"The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of
deception pitted against perception."
Warren Celli, Publisher of Box the Fox
Deception is the strongest political force on the planet.A
A sequential reading of the Deceptionology Thesis is reccommended as each section builds on the last ...

9 Alliances Amplify Power

Subsumption is convergence...
The Needs Of The DETODs
Vs The Needs Of The Organism...

The effects of DETODs now rapidly realign alliances (and their moral codes of conduct) at an accelerated rate as the man machine convergance accelerates...
With the advent of DETODs alliances are rapidly shifting. Because many newer DETODs now more easily penetrate and cross alliance boundaries, old alliances are constantly threatened with the influx of the 'morality' of the penetrating DETODs. The internet, cell phones, satellite communications, etc., are all recently developed DETODs that serve to accelerate the realization of the oneness of us all and accentuate our common humanity. This is possible because
, as has already been covered, the DETODs allow for virtual DNA sharing in real time and the ever increasing Electronic Migration Effect (EME) happening at the speed of light within the DETODs themselves greatly accelerates the process.

This is most apparent on the internet. The internet is the DETOD that will ultimately redistribute the wealth and power away from those aberrant wealthy self anointed elite few. It is in fact the interactive nature of the internet that changes the relation of dominance and subordination between the controller and the controlled. With the internet the controllers lose the ability to require or permit determination of meaning (perception) because their old co-opted one way passive media has been upstaged by the internet which allows for the immediate democratic feed back of all. 
Consider... the media of the past sixty plus years that has shaped the culture into our current ‘greed and evil are good’ meme — where we adore wealth, wealth disparity, and accept torture as the norm — was predominantly passive media induced. i.e., viewpoints and behaviors instilled by the old passive, thoroughly co-opted, one way media; radio, TV, movies, etc., None of that media was two way and the controllers created and controlled the content. People passively absorbed the message, created by revered ‘common folk’ actors who had pulled themselves up ‘by their own boot straps’ — think Ronnie Reagan here — with little chance of discussion and feedback. Someone might occasionally get a contrarian feedback letter published in a major media newspaper as a token to support the also false cultural belief in free speech. The global culture is still predominantly immersed in this past induced meme and its aberrantly sick morality.
Along now comes the DETOD of the internet. A truly interactive media where feedback is in real time. Control of perception now becomes two way and is inclusive of feedback from the more rapidly each day awakening masses. The medium facilitates equality of perception and equality of expression of viewpoints and behaviors. The aggregate human psyche, the Onotron, now develops in real time with an ever rapidly increasing portion of its DNA sharing function (gene drift) occurring at the speed of light. This serves the needs of all organisms and the needs of the developing Onotron.

This mediating force is not however a foregone conclusion...

A caution! Life is still all politics... One should not be complacent here, the dark forces of the aberrant immoral few and their global propaganda are already at work trying to squelch and control the various communications technologies. The internet is under attack on many fronts. Remember that the development of the Onotron mimics the development of the humans that are its life force, and that those human organisms themselves go through periods of very asymmetrical "growth spurt" development, especially so in their younger years. And so I repeat this from the last section on the Onotron;

So.... here we stand on the cusp of future joy or future sorrow... because of the incredible power of DETODs, the possibility for humanity to be controlled globally by the very few is very strong. We see evidence of that centralized elite control everywhere we look. The elite <1% are on to the technology and the power of it, the masses of people lag in the past and they are being rapidly shaped, through new propaganda technology, to their own divisive destruction. The masses, stuck in the old memes, need to awake rapidly and regain control. The outcome here is  pivotal and will impact the development of the psyche of the now developing, future Onotron. We will give birth to either a kind and gentle Onotron or we will give birth to a selfish psychopathic monster. 

A key strategy here is for the most knowledgeable in the masses to use the technology wisely and match the message of reform to the various awakening levels of the audience. The masses need to know the basics of Deceptionology —  how they have been negatively culture shaped and formed to admire extreme wealth, greed, and evil — and how to deprogram themselves to a better, more moral and fair culture.

Money or morality...

