"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.A
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...

9. Alliances Amplify Power
Alliances combine and evolve the dominant DETODs in a circular reinforcement dynamic...

Alliances are DETODs that amplify power... Alliances are used by organisms to extend and amplify power. They combine the DETODs (Deceptive Externalized Tools Of Dominance) of individual organisms into a greater group force so as to increase the share of resources cannibalized from other organisms and groups of organisms in order to get needs met.

alliances plural of al·li·ance (Noun)
1. A union or association formed for mutual benefit, esp. between countries or organizations, especially corporations.
2. A relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities: "an alliance between medicine and morality".

First Some Background...
Alliances are extremely important, yet they are almost always overlooked and neglected...
survival and success of all organisms are directly related to the organisms ability to form beneficial alliances. Considering their extreme importance to survival they are greatly overlooked, neglected, and taken for granted by most humans. This is partly true because we are born into many of them; our nation state alliances, our religious alliances, our family alliances, etc. Consider also that those who control the alliances, depending on their motives, might need and desire to keep you ignorant of the inner workings of the alliances that control your life. You will get good and honest civics lessons in early life in an open and honest alliance or you will get minimal, dishonest, or no civics lessons in a controlled society.  You will  get inclusion or exclusion.

Alliances, through their codes of conduct, delineate the sphere of influence of our DETOD interaction with others. As such we should be knowledgeable about their many forms and functions and they should be kept uppermost on our perception's radar screen to be
constantly monitored for their value and integrity.

Alliances are multifaceted, overlapping, and vary by control and distribution of spoils... As previously mentioned human alliances follow different schemes of control ranging from despotism to democracy with various schemes of control in between that might be an admixture of the two. The range is from individual control to group control.
As such, alliances represent and function as either a collective self interest, with a one for all and all for one dynamic, or, an individual self interest, with an all for one dynamic, or, some variation in between.

It is important to recognize and separate the control functions of alliances from the distribution of spoils functions of alliances.
The distribution of the spoils function within a particular alliance is separate from the control function but may be a control function. It is possible to have a despotic system that distributes the spoils of the alliance fairly while another despotic system can keep alliance members, some or all, close to starvation in order to dominate them. Distribution schemes generally range from a fair linear system, to a totally unfair all spoils to the top system, and again, an admixture of both systems depending on the control structure of the particular alliance.

Alliances are voluntary or involuntary with many variations in between depending on the individual alliance members acceptance of the total, or partial acceptance, of the alliances code of conduct.

Alliances provide safety and they cross species depending on their value to participants... A useful benefit of alliance forming is safety, as an injured organism can rely on other organisms for sustenance as it heals. And, if one or two, or some other number of organisms do perish, the group will live on insuring the survival of the group. Fish reproduce prolifically and swim in schools for this reason. The digestive bacteria in the stomachs of higher level organisms exist in a voluntary alliance with that upper level organism. This mutually beneficial alliance is considered voluntary as it allows both organisms to get needs met to sustain life.

The types and number of alliances are almost unlimited; wolves amplify power by hunting in packs to prey on stronger animals and share their kill in a pecking order fashion, ants have dominant and linear hierarchies depending on the function of the ant, humans form tribes, nation states, corporations, marriages and many other groups to prey upon weaker groups or on groups within groups, etc.

A worker in a prison factory can be in a voluntary or an involuntary alliance with the imprisoning government that may or may not be fair or beneficial to either. A debtor on a mortgage is in a contractual voluntary or involuntary alliance with his bank that may or may not be fair or beneficial to either. A worker in a factory is in a voluntary or involuntary alliance with his boss that may or may not be fair or beneficial to either. Generally speaking; the fairer that the governing alliance code of conduct is the greater will be the voluntary participation by all parties.

Alliances fail from without and from within... Many outwardly strong alliances fail due to internal causes. Conversely many weak alliances hang together because the individuals that make up the alliance are strongly bonded and aligned in purpose and so they repel external efforts to crush them. History shows that the strongest and most long lasting alliances are those that balance rewards with contribution in a balanced and fair fashion.

A code of conduct...
Morality — The Common
Denominator Of All Alliances

Alliances are the wellspring of morality... Important to notice is that in all alliances there is a common denominator. That common denominator is the code of conduct, the morality of the alliance. The power of an alliance is only as strong as its morality and the integrity of the individuals in it to adhere to that morality. Alliances are the wellspring of morality and morality is the common denominator of all alliances.

