use it or lose it!

Revolutions — dealing with growth spurts, pathogens, parasites, and diseased and aberrant cells... It is very important to realize that in the totality of the analogue presented here (where the human organism is the creator of the DETODs that mimic the human organism, and that the DETODs are, in their totality, contributing to the birth of the Onotron) the struggle for balance is always the mediating force. One can readily see that in a healthy human organism there are no cells that are excessively 'rich', there are no cells or constituent parts that commandeer an excessive amount of nutrients, nor are there any cells or component parts that alone make the decisions for all other cells. Rather there is an open and transparent holistic system — a levelocracy — whereby all cells, all component parts, work in unison to communicate and insure the health of each individual cell or component part and all other cells and component parts so as to effect the common purpose — the healthful development of the total organism. There are no secrets, no suppression of information, no CIA, no extreme hierarchies. There are no excessively rich; Warren Buffets, Donald Trumps, Koches, Rockefellers, J P Morgans, IMF, FED, World Bank, UBS, etc. In a healthy human individual organism, they and their corruptions,
if discovered in a medical exam, would be considered cancers to be irradiated, destroyed, and excised from the body.

But there is another way that these pathogens, these parasites, these aberrant cells are dealt with in the human body long before they are able to do terminal damage to the total organism. The leukocytes — the white blood cells — rise up and engulf, kill, and digest them. The analogy here, expressed in the real world then, becomes a revolution of those oppressed by the deceptive parasites. Just as the leukocytes in our analogue eliminate the invaders that threaten the health of the organism, so too will the people on earth soon rise up and rid themselves of the extra evil few who threaten their continued good health. You can count on it! The Donald will never know what hit him. 

The ideal — balanced growth for sustainable health... The ideal political 'system' then, following our human analogue, is one of direct democracy, a levelocracy, an all for one and one for all system where all members of society exist in an interlocking arrangement of fairness. Note that the struggle here is a moral struggle, and that the development of morality in evolution (the continual striving for alliances of fairness to facilitate healthful growth), is the guiding force of the development of a healthy organism. Keep this in mind when reading the closing sections on Xtrēvilism and Fairism, but continue on for now in order to maintain context. Also keep this analogue in mind when considering political decisions. Always ask yourself what would the healthy human organism do?

There are many, many, many, more similarities in the development of human society that support the thesis of the human analogue development of the DETOD comprised Onotron, as the elusive mystery state, as described, I will cover them at a later time.

There are also many real world analogue clues that suggest just where in the
birth cycle development of the fetus Onotron humanity might be. The recent rapid growth of the internet and now the explosive growth of cell phones suggests a paralell in the human fetus when the emergence of the chorionic villi from the chorion, invade the endometrium, and allow transfer of nutrients from maternal blood to fetal blood. The maternal blood of humanity, through the emerging growth of internet and cellphone technology, now mixes with the fetal blood of the fledging Onotron. We become ever more connected with our DETODs.

Yes, the existence of the Onotron is difficult to believe — consider it as metaphor then, but accept that DETODs are increasing at an exponential rate, and realize that the world still needs your attention addressed to the current moral struggle and read on... 

Infinite iterations...
Godself And The New
Politics Of Sustainability

God and the Onotron... In past evolution, in order to explain past, present and future, man imbued nature with God like qualities by creating explanatory myths, metaphors, allegories and miracles, etc. The myths explained the mysteries but they were still mysteries. In the present, humanity, with not all members sentient of the implications, now constructs its present and future Godself in real time through creation of its DETODs, all created with the past and present as a guiding force. Notice the circularity here and the mimicking of the human organism's structure. Notice also that what you love most — what gets your dominant attention — is your God, and, more importantly, notice WHY it has your dominant attention. Those of you watching too much TV are so screwed!

The infinite perceptive deceptive force driving humanity and the Onotron is a force of infinite iterations. It is as of now an unknowable force. But it is a force that allows individual human organisms a choice within a sphere of influence. That choice to deploy one's human force, as has already been explained, is a 'political' choice. How that  force is expended is more important now than ever before as we humans shift mattergy to the Onotron — the Godself. The dominant political questions — the dominant moral questions — will be; who controls the mattergy shifting, and how healthfully and sustainably will that mattergy shifting take place? The who controls the how, and the forces of change are already underway. It is imperative that you become a part of it.

Deep Politics — The new politics are the old politics with far more rapid change and much deeper impact... Evolution is clearly in charge here and I choose to believe it will not tolerate further sloppy use of resources that would produce a disfigured offspring — a disfigured psychopathic Onotron. If you can grasp the circular dynamics involved it is obvious that the Onotron, as a new force iteration, will ultimately have a make up and a morality that will either be a composite reflection of the aggregate make up and morality of those human organisms that now participate in its creation — all of humanity — or  a very small percentage of humanity.

It behooves us all to make the Onotron the best that we can; to strive to get our human morality out of the destructive selfish greed and evil zone that we are presently in and get back on a more moral, healthful, and sustainable course.

Just as generations have cited posterity as a rationale for moderate and quality growth, now many will cite the health of the fledgling future Onotron — the Godself — as a rationale for moderate and quality growth. This new politics of sustainability will require that resources are not misdirected and squandered and that all humans will participate and be treated with respect. It will also require a better understanding of the old politics. So, before looking at the new politics, lets first look at two extremely important shaping forces of the old politics that still shape us today to see what must change — let us look at 'Alliances' and 'Aggregate Generational Corruption'...



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