Its The Morality Stupid!
So the moral struggle has not abated one iota... The term; "Its the economy stupid!", stands as a sterling example of the global brainwashing and culture shaping that has taken place in the past fifty plus years. It played a significant part in selling the 'Greed and Evil are Good' meme. As a single sound bite of that overall meme it is a deflection that puts the emphasis on the abstract 'economy' rather than on the somewhat more concrete money and credit and the effects of who really controls money and credit — what are the true corporate alliances involved in controlling money and credit. It intentionally diverts from those secessionist corporate alliances and the morality involved. If one wants to thwart that aberrant selfish deflective thinking it would be a good idea to make the
single sound bite term, "Its the morality stupid!" an integral part of any remedial counter effort. As you work to put the focus on rebuilding shattered alliances, the morality (the code of conduct, the rule of law, that governs those alliances) should always be kept forefront in your thinking. With morality as a focus who benefits (remember it is always  "us" and "them" in an alliance structure) is always a prime consideration. That focus will make you more aware of the deflections being used.

Deflections are a key methodology of the skilled corporate, self anointed elite, aberrant Noble Liars. But there is another methodology that serves them well and keeps us all enslaved and beholden to them — it is called Forced Complicity Crimeunism.

The allure of complicity and collusion...
Forced Complicity Crimeunism...

Alliances also fail through the DETOD of Forced Complicity Crimeunism — the incremental moral dilemma, where do you draw the line? First some background; as has been previously mentioned, alliances are broken and fail through corruption that favors the few. The corporate structure has been presented as a perfect example of this corruption. The formation of large corporations came about when the morally deficient self anointed elite greedy few bought the politicians that created for them the laws that allowed them to operate in a favored "corporate personhood" status apart from the rest of the people in our national Constitutional alliance. By doing so these devious individuals set themselves apart from the umbrella Constitutional alliance in a self serving highly advantaged corporate alliance. The corporate structures have also been presented as a top level harmful corruption most responsible for our social ills by virtue of the impact of their great size.

The overarching umbrella alliance was no longer then an all for one and one for all alliance, but rather it became an 'all for us' alliance for those within the confines of the corporation, while everyone else, and the corporation too, is still in the one for all structure of the
overarching umbrella Constitutional alliance. In effect this is a devious form of dual citizenship — or simultaneous double dipping — where the large corporation, now functioning in reality as its own favored separate 'nation state', gets the exclusive benefits of its own corporate nation state status, plus, the benefits of also being in the overarching umbrella nation state alliance at the same time.

With such a favored status for the corporate few a nation state alliance will be compromised to the same degree that the allegiance to the Constitution of the state  over arching umbrella alliance is compromised, i.e., the more corporations there are, the more the Constitutional umbrella alliance will be compromised.
But wait! There's more! Corporations are more devious than just setting up their own little fiefdoms, they also like to suck others into becoming complicit in their crimes by involving them in the controlled distribution of the loot — by involving them in Forced Complicity Crimeunism...

Enter the DETOD of Forced Complicity Crimeunism... But alliances can also fail — and be controlled and intentionally made to fail — when divisiveness is mitigated or lessened by forced collusive partnering. Forced collusive partnering is another top level ploy of corporations and it is why corporations, with their huge size, control of government, and their resultant decision making power, are most responsible for the degradation of our overarching umbrella Constitutional alliance. This is accomplished through complicity — by sharing with the many, in a very controlled  and precisely metered fashion, the spoils of their corporate misdeeds — and it is called Forced Complicity Crimeunism.

CAUTION: Do not confuse this with the above board sharing of the spoils of an alliance when all within the alliance are involved fairly in determining how the alliance will go about getting its needs met. It is not that. It is in fact the opposite of that because the few corporate corruptors, who have criminally forsaken the
overarching umbrella alliance in order to gain control of that alliance, now unfairly control the alliance to do their will of the few instead of the will of all members of the alliance. As an example; the corporations bought the politicians and control of the government, and the sell out media shills, to enable the selling and passage of NAFTA and GATT. That distinction, that criminal flouting of the morality of the alliance rule of law, is very important and it is at the heart of everything that is wrong in America and our world today.