All alliances then have a code of conduct and that code of conduct reflects the moral thinking of those who control the viewpoints and behaviors of that alliance. As previously mentioned, in section 3, "Deception and Perception", alliances are necessary to focus the DETODs of the group outward to other organisms and maintain order within the group. The following is repeated from that section;

The origin of the 'God', 'us' and 'them' structure... First moralities (codes of conduct) stemmed from myth, magic, and fantasy, and ultimately blossomed into formalized religions. Their purpose was to explain our existence, our conflicting kill or be killed cannibalistic nature, and at the same time to promote essential group solidarity. This was accomplished by creating a 'God' and an 'us' and 'them' morality structure. This structure served to rationalize and validate our very being (by creating a God creator), define and maintain group adhesion (us), and delineate our target for killing (them).

In very broad religious parlance the God, us, and them, morality structure was first achieved by creating the concepts of 'good' and 'evil'. We are born into a conflicting paradoxical situation where we must kill and enslave other organisms to survive, and so that forced, or obligatory for survival, need to kill and enslave others was explained and labeled (in differing but similar religious metaphors and allegories depending on the religion and culture), as; our original sin, our innate corruption, our disobedience, eating the apple, fall from grace, sin of Adam, sinfulness, wickedness, etc. It represented the 'evil' side, or the bad component (the Devil), of the good and evil conflicting situation within us that we are born into and that we must overcome.

God, the validating rationalization and the referee... But this recognition of the conflict, and creating a good and evil structure to explain it, needed a referee to validate and 'determine' just precisely who was good and who was evil, and who would get targeted for exploitation or elimination — to justify and rationalize the targeting decision. And so, in tandem with creating the concepts of 'good' and 'evil', the validating and rationalizing mystical and magical 'God' (who was all good and all knowing), was also created to make the decisions. This decision making transference to a mystical and magical fantasy decision maker good force most always also included a mystical and magical Devil force to represent and explain the evil component. The conflict was thus externalized as a deception. Notice that this is in effect one of the very first highly organized group plausible deniability or scapegoat schemes where the original decision maker deceptively transfers responsibility to another — in this case to a God and a Devil. God and the Devil are deceptions then, created and used to define, legitimize, and validate, the existence of the killer, and at the same time, rationalize and absolve the killer (us) and also concurrently, define and rationalize by demonizing, those to be killed (them).

The structure in essence then becomes a; 'we are good' (doing God's work), 'they are bad' (Devil), structure created to rationalize and explain the internal conflict within us and resolve the external conflict of killing another.
With that basic formative structure as a code of conduct guide there are then many sub code (sub myth) variations created to deal with and explain away any cannibalistic behavior. God wants this... God wants that... Its OK to charge those guys interest, but you can't charge our guys interest... etc.

This basic 'God' and the 'us' and 'them' structure of those early religious alliances, and many variations of it, is still with us today and colors a lot of our thought processes about all of life today. Because it has masked the deception in us by labeling our deceptions, our killing and exploitations, as God like and good, we believe and internalize that we are not deceptive when in reality we are.

You can not have it both ways here. We are either cannibals or we are not. Combining forces to kill and oppress others by being nice to each other does not make us any less cannibalistic, it just makes us bigger and stronger cannibals. This is not to 'judge' past morality here — I think morality is a good thing that needs further improvement as you will see in the section on Fairism — rather it is to point out the reality of our human nature and the mechanics of the evolution of the development of morality in conjunction with the evolution of the development of intellect in order to understand our reality and what we are dealing with.

In the mechanics of evolution in human interaction of groups or alliances there is always this same or very similar structure; the 'God', providing the rationale or the mission statement of the structure, and the 'us and them' part of the structure delineating who gets cannibalized and who does not.

The same old 'us' and 'them' flavored structures now in new and different suits... The need for human alliances is still very much with us today (in our ever more secular world) and the basic formative driving force of those alliances — to get needs met — has not changed one iota, but, as just mentioned above, the rationales for forming them have shifted in purpose and intent with an attendant shift in their moralities (their codes of conduct).

Explaining our existence as humans is now of a lesser rationalizing concern in the forming of alliances, depending on the type of alliance, and that explanation of existence rationalization has shifted to rationalizing the existence of the alliance itself — it now becomes; the mission statement, the Declaration of Independence, the treaty, the contract, the why of its formation, etc. Group solidarity is still paramount, and the 'us' and 'them' structure is maintained and clearly defined depending on the alliance; citizen, board member, associate member, etc. vs. non citizen (illegal alien), not a board member, not an associate member, etc. The alliance structure itself now takes on the very important 'God' role and determines who gets killed or not; who gets exploited or not, who is the competition; who is the "Us" and who is the "Them".