The very skilled corporate corruptors will always provide an alluring and very attractrive system of stolen loot distribution that serves to lessen criticism of their more voracious alliance breaking greed and to gain support of their corruption. It is called Forced Complicity Crimeunism and it is based in collusion. It is based in making you an accomplice. It is based in getting you in an unwilling collusion with them. How can one bitch and complain about the crooked corporate system that provides for one's needs if one is complicit in the sharing of the crime — the loot — of that criminal system; yes it makes you complicit in the immoral betrayal of the code of conduct of the
overarching Constitutional umbrella of the domestic alliance?


• Relative to the rest of the world, gasoline is cheap in America (much of the cost is hidden in the military budget, it costs money to acquire those oil fields). So what if it comes at the expense of illegally and immorally invading foreign nations with a corporate imperialist military? And so we look the other way, fill up the tank, and become complicit.

• In the western world we have smart phones to assist us in our daily lives and make them easier. So what if Chinese workers who make them are so severely exploited by the corporations that sell them that they find life not worth living and commit suicide by jumping out of factory windows. And so we look the other way, dial up our friends on our smart phones, and become complicit.

• In America we have a plentiful supply of gas to heat our homes. So what if some poor back to the lander or rancher, as a result of nearby corporate fracking, has explosive methane gas in his kitchen sink and has to truck in clean water for drinking. And so we look the other way, turn up the gas heat, and become complicit.

And on, and on, and on...

I think you get the picture. When the aberrant, morally diseased evil few, through corruption of the rule of law, direct and effect the lives of the many and make enough of them them dependent on them and their corruption — complicit with them — then we have a moral dilemma.

As the moral are pitted against the not so moral, alternatives incrementally decrease over time... Notice that it does not require a total complicity by all citizens. In fact the skilled immoral corporate corruptors know well that they need only half of a population, or a quite vocal or wealthy portion of a population, to be complicit in their deceptions to pit one against the other — the prudent and highly moral against the not so prudent and less moral. The
not so prudent and less moral are first enticed into being complicit and as a result have greater advantages than the prudent and highly moral; bigger homes, better cars, more education, etc., all paid for with enticingly cheap borrowed money that they really can not afford.

This ensnaring process is very similar to hooking someone on a drug with a great variety of 'drugs' being available; cheap credit, cheap oil, cheap consumer products, etc., none of which ever reflect the real cost that went into making them because they were created through immoral killing and exploitation of another group at the direction of  the rogue corporation(s) that is (or are) now corruptly operating outside of the constraints of the umbrella alliance structure. Over time, as the complicity increases, the alternative choices available to escape it diminish and one must become complicit in order to survive. The immorality has become impossible to avoid. In fact that process of Forced Complicity Crimeunism has now gone on so long, and become so pervasive, not only here in America but also globally, that we all, as individuals, would be hard pressed to get our daily needs met without having to use products or services generated in this deceptively immoral fashion.

Yes one could ride a bicycle, grow their own food, better insulate their homes, and seek to live a sustainable lifestyle, but it still requires using many
Forced Complicity Crimeunism created products. I do not mean to disparage this approach here, it is a most admirable thing to do and as you will see it is a great part of the solution. But we must first realize the depth of what we are up against so as to divide our remedial efforts proportionally. It is a matter of Pollyannaish optimism vs objective reality, and it is addressed in the further below text.

We have all been very intentionally, cleverly, and incrementally sucked into our present day moral dilemma by these top level, self anointed elite, aberrant morally depraved evil sick forces.

The corporate controllers at the top also know well that the more deceptions, corruptions and overlapping complicity the better because it all adds up to setting that alluring immoral viewpoint and behavior of collusion and complicity deeply in the culture making it easier thence forward to incrementally manipulate, control, decimate, and even, herd thin that culture if desired (this is what is going on right now).

These criminal behaviors initiated by the aberrant rich and powerful at the top then soon become ingrained in and adopted at all levels in the culture. They are emulated by all. Consider the following example;

Trickle down Forced Complicity Crimeunism... When the homeless, asking fellow citizens for money, or street artists or musicians seeking money for their Constitutionally guaranteed FREE SPEECH, set up on sidewalks near businesses, the businesses — parroting the now societally legitimized and validated immoral corporate behavior from above make blatantly unconstitutional laws to prevent those behaviors and eliminate that competition. This is in effect and reality a theft of the public commons by the businesses. The homeless, street artists, and musicians, with few resources, are unable to challenge the laws in court, and when or if they do, crooked judges, who owe their positions to the business community, rule in favor of the business community. Many of us, without alternatives, then still support the businesses that now all make more money and in effect we become complicit with their crimes — we look the other way. The end result is that we have all driven another wedge in the alliance structure code of conduct — the Constitution, our rule of law — and in so doing we shoot ourselves in the foot by legitimizing and validating the same behaviors of those at the top who cause us all much greater harm. Consider also that this illegal and immoral usurpation of the rule of law will be a contributing factor to the early deaths of many of the individuals who are so denied their Constitutionally guaranteed right to freedom and opportunity. It is murder! This complicity, of internal targeting of alliance members, will be discussed more thoroughly in the next section; Aggregate Generational Corruption.

Consider also that the businesses described above knew going in that they were locating on a public street open to all. If they truly wanted to control the publics' behavior in front of their places of business without shredding the Constitution and stealing public property they should have done what Walt Disney did — go off and buy their own land and make their own streets. Then they could control things as they wished.

Consider also that this trickle down dynamic is in realty trickle down dog eat dog naked cannibalism that will ultimately destroy the 'rule of law' — the American alliance code of conduct. It is a leveraged social contract Ponzi where the false wealth is gained through code of conduct rule of law fraud that will ultimately destroy all involved.

The role of the media DETODs of propaganda in
Forced Complicity Crimeunism... In order to make the complicity of the immoral killing and exploitation palatable to the recipient and, or, embed the behavior deeply into the culture two broad propaganda approaches are used regardless of the size of the sphere of influence or the size of the alliance. Both approaches concern themselves with manipulating the emotions of the target mark; and both approaches require control of the media DETODs and use of the Noble Lie;

1. Lies of ommission... The killing and exploitation are hidden as much as possible from the end complicit consumer (read you!). This is a lie of omission strategy — not letting the complicit mark see the killing and exploitation that gives him or her their advantaged life style. This lesson was learned well by the aberrant wealthy elite during the Viet Nam war when the daily flow of TV images of the horrendous killing and maiming of the Vietnamese, and American servicemen, along with the stories of maltreatment of black servicemen reached a critical mass and turned the masses against the war. That is why you see embedded reporters in today's imperialist adventures. That is also why the corporate owned media works overtime to fill your heads with sensationalist diversionary Hollywood style pap. This deflective force manifests as an involuntary complicity on the part of the target marks as they are clueless as to what is going on. Their emotions are not aroused as they are intentionally diverted.

2. Demonization... The killing and exploitation and its methods are justified through demonization of the target. Through fear mongering, hate mongering, etc., the victims of the exploitation are made out to be demons — morally bad persons who are so despicable that they are deserving of whatever punishment they get. In the Viet Nam war of course they were the dirty heathen commies who deserved to be carpet bombed into the "stone age". Here the emotions are intentionally and directly aroused.

As mentioned above these two broad emotive influencing approaches are used  regardless of the size of the alliance. But the size of the alliance, in terms of the consequences to the greater societal whole is very important. Consider that in a marriage alliance where one partner cheats on the other little harm is done to the greater society, but in the case of the Viet Nam war example used above millions of people were affected. Similarly, huge corporate alliances actions, like mega banks, have a greater affect on social well being than do individual actions. Keep this in mind when examining and comparing all alliances in your spheres of influence. Also keep in mind that it is the big picture and not the details that generally tell the story.

Repeating: Most important to notice is the power that control of the propaganda DETODs plays
in shaping the viewpoints and behaviors — the perceptions and the subsequent deceptions — of the individuals in the sphere of influence.