The most important take away here is that the initial morality of all alliances, including religion, is a construct of those who control the group and create the morality. The initial morality of an alliance then is a social agreement determined by who ever controls the formation of the alliance. Morality varies from one social alliance to the next, and within individual members of the social alliance, as not all members of a social alliance agree with all of the morality of the group. It is for this reason that alliances begin to break down as soon as they are formed and provision for change is needed to maintain an alliance.

The Lens Of Alliances...
Train your thinking — examine events through the "Us and Them" lens of alliances...
If it seems that I have gone overboard in describing the workings of alliances I have done so for a reason. Alliances, and alliance forming, are the backbone of the evolutionary process. Alliances determine the pecking order of societal systems and their development and they are constantly changing and realigning. Because we are born into them we give little thought to how they came about and why exactly they exist. We are 'present bound' in our thinking. This amounts to an acceptance of the status quo that may or may not be beneficial to the individual organism. It is like the ploy of setting the battlefield of debate in an argument, once set, the debate never, or rarely, discusses other issues or possible variations. This will be discussed further in the next section on Aggregate Generational Corruption but it is important to develop this historical broad brush alliance mindset and always keep alliances in mind.

It is important then to attune your thinking to;

Consider that all societal alliances have a governing moral code, a code of conduct that determines the membership structure of the alliance and who will be cannibalized — who will be outside of the alliance. The "Us and Them" structure.

• If the benefit of a sub dominant alliance accrues to the overarching dominant umbrella alliance, then that dominant alliance gains in strength to cannibalize other alliances and the sub dominant alliance thereby also gains in strength.

• If the benefit of a sub dominant alliance is made at the expense of the overarching dominant umbrella alliance, then that dominant alliance loses strength and the sub dominant alliance gains in strength.

Alliances may, or may not, be beneficial to all members of the alliance, the overarching umbrella alliance, or, other alliances.

• Many outwardly strong alliances fail due to internal causes. Conversely many weak alliances hang together because the individuals that make up the alliance are strongly bonded and aligned in purpose and so they repel external efforts to crush them. History shows that the strongest and most long lasting alliances are those that balance rewards with contribution in a balanced and fair fashion.

Alliances, which are DETODs themselves, are important in the formation of new DETODs and they can indicate the development and direction of the future.

Thinking through the 'lens of alliances' then will give you insights and awareness as to the strength of the alliances for all of the individuals involved within them and also cause you to consider the total impact of all DETODs created within the alliance's sphere of influence.
Thinking through the 'lens of alliances' will greatly improve your chances to get your own needs met and nourish and grow your own life force.

Take A Look...
Through The Lens Of Alliances...

The US Constitution is an alliance of "We The People"...
The US Constitution, legally enacted on March 4th, 1789, was written by a group of all white persons, all men, all property owners, and many of them were slave owners. It was a fitting and reflective statement of the morality of its creators and the time in which they lived. It was also, on an evolutionary basis, with its representative republic structure, a vast improvement over many past governmental formative documents. As an umbrella (or overarching) alliance however, it claimed sweeping powers over a great number of people who were not party to its creation; people of color, women, non property owners, the indigenous people, etc., were intentionally left out. Provision was made in the Constitution for amendments that over time have rectified many of the disparities in its original creation in terms of representation. These amendments have brought many of the originally unrepresented in its creation seemingly into the fold. However, it still remains a structure that favors a wealthy (now corporate) elite, and its limiting and stifling and repressive electoral process prevents it from becoming a true framework for direct democracy of all of the people.

Layered over and negatively coloring all of the preceding is the aggregate generational corruption that has occurred over time making the Constitution less and less responsive to the will of the people. Added to that, the present hijacking of the government through an alliance of corporate corruption and propaganda has made it totally unresponsive to the will of the people. Remember the "Us and Them" structure discussed above and what happens when...

• If the benefit of a sub dominant alliance is made at the expense of the overarching dominant umbrella alliance, then that dominant alliance loses strength and the sub dominant alliance gains in strength.

This is why the American alliance is breaking down and the corporations are getting stronger, the alliance of self interested corporations have forsaken the Constitutionour American alliance, our "We The People" code of conduct — and in essence they are like traitors that have seceded from the union of the United States!