Forced Complicity Crimeunism targeting — internal, external, and combination targets — who's your demon today?... Forced Complicity Crimeunism can have targets external to the alliance, within the alliance, or a combination of both. The importance of this is that the targeting direction of the DETODs of the alliance signals the true intent of the leadership of the alliance. This can be determined by keen observation and is a true measure of one's perceptive ability and success in reaching, or not, the full potential of one's life force.

• External targeting... When the leadership structure of an alliance is fair and genuinely focused on all external targets there is little dissent within the alliance as all members of the alliance are same goal driven. The leadership of the alliance works to instill harmony and fairness within the alliance so as to further the external exploitation. The share of the spoils of the alliance are distributed fairly to reflect participation and maintain that harmony. Any demonization, hate, and fear, is projected uniformly on the external target for exploitation and little demonization takes place within the alliance. This results in a very strong alliance and, if the focus is maintained, a long lasting alliance will result.

• Internal targeting... When the leadership structure of an alliance is treasonous and focused on targets within the alliance there is always intentional divisiveness within the alliance. One group is demonized, overtly or covertly, and pitted against another. For example; bankers who have gained control of the power of bestowing credit can favor white neighborhoods over multi racial neighborhoods, they can favor corporations over small businesses, they can favor one industry over another industry, etc. All sorts of demon targets are continually identified and any natural division is fair game for the process; gays, gender, body weight, sexuality, religion, sex workers, income level, etc. If it is different demonize it! The depth of societal degradation will depend on the intent of the corrupt leadership, either; profit extraction, perpetual chaos, or out right herd thinning. Global central banks, formed ostensibly to serve all in the greater global alliance, can similarly instead favor whole nation states or global regions for their exploitations.

• Combination targeting... When the leadership structure of an alliance is treasonous and focused on targets external to and within the alliance there is always a divisiveness within the alliance caused by the intentional internal demonizations themselves and the dissent of those who recognize the internal and external targeting as disingenuous. This kind of targeting requires greater skill on the part of the deceivers but can be advantageous as there are many more opportunities to build fear and set up good cop bad cop ploys. 

Overlapping Forced Complicity Crimeunism targeting — a conflict of sphere of influence management styles... Within an alliance there can be many conflicting sub alliances using a mix of the above targeting methods. As an illustrative example consider the Jim Crow era of the fifties and sixties where two broad spheres of influence overlapping management styles butted heads. The old Southern plantation master elite style of exploitation was pitted against the Northern/Midwest elite style of exploitation. Both groups had different conflicting goals that manifested in different Forced Complicity Crimeunism targeting. Keep in mind that both groups had control of the government in their respective spheres of influence through their bankers, wealthy merchants, corporate industrialists, and the old money rich but that the Northern/Midwest elite was far more powerful and had more investments in the South than the South had in the North and Midwest. Forced Complicity Crimeunism was well entrenched in both spheres of influence.

The old Southern Jim Crow style was an internal targeting style of
Forced Complicity Crimeunism where blacks, and some poor whites, were demonized as lazy, shiftless, and inferior, and whites were elevated and favored, thus pitting one group against the other. This served as a distraction from the elite control of government; profit was lost or reduced in the demonized group but offset by profit extracted form the elevated group. It was a system of Forced Complicity Crimeunism with internal combination targeting. It was also deeply ingrained in the Southern culture.

The Northern/Midwest elite used less socially disruptive more covertly devious forms of debt enslavement of all citizens as a control mechanism. It was still internal targeting and divisive, but not as divisive socially, and they had a different goal — they wanted to initiate the Viet Nam war and needed to instill national solidarity so as to focus on their external targeting of Viet Nam — and so could not tolerate the societal divisiveness in the South. They needed everyone in America pulling together so as to attack their new external demon, the heathen Vietnamese commies, and they could not tolerate the overtly socially disruptive internal combination targeting going on in the south. After all they needed those blacks to satisfy their real need;
as cannon fodder for their military industrial machine. This was partially responsible for their supporting the Civil Rights Act, and as the war unfolded the Voting Rights Act. This is a simplified treatment here of course but it is meant to show the dynamic of the manipulative adjustment of targeting strategies of Forced Complicity Crimeunism in forming and modifying alliances.

There are many overlapping variations of course, and many diverse combinations exist in the many different spheres of influence, but examining events through the lens of alliances with these basic demon; internal, external, and combination targeting strategies, in the forefront of your thinking will help you to gain a greater understanding of what is really going on. This basic dynamic plays out in all alliances regardless of size or make up; marriage, family, neighborhood watch association, church groups, etc. There is also another basic consideration to be made when examining alliance targeting. It has already been mentioned briefly above but is important to understand in light of what is happening in the world today — the true intent of the deceptive force...

Vanilla Greed for Extraction alliances vs Pernicious Greed for Destruction alliances and their relation to the demonized target... In all instances of Forced Complicity Crimeunism targeting (or any deceptive targeting) — external, internal, and combination — there is always a willful intent of gain (a rationale, a purpose) of the initiating deceptive force in deployment of its DETODs. This underlying willful intent will determine and give insight as to what will happen to the overtly or covertly demonized target. It ranges always from extraction to destruction.

• When the willful intent of gain of the initiating aberrant force is to maintain the demonized victim to extract continual profit from the demonization, then that intent is said to be Vanilla Greed for Extraction. The demonized target is sustained to extract further profit from.

• When the willful intent of gain of the initiating aberrant force is to severely weaken or eliminate the demonized victim, then that intent is said to be a Pernicious Greed for Destruction. Profit may be made in the process of destruction but the destruction is the primary goal so as to eliminate any influences of the demonized target in the sphere of influence where the destruction takes place.

The importance of this distinction, like the targeting distinctions in
Forced Complicity Crimeunism, is that these distinctions signal the true intention of the elite in control of the alliance. When the elite in charge of your Forced Complicity Crimeunism are telling you that they have your best interests at heart but you are severely treading water financially and your friends and neighbors are now homeless and on food stamps, then you might want to seriously consider that they are all lying to you. Notice also the demonizations going on within the alliance. Is cohesion, fairness, and opportunity for all within the alliance really the primary driving force? Is everyone getting a fair share? Or do you see chaos developing, contrary to the rosy picture being painted by the corporate controlled media?

The immorality has become impossible to avoid... In fact that process of Forced Complicity Crimeunism has now gone on so long, and become so pervasive, not only here in America but also globally, that we all, as individuals, would be hard pressed to get our daily needs met without having to use products or services generated in this deceptively immoral fashion. Add to the above that the corporate corruptors who perpetrate these scams own the global culture shaping media and are constantly bombarding us wi
th energy dissipating divisive and diversionary pap along with immoral messages of reinforcement that, "greed and evil are good"! We are constantly told that; "We are the greatest and free-est nation on earth!", when in reality we are slaves to our own Forced Complicity Crimeunism immorality. We have all been very intentionally, cleverly, and incrementally sucked into our present day moral dilemma by these top level, self anointed elite, aberrant morally depraved evil sick forces.

We all know then, at some level, that we are all complicit in these corporate initiated and controlled crimes and it is our own guilt then, and our dependency and in some part ignorance (you would have to be brain dead now though to not see the most blatant of it today), that inhibits us from speaking out.

How fair is your
Constitutional alliance?

Rating Nation State Alliances...
Fairness of alliances can be very accurately measured... As stated above, it is very important to keep this lens of alliance viewpoint uppermost in one's thinking and apply it to all alliances that directly affect you in your sphere of influence. Below is a Nation State  fairness of Alliance rating table. It is set up with terminology for rating nation state alliances but can be used for assessing the fairness of any alliance; marriage, religion, etc., because it covers the three most basic considerations of any alliance;

• What is your fair share of all the spoils of the alliance?
• How much opportunity do you have to determine future policy?
• What is your actual power to change policy?

These are the three most important considerations in rating the value of any alliance to your own personal well being. How much you are actually getting now (not in the fantasy future of promises) and what power, in persuasion and actual control, do you really have to effect change. Pick one or two answers in each column.