The end result is that we all now face a Constitutional crisis that can not be resolved from within. The American Constitutional alliance, because it now serves so few people, has become unworkable. In order for an alliance to survive harmoniously over time, all who are members in the alliance must get fair share value from the alliance and have a fair share voice in the workings of the alliance. Remember this from above also...

• Many outwardly strong alliances fail due to internal causes. Conversely many weak alliances hang together because the individuals that make up the alliance are strongly bonded and aligned in purpose and so they repel external efforts to crush them. History shows that the strongest and most long lasting alliances are those that balance rewards with contribution in a balanced and fair fashion.

Keep this in mind when reading the section on Fairism.

The fox cloaked as a lamb...
Corporations The Cloak Of Greed
Corporations — Selfish giants! Destroying equality, patriotism, competition, free markets, capitalism, etc. — the alliance breaking ruse of the corporate super scale structure...
The evil wealthy elite gangsters amongst us have created many ruses to gain and control an unfair and excessive share of life's pie; they offshore money to avoid taxation, they buy politician's to win contracts, they move factories to foreign countries, etc., but one of the slickest and sleaziest ruses they have pulled on the American people — one that has allowed many of the aforementioned ruses — is the creation of their self serving corporate alliances. We are not talking capitalism here; we are talking secessionist, anti-American, traitorous behavior! Don't listen to the disingenuous rationales for corporate existence that their sell out  lackey scribes give you — instead, follow the exploitation, the oppression, the hardship and the money!

Corporations are alliance breaking structures of the highest order. As they are presently structured, they represent an anti-patriotic secession from the overarching umbrella alliance of the United States Constitution. When one compares the preamble of the Constitution to the mission statement of a corporation you will see the disparity. The Constitution, with its "We The People" language is citizen and equality focused, whereas the Corporate mission statement, with its "We The Stock Holder" language, is selfishly wealthy stock holder and bottom line focused.

Corporations are formed first and foremost for the advantage of the stock holders or owners. They may, or may not, provide goods and services that are beneficial to the overarching umbrella nation state, and they may, or may not, utilize resources in a sustainable fashion. In their present form and gigantic sizes, with their selfish stock holder only bottom line orientation and squandering of resources, they pose a threat to the greater global society. The top level problem is accountability to the American people and the people of the world. Many corporations command budgets larger than many nation states and states and counties within nation states. All of them represent unfair competition to the common person and serve to stifle opportunity and freedom. The larger a corporation is — the more of a giant the corporation becomes — the more these unfair advantages in competition and financial clout manifests itself. Imagine a football league where all of the players on one team were ninety foot tall giants. They would always win every game and they would always control every game. It would be grossly unfair and morally wrong. That is what corporations are like and that is how they immorally take the fairness out of the game of life.

Corporations today are proportionately most responsible for the state of corruption in government. Corporations with their deeper pockets have far more political power than the average citizen. And in fact, it is that corporate structure, with its lavish super size 'political donations' (read graft, bribery, and corruption here) that has corrupted the American government and in essence owns and controls it. This blatant corruption and intentional circumventing of the American Constitutional alliance has unfairly decimated small businesses, and thereby exploited, oppressed and enslaved the American people. This will be discussed more fully in the section on Aggregate Generational Corruption and in the section on Fairism.

Unions as alliances... Unions are reactionary forces that would not exist at all if there were not first mega businesses and mega corporations. Unions fail for a number of reasons; they are co-opted by corporate forces, the corporate forces demonize them and work to dis-empower them externally through corrupt government legislation, and the unions themselves are insular and do not reach out to bond with the greater also exploited community. In effect they then become what they have formed to oppose — just another 'Us" group alliance looking out for themselves.

Marriages and families as alliances... Marriages and families, because they are more intimate alliances where the members have more knowledge of each other, are generally the strongest and most sacred of all alliances. It is a 'me and you against the world' relationship of strongest trust. In spite of this close bonding many marriages and families still break up, as one individual, or a few, as the case may be, perceive that they could better get their own needs met by deceiving their partner(s) and breaking their trust in a, "the grass is always greener", move. This phenomenon is recognized as cannibalizing "in close". It is particularly painful for the dumped party because of the greater trust involved in family alliances. Cannibalizing in close is a highly immoral act that often leads, in the sentient anyway, to much regret. The key to good marriage and family relationships is transparency and accountability. In marriage, because it is a relationship that one is not born into, the selection process is also of extreme importance.