These are the primary drivers of fairness in any alliance. When an alliance is corrupted and skewed to the wealthy aberrant self anointed elite few they have the ability then to create controlling effects in the societal alliance; they can demonize at will, they can deny you opportunity, they can control your wages, they can make you complict with them, they can mold you and shape you to fight their wars, they can 'privatize' (steal) your common property, they can shape and form your culture, etc.

Our dilemma then is how do we change this evil unfair system?... We exist today in an intentionally created and instilled cultural meme of "greed and evil are good". A system of immoral Forced Complicity Crimeunism. We embrace the immorality of it because it provides for our needs, our survival, and, alternatives are difficult to find and opting out is often next to impossible. Yes, as previously mentioned, we could ride a bicycle, not use smart phones or computers, grow our own food, and heat our better insulated homes with solar. And that is an excellent beginning. But in order to do that one must use many Forced Complicity Crimeunism created products. And worse, that more moral position leaves us prey to those who accept the Forced Complicity Crimunism and therefore have greater advantage over us.

As a result then,
and because we have been incrementally propagandized into accepting it as normal and OK, we go along with it. We have been made slaves to our own immorality. Our dilemma is how do we dismantle that evil system? How do we take the immoral complicity out of Forced Complicity Crimeunism?

We did not get screwed up all at once, we will not get unscrewed up all at once. Real change begins within each individual wanting a better more moral world. To pledge to change oneself and to work to make others see the deceptions, and most importantly, to focus on, shame, and expose those sick and truly evil self anointed elite few at the top who are so most responsible for putting their moral depravity on all of us. Those few very sick corporate corruptors. They should not be our revered heroes, rather they should become our disdained zeros. As you will see in the final section on Fairism, the answer, the way out to a new morality, is shunning these corporate losers and the electoral system that validates, legitimizes and empowers them. The answer is always to reclaim, cleanse, revise, and/or rebuild the soiled morality of the alliance structure — the alliance code of conduct — the alliance rule of law!

There is also a  generational corruption aspect to this that needs to be realized and factored in for any meaningful change. It is discussed in the next section; Aggregate Generational Corruption.

Pollyannaish optimism vs objective reality... A word about Pollyannaish optimism vs objective reality is in order here. Staying positive and being conservative and prudent while expecting to be unaffected by external forces is no longer an option. We are perilously close to the damned if you do, and damned if you don't stage. Better to take action now. The world IS getting smaller.

DETODs now make it impossible to live in physical isolation. Those that think they can are in for a rude awakening. Many people who have opted out and moved back to
the land and living in the countryside
and made a life time investment in doing so have found out the hard way as they have become affected by nuclear plants, refuse plants, gas fracking, etc., that move in next door to them and despoil their local environment and life long dreams. The same is true in the world of business; as the core societal alliances break down through the excessive corruption of Forced Complicity Crimeunism the playing field becomes so tilted that positive thinking alone will not carry the day. One must strike a balance between behaving in a sustainable and wise fashion and at the same time fighting the causative dark forces of the aberrant mentally sick few at the top that work to enslave us all. I would say, given the sorry state of affairs in the world today, that more emphasis should be put on the latter — fighting the causative dark forces of the aberrant mentally sick few at the top that work to enslave us all. We must also work at the same time to clean up our own complicity and the complicity of the not so prudent and less moral in our midst who are most complicit with those at the top and parrot, aid, and abet, their immoral behaviors.

Developing a sense of realism is the first step in being optimistic — optimistic that we will all work together to purge ourselves of these dark corruptive forces and rebuild our soiled morality.

In summary; form your alliances and work to strengthen your alliances based on reality and of course be skeptical. That skepticism should also include knowing the resultant effects of past alliances and how they affect your life today and so there is one other area of the old politics that one should be very knowledgeable about — Aggregate Generational Corruption. It is covered in the next section.


[ Discussion to be added - stay tuned: How reading the input /output status of alliances affects their Lifeforce (power) and the flow of the cons and fists in their DETODs. Offensive and defensive tactics. ]


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