The above few examples show briefly the value of examining our societal relationships through the lens of alliances
. Now let's look at the relationships, the impact, of the ever increasing DETODs in alliances and how they affect alliances and morality formation.

The convergence now quickens...

DETODs, Alliances, And Morality Formation...
How DETODs affect morality and alliances — Pre DETOD hard wired morality and post DETOD environmentally generated and accelerated morality... As has been previously mentioned; in the long slow past evolutionary development of human morality, that period before the relatively recent development of DETODs, the driving force of morality development was the same as it is now: to get the needs of the organism met. And, even though the needs base driving force is the same in both periods, pre DETOD and post DETOD, there is a vast difference in the development mechanisms in each period due to the rapid development of DETODs. These developmental differences of course apply to all other facets of evolution of the human organism; intellect, intelligence, species dominance, etc, but we are looking at just alliances here and the morality — the codes of conduct, the forces — that regulate and come to bear on their formation.

The morality that was developed in that extended period of beginning time was shaped and carried forward almost exclusively in the hard wired DNA of the organism and the organisms relatively unsophisticated social experiences in its 'natural' pre-DETOD environment. That morality could be characterized as an emotional or instinctual situational ethics morality. The decision to kill or not to kill was an emotional and instinctive one. If a snake appeared out of the blue and the organism felt threatened, the organism either took flight or engaged and killed the snake. If another human appeared out of the blue and looked threatening it was the same reaction, fight or flight with the fight often being to the death. If a human male was in heat, a female was selected, fought over if the situation required it, and copulated with. In all of these situations very little forethought was given to the morality of the decisions made. They were emotionally and instinctively based conditioned by the internal DNA programing and past knowledge of the mostly DETOD free natural environment of the individual.

DETODs cause the accelerated transition of morality creation modes... The relatively recent appearance of DETODs has changed all of that and we now exist in a period of overlapping differing morality creation modes. All of us still retain our hard wired emotional and instinctual morality and we continue to contribute to its development as we go about getting our daily needs met. But now, with the advent of DETODS, because they now ever more comprise the environment, and because they function as externalized DNA that forms and shapes us in real time, and because they afford human organisms more time and a richer means to utilize the limited free will that they possess, we can now intellectualize beforehand what our morality could or should not be. As a result of DETODs we have far more options available to us to predetermine our behavior and the moral codes that determine that behavior.

We can decide in advance to separate ourselves from the snake so as to let it live, or we can exterminate it. We can decide in advance who is, or is not, an enemy and take measures to monitor and know the whereabouts of that person if necessary or even eliminate that person. We can also decide in advance how we will deal with, or not deal with, sexual urges when those urges present themselves in us. DETODs now present many other options for release of sexual urges; sex toys, visual stimulation, on-line stimulation, phone sex, etc.

Emotive vs rationale behavior... Our morality then is presently rapidly morphing from the instinctive emotional base as a change agent to the intellectually reasoned — extended perception time for free will choice — as a change agent. There are a number of important things of note here;

• One is the accelerated rate of change we are experiencing in morality provided by the now ever more DETOD controlled culture.

• Two is that we are all now, as individuals, subjected to two different behavioral worlds with two different behavioral states.

A. The first state is our old pre DETOD emotive world where we respond and behave with little thinking in advance in a condition response fashion.

B. The second state is in the new 'enhanced perception and extended time for free will choice' world provided by our DETODs, where we can consider our behavioral responses in advance and we have far greater perceptive powers to determine what those behaviors will be.

We are all on different parts of that transitional trail. Where each individual stands in terms of their own dominant behavioral drives, whether in the old emotive world, the newer 'more perceptive' world, or an admixture of both, is a function of the individuals perception and access and exposure to DETODs.

• Three, and most important, is the fact that those who control the DETODs control the greater shaping of the morality. Just as brute force, physical strength and size, shaped and formed our older past emotional and instinctual morality (some morality shaping still goes to brute force emotional instinct, depending on the culture and percentage of DETOD development), we are now morality shaped by the brute force of the aggregate power and control of media DETODs. Think very sophisticated global propaganda here, with the emphasis on the Jack Bauer type of deflective fear mongering low priority ethical questions getting maximum limelight rather than more ethical questions meant to enlighten and build human solidarity.

Notice too the irony here; that the rationally created DETODs used for propaganda are used to further promote emotive based behaviors, diversions, and products — stop and think, rationally, about that!